Another year, Another term begins.

It’s too bad that my friends have all sorts of reasons not to enroll. And here I am thinking, I want to enroll three subjects this term. And what were they proposing you may ask? Either planning to go to Singapore, a pretend Lack-of-Money and Lazy Ass.


Six down to Three. Gaaaah. Lunch at Wooden Spoon!

EVERYDAY: A new term begins.

EVERYDAY: A new term begins.

Because I was a scaredy-cat last semester, I skipped out four months.
But I’m back now for good. I’ve been helping alex out on enrollment.
and this is also the reason why I have Saturday classes. – which I am regeretting now. Especially it’s summer.

Good Bye Weekend Getaways.
Hello Study Fridays.

And this us having lunch at Wooden Spoon.
We ate Seafood Kare-kare and Chicken.

See you all in my Finacc and Appmath Classes!