Just a couple of steps from my office, you’ll see whitebrass in the streets of Jupiter.


Some quiet and comfy restaurant enough for a cozy date night with my frood. ❤


Pork Jowl Crisps (Php 150) – Deep Fried Pork – Can you imagine small portions of bagnet? Well, try this one and you’ll find out. ❤

DSCF0465DSCF0466 BBQ Chicken (Php 250)Grilled Chicken Fillet / Calamansi based BBQ with Roasted Garlic Rice. This one is a keeper. ❤ I liked this dish.


Shrimp and Olives (Php 275) Shrimp, Olives and Anchovies – Let’s just say we have a winner on our table! Everything that we ordered right here is worth the money.



This is not on my list — but the boyfriend was quick to suggest this (which happens rarely). Thus, I said yes immediately. 😛


Let’s get straight to the food since I don’t have other pictures.

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki – Php 230 Grilled Quarter Leg glazed with their very own teriyaki sauce served with buttered vegetables


Usually, I’m not amazed with Chicken Dishes – but I liked this one. And the boyfriend too, obviously. (this is his order)

Lechon Kawali – Php 350 Twice cooked pork belly and stir fry greens with pesto sauce.


This was a first for me. The pesto sauce smelled appetizing. Although I didn’t know what it would taste like in a meat!!! Good thing I tried! It was S-O-O GOOD!



It’s been awhile since we’ve been to BGC. You noticed? Andddd, my crush was craving for burger.

Menu? The boyfriend ordered Kandi for Php 275


And I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger for Php 265


Both of our burgers are sinful and delicious. We both chose to have our bacon in Honey Sriracha and we both finished our burgers. Satisfying. 🙂


And Chicken Popcorn in Buffalo Sauce


Always with my date..



We were luck enough to stroll down the streets of Aguirre and stumble upon an empty parking lot of Puzzles.
Which was always, always full during weekends.
We took advantage of our luck!
Wooden Tables, Couches and Colorful Plastic Tools decorate the whole place.
Quotes hang on perfect frames across the white wall.
And on the other side of the room, ofcourse a whole scatter of board games can be chosen.

Self Service type, you will encounter a slightly deformed attitude on the counter.
And as metaphors are in line for puzzles, you may expect a fire breathing dragon waiting for you to pay.
They are less friendly than they ought to be.


Anyway, we ordered for the Honey Sriracha Chicken Panini — Php 210
I never liked ham during new years, and it somehow reminded me of Christmas!

And what a delightful present if it really was christmas! We both loved this particular panini!
ALTHOUGH, the chips we would’ve guessed that it’s been take out of the bag too soon.


We also ordered the Grilled Chicken Pesto Pasta — Php 190.
It tasted like it’s trying too hard to create a pesto from scratch — that it turned out as a disaster.

And a side of Sur-fries — Php 90.
It was seasoned with pepper. It was o-kay. It was yumm-my as how kids would say but nothing
really quite different to its taste.

We were the only ones at the store, and we weren’t really in the mood to play since
most of the games require 4 to 5 participants. We will come back with friends!


IMG_4623We were preoccupied so I was not able to take a picture of our food.

IMG_4640But here’s what we ordered: Sizzling Sisig for Php 265, Gising Gising for Php 205, Sinigang na Baboy for Php 355, Kare Kare for Php 485, Crispy Pata for Php 595, 

IMG_4642Everyone’s faces was plastered with a big smile. Everything tasted so good even the shakes.


One of the more popular food stop at Baguio: Cafe by the Ruins.
It’s a Garden slash forestry slash restaurant. It has a rustic wooden feel to it.



The whole restaurant was busy, it was beaming with people. You have to get listed to be able to seat.


As for me, I ordered the Shrimp and Mango Curry — Php 250.00
Prawns in coconut milk curry. It is served with 7 condiments: hard boiled egg, grated coconut, fried onions, chili, churney, papadums and peanuts.


The dish itself was so good. And I actually expected to be served only with a few pieces of shrimp but to my surprise, I think I ate about 8? and some for him too.
The plating was okay. It was full of color and was far from being dull but the plate was too busy. It had all sorts of things one cannot manage to take in everything at one time.


He ordered the Baguio Bagnet – Php 280.00
It’s a double fried pork belly, it is tenderized in lard, then redried to a crisp. Condiments are Podas Bagoong and tomato relish.


The pork was good. It was tender yet crispy. The only thing we didn’t like was the Bagoong. It’s Baguio Bagnet. Bagnets are supposed to come with Bagoong as its perfect pair.
But the Bagoong served in this dish is home made where the fish is still in its raw form. It does not even compliment the dish. The whole point of eating a Bagnet is to eat it with the
most delicious Bagoong. So without it, the dish was set to be ‘boo-ed’ like a child star actor who grew old.

The waiters were fast but they lack the smile they should be willingly giving to their customers. In addition to that, since they’re the garden type, the place was swarming with flies as
it is an open space.


Though I am not fully satisfied and impressed, I’m still looking forward to trying the other dishes on their menu.


I’ve always been a fan of Greek Food. Therefore, when one finally opened in our favorite street hub, we had to try it. Our first try, they were full so instead, we went to Hiyas – which by the way did not disappoint. Check them out:


The first thing that caught my eye as I have a thing for ceiling ornaments. IMG_3194

We arrived there around 9:30 in the evening and they were hesitant to take us in because they close at 10 pm. IMG_3209IMG_3211

We both ordered Gyros. He ordered Chicken Gyros for Php 235.


While I ordered Beef Gyros for Php 255. We both didn’t like our gyros. It is extremely packed with greens after greens. There’s not much room left for the meat – chicken and beef. They’re all just vegetables.   IMG_3217IMG_3219

You can also order one siding to go with your gyros for Php 150. We ordered fries.


I apologize for the lack of words – as it is equal to my lack of interest in what we ate. Poor choice of restaurant.


Tucked in the busy streets of Makati, tucked in the middle of Central Business District, tucked in the lowly streets of Yakal, there you will find the hidden H Cuisine. H Cuisine is known and proud of their Most Famous and Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly.

IMG_7643 IMG_7641 IMG_7636The place is pretty small. It can sit only around 15 – 20 people at a time. They do have a second floor but its mostly for private functions. By the way, H Cuisine also extends their yummy palette to catering services. Its cozy and the beige slash nude couches adds class to the cozyness of the whole place.

IMG_7644 IMG_7647For starters, Asian Chicken Salad (Php 178) – Chicken, Peaches, Greens and what I tasted like peanut sauce – for the salaaaddd! It’s good. it’s not whoah.

IMG_7653IMG_7654Creamy Pesto Fish Spaghettini (Php 228) – One of my favorites but the least favorite of the boyfriend. It comes with a garlic bread which he claims to be delicious. The serving was generous and the dish wasn’t dry.

IMG_7651 IMG_7649Save the best Main for last? The hero of this restaurant. Their famous Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly. (Php 228/single) It’s served with a little tea candle to keep it warm. The Beef Belly was soft and tender and dumped generously with gravy. For all the Gravy Lovers out there, you will have to try this. It’s also served with baby potatoes, carrots (which is hard, btw) and some string beans.

IMG_7665Cookie Dough Cheesecake (Php 98) This for me would be the highlight! Who would’ve thought I’d like a cheesecake. This hits home. :))) The bottom-most layer is an arrow to my heart. :)))

IMG_7661Until next time, H! I’ll probably visit your other branch. :))

EAT MAKATI: Slappy Cakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? I know. Frankenstein. Or not – He may be pretending to be a freak, but inside, he would love to have a plate full of pancakes. Don’t you agree? Because, come on. Who doesn’t? No one.

We finally found the time to swerve down to – yes! SM Jazz. The place was quiet – only two tables were occupied. BTW, servers were friendly.


The setting was like the one with Sizzling Pepper Lunch. A wooden bench facing each other. So what are you provided with? 2 spatulas, utensils and a couple of plates.


Now for their famous pancakes – the D-I-Y pancakes. You get to choose from 5 different batters – Buttermilk (Php 225), Vegan (Php 260), Wheat (pHP 225), Chocolate (Php 260) and Peanut Butter (Php 260). I thought it was quite pricey for a batter to be priced at Php 260 so I had to choose a safe one. So I chose Buttermilk and the boyfriend chose to order the Vegan, as someone told it was worth the price.

Now for the second best part – adding some fixins. You can choose to add from Chocolate Chips, Mangoes, Bananas, Peanut Butter, Bacon, Chorizo, etc. We ordered the no-fail fixins – Bananas, Nutella and Chocolate Chips.


Time to get messy! Better yet, time to get creative. We stuffed the batter with bananas, mixed nutellas and meled chocolate chip while it bakes.

IMG_6794 IMG_6799 IMG_6800

Stars, I love yous, Js Hearts, Mickey Mouse and the classic ircle pancakes.


Safe to say, the batters are worth the price. Why? We took home some pancakes already, lots of it.

See you next time, Slappy!

EAT BF: Ritchie’s Diner

If you’re trying to look for a place where to have dinner on your way home and you live in the south, BF is probably a good idea to hunt for new restaurants to try.

My handsome driver could probably eat a bear at that time, soo. Well, we ended up at Richie’s Diner.


Place was well lit and it looked huge. Bravo to their Interior Designer for placing mirrors everywhere. It doesn’t looked cramp.

Anyway, on to the food. As you know, Hungry Beavers over here


He has a thing for American Food and I have a thing for Diners. Everybody Wins!

Immediately, Nuttella French Toast caught my eye. Two of the best things in life. Nutella – I mean, come on. You can’t deny that Hazelnut gives you the goosebumps. And, frenchtoast!But enough attention on my drooling phase. 


I ended up ordering Liempo Adobo. My curiosity over ruled my love for Nutella. Liempo Adobo for Php 170.00. Served with two eggs. 


It tastes exactly like Adobo. Served with two slabs of Liempo. Although both of them had a piece of bone at the end, it was okay. The slabs also had a portion of ‘taba’ which I liked. It wasn’t too thick but it emphasizes the goodness of the Adobo.

I had my eggs scrambled. And I love Fried Rice paired with Adobo. Perfect.



My love ordered Cheese Quesadilla – Php 120.00. The tortilla bread was thin but the cheese was oozing so I guess it was fine. But paired with the salsa, it was go-o-od – based from my partner in crime. 


For his main course, he ordered Ritchie’s Hot Wings – Php 210.00


It had six wings. Good thing? It was a huge type of Wing like it can’t be classified as wings. So much bigger than compared to the one at Wingman in Makati. The Hot Buffalo coating was good. plus, it wasn’t hot which is a plus for me since I hate anything spicy. 


And this is the first time that I might approve anything strawberry. Their Strawberry Milkshake tasted like frutella. Yummy. – It’s a first. 


See you in our next BF Adventure.


Ritchie’s Diner

BF Homes Paranaque

EVERYDAY: Birthday with my Family

When we do celebrate birthdays, it’s always with an extended family. It’s usually the set up for Filipinos.
And in my family, we’re always 13-14 people. I’m on a tight budget here and my awesome mom celebrated her birthday as well last 17. So we decided to celebrate it together.
My mom thinks that a Chinese Cuisine is always best.

Meat Platter

King Fish in Taosi Dauce

Birthday Noodles

Yang Chow Rice

Fried Chicken
We also had Crispy Shrimp and for dessert, we had Almond Lychee

The Whole Gang.

My Mom and I – the Birthday Celebrants.

With my siblings.

Happy Birthday, Ma! Love you.

Mandarin Palace Aguirre Ave, BF Homes.


It’s been a while since our last Saturday Date. Hooray for today!


They have a diner set up. But they also have picnic tables to slightly soften the look. Nolita is a Self service restaurant. All of their pizzas are on the chalk board menu on the counter.


Though they have menus posted up, you can also check out the freshly baked pizzas on the counter so you still have to check if the pizzas you’ve chosen are available.


Cheeseburger Pizza – It was delicious! It was overflowing with cheese. the beef slices are generous too.


Chicken Parmesan – There was a huge chunk of chicken bits on my pizza!! I think the chicken was deep fried first before it was placed on top of it. It was delicious. Though compared to the Cheeseburger, I liked the cheeseburger better. The reason behind it? CHEESE. The Chicken Parmesan was lavished with tomato sauce. It overpowered the parmesan.


Lemonade with Alcohol – You can’t go wrong with Lemonade! and a little booze doesn’t hurt. But seriuosly, you won’t even taste the alcohol. It was G-O-O-D.


Onion Rings – I’ll rephrase that. It should be Gigantic Onion Rings. They were huge. Onions were as huge. The dip was good!


Overall? We didn’t finish anything. Each pizza was not finished. One slice can be shared by two. Everything was like American Size. Haha. But food was good. :)))



We went all the way to Kapitolyo because I didn’t know that there’s already one in Makati. Nonetheless, another restaurant off our Kapitolyo List.


They have this gloomy environment. In my opinion ofcourse. They have this yellow-ish light and the place wasn’t bright enough. The acoustics were awful. I can hear the table next to ours very loudly. And they are a rowdy crowd. But over all, I think they were trying to maintain the old, authentic vibe of a Vietnamese place.


Shrimp Pomelo Salad (Php 195) – Sweet pomelo and shrimp tossed in calamansi-sesame dressing surrounded by lobster cracker. It is best eaten when you place the greens and the shrimp on the cracker and eat it as a whole. I’m not much of a fan of sour tasting dressing though. IMG_0476 Fresh Spring Roll (Php 195) – A mixture of ground pork, shrimp wrapped with dipping sauce. IMG_0477 Vietnamese Rice (Php 90)

IMG_0478Chicken Curry (Php 250) – This is one delicious main entree! Though the parts of the chicken are not the best of the bunch. :/ IMG_0480


After a heavy meal, coffee for us! 😀 Thank you for dinner, babe!


So for my soon to be brother in law, Chris’s birthday, my sister chose to surprise him in Alba. 


All I know is it is a Spanish Restaurant. 


I believe Alba Restaurant is known to have a Romantic Environment and usually picked for dates. They also have buffets. for Php 650. 


I think the red and white table cloths gives it the romantic ambiance. 


And this will be the enclosed area. Don’t you just the wall? 


The Nike Cake for his 30th Birthday! 😀 



The Fiances. 


Pollo al Ajillo (Php 300) – Boneless chicken in spicy garlic sauce. Yup, It was Deli-cious. It was simple. Just garlic and oil, but it was namnam.:D



Pollo Cordon Bleu (Php 350) – Chicken stuffed with Ham, Cheese topped with Mushroom Sauce. Nope! Blah. It wasn’t good. Mushroom sauce was bland. And the rest had Buffet.


Both our sides.:D 


EAT New Manila Restaurants on the List!

New Manila Restaurants on the List!

There are a bunch added and a burned wallet for both of us.
1. Simply Thai
2. Tipsy Pig in Capital Commons – not yet open
3. Silantro – I was told the Lamb Chomps are to die for!
4. Wildflour – expensive. :/
5. Chilli WILLYS
6. Seoul Barbeque
7. Cannan Bistro – Katipunan
8. Kamirori – Katipunan
9. Friuli Trattoria – Maginhawa St.
10. Ababu Persian Kitchen – Xavierville Ave
11. Ken Afford – Katipunan
12. Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza – Katipunan
13. The Burger Project – Maginhawa St
14. Torch – Greenhills
15. Mile Hi Diner – Katipunan
16. Gayuma ni Maria – Maginhawa St.
17. Delish – Maginhawa St.
18. Isabelo Garden Restautant – Marikina
19. Moshi Moshi – Katipunan
20. Nomama – Scout Tuason
21. Geisha – Greenbelt
22. Publiko
23. Tito Chef
24. Project Pie
25. Wooden Spoon
26. Stella
27. Lucia Ristorante
28. Celadon

28 New Restaurants to try. 😀 Whew! I need a Food Crew so Judey and I can have the receipt split into the group and we can all try a wider variety of orders. Hmmm. Who shall I pick?