EVERYDAY: Despedida

To all the faces I see for 2.5 years, I am grateful for the friendship, work ethics and all the learning I gained throughout the years. This is my first home and will always be a benchmark to all my succeeding ones.



I may not be vocal enough or it might just be my ego getting in the way of my tears but do know that I really will miss everyone and the habit of going to the office and bullying each of you and I will treasure all of my BOC experience.

BMO signing off. 🙂

EVERYDAY: Betsy and Steph’s Despedida


It’s a long drive and a hell worth of traffic but at least I get to see these kids. I miss most of them. Betsy’s preparing herself for another adventure at BPI. While Steph is in a whole new other level: She’s transferring to US since Raymund has been assigned there. Goodluck, MTs. I will miss you.

EVERYDAY: Misused Despedida

We were surprised to receive a despedida email. Apparently, the Head of Operations in Makati will be migrating to Head Office. We threw him a party in an instant




Potluck it is. A picture of some of the Marketing Officers of Makati and our Area Head.