I’ve read a lot of sad, moving YA books. A lot. It even says that this book is Eleanor & Park meets The Fault in the Stars. I’ve read both. I liked them, not one of my favorites (because everyone seems to talking about it) and definitely not woah.

So I don’t really understand Why of all the books I’ve read, This, THIS made me cry. In my case, it’s different. It’s difficult for a story to make me cry. It has the tendency to keep me sad. But CRY? There were tears running down my cheeks for godssakes! You get the point right?

All the Bright Places

On to the plot: Violet Markey, one of the popular kids, dating the similar hunk of the school, the captain. She is chained by her sad past when she and her sister got into a car accident. And she survived. Theodore Finch, a popular kid as well but not considered cool. He’s in the freak popular group. He does what he wants whenever he wants. He has a fucked up father who hits him physically. He remarried and has a new family while his mother is left with having to welcome each day with sadness.

They met when they were about to commit suicide. They were partners in a quest to discover indiana. And in the course of this project, fell in love.

Wondering what the ending was? Read the book and find out why it made me cry.

Some of the lines I liked from the novel:

  • A perfect day. from start to finish When nothing terrible or sad or ordinary happens. Do you think that’s possible?
  • You need to be there to really appreciate its splendor.
  • Awake is that everything in you is alive ad aching and making up for lost time.
  • The great thing about this life of ours is that you can be someone different to be everybody.
  • ”I can already feel myself falling hard”.
  • All because she smiled at me. But it was a damn good smile. A genuine one, which is hard to come by these days.
  • So come on. Let’s go. Let’s count for somethig. Let’s get off that ledge.
  • We have to be willing to go where the road takes us. This means the grand, the small, the bizarre, the poetic, the beautiful.
  • Love is truly the great manifesto – the urge to be, to count for something, and if death must come, to die valiantly, with acclamation.
  • I’ve always been different. But to me, different is normal.
  • Arrange whatever pieces come your way.
  • When you consider things like stars, our affairs don’t seem to matter very much, do they?
  • I feel a thousand capacities spring up in me. I am arch, gay, languid, melancholy by turns.
  • You make me feel gold, flowing.
  • You don’t dress to please a girl – especially not a girl like that. You dress to please yourself. If she doesnt like you for you, then you don’t need her.
  • We’re only guaranteed right now.
  • ”Actually, standing next to you makes it feel like Mt. Everest”.
  • When we’re in the act of wandering, we need to be present, not watching it through lens.
  • The ground can feel higher than a bell tower when you’re standing next to the right person.
  • You have been in every way, all that you can be. If anybody could save me, it would have been you.
  • I wonder what it’s like to walk down the street, safe and easy in you skin, and just blend right in.
  • I want to know a perfect day.
  • I know life well enough to know you can’t count on things staying around or standing still, no matter how much you want them to.
  • The problem with people is that sometimes they forget that the most of the time, it’s the small things that matter.
  • There’s a built-in ending to everything.
  • You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.
  • There is only now.
  • The air around us feels charged, and electric, like if you were to strike a match, the air, — everything might explode.
  • There’s not enough water in this world to wash away my dirty thoughts.
  • It’s the kind of kiss that makes me lose track of everything.
  • She is oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus. The same elements that are inside the rest of us. But I can’t help but think that she’s more than that to make her stand apart from everybody else.
  • ”For what it’s worth, you showed me something, Ultraviolet — there is such a things as a perfect day”.
  • ”No more winter at all, finch. You brought me spring”.
  • ”The only person I want to see — My Jovian – Plutonian Gravitational Effect”
  • Then you will shine among them like the stars in the sky.

”You can’t do this to me. You were the one who lectured me about living. You were the one who said I had to get out. But then you leave. You can’t just do that. I’ll never forgive you for leaving me. I just wished you could forgive me. you saved my life. ”

You make me happy. Whenever you’re around, I’m safe inside your smile.

You make me handsome. Whenever I fell my nose just seems a bit too round. 

You make me special and God knows I’ve longed to be that kind of guy to have around. 

You make me love you and that could be the greatest things my heart was ever fit to do. 

You make me lovely and it’s so lovely to be lovely to the one I love. ”



”If chance will have me King, why, chance may crown me, Without my stir.”

The book is about counting the days before this teenager decides to take her fate in her own hands. Its quite disturbing and realistic. It’s sad how I think this is true about teenagers — a lot of them are depressed and to the act of suicide enters their young minds – that alone might get you to thinking, what could be the reason?

Some of the compelling lines – for me.

  1. Every action is an interaction, and everything she has ever done has led to something else.
  2. Our breaths carry our dandelion wishes higher, higher until they become the clouds we watch. Sometimes we looked for animals or ice-cream cones or angels, but today we only lie there with our plans together and our fingers tangle, and we dream.
  3. We wonder what lies beyond.
  4. There was something romantic about the idea of being young and tipsy and having somewhere to go on a friday night.
  5. They were interchangeable, these boys.
  6. She forgot, sometimes, that she could make her own choices.
  7. They came to make wishes on whatever was around – dandelions in the suer, red and falling leaves in autumn, snowflakes in the winter, sunshine in the spring.
  8. As though afraid that her trembling will start an earthquake, make the entire world crumble.
  9. Fragile as ice on an ocean.
  10. It’s hard to lie wen the truth is lying infront of you.
  11. There is little stability where she stands.
  12. She had a laugh like knife on skin.
  13. She lies in the darkness, surrounded by pillows and an impossible amount of fear.
  14. She was a force to be noticed.
  15. It made the whole world dissolve and scatter around her like petals.
  16. Regret grows and grows until it’s almost a tangible thing that she can rip out and bury.
  17. She’s not good with debate. She just happens to like arguing, and she has an incredible talent for making others look stupid.
  18. Funny things, aren’t they? People. They’re so limited.They only believed in what they could see. Apperances were all that mattered.
  19. The sun shouldn’t be allowed to shine.
  20. A spell too weal to make the world spin backwards.
  21. She needed a window, because she had broken her hear throwing it at locked doors.
  22. She was wholly addicted to the adrenaline.
  23. Some things fall apart for better things could fall together.
  24. The rain was warm and smelled of beginnings.
  25. I wish second chances were real.
  26. We are blurs of emotion. We are racing, and we are both winning. because we are not racing each toher. We race the world and as fast as it rotates, as fast as it revolves, we are faster.
  27. They started thins that  grew into other things, that were much greater than themselves.
  28. Everyday is a blank page and your story has yet to be written.
  29. Everyone wears masks.
  30. Because no one is strong enough to hold back so many tears.
  31. It simply didn’t mater what others thought, that it was what I thought of myself that mattered most.
  32. Our laughter floated into the sky. We were happy, and the world was wide.
  33. She lives in a world made entirely of sky.

BOOK REVIEW : This is how you lose her – Junot Diaz

The truth is there ain’t no relationship in the world that doesn’t hit turbulence.

Even if you admit that she’s you heart, your everything. You cheat on her like the fucking cheating liar you really are.

When your girlfriend finds out that you boned someone else, it’s like a grenade. It detonates everything – past, present and future.

You try every trick in the book to keep her. You write her letters. And every hour like clockwork you say that you’re so sorry. You try it all, But one day she will simply sit up in bed and say, No more.

For awhile, you hunt the city. You phone her everyday and leave messages which she doesn’t answer. You write her long, sensitive letters, which she returned unopened. You even show up at her apartment at odd hours and at her job. You never see her again.

At first, you pretend it don’t matter. For a few weeks, you almost believe it. You run around around with the sluts like it’s the good old days, like nothing has happened. You’re feeling terribly guilty and terribly alone. You keep writing letters to her, waiting for the day that you can hand them to her. You also keep fucking everything that moves.

You end up being alone during holidays with no food, not with anyone. The ex, as you’re now calling her always cooked and set aside all the wings for you. You figure that’s as bad as it gets. A depression rolls over you, so profound you doubt there is a name for it. It feels like you’re being slowly pincered apart, atom by atom.

You stop doing almost everything. You try to describe it. Like someone flew a plane into your soul. Like someone flew two planes into your soul. Your little letters become more and more pathetic. ‘Please, please come back’.

You put all away the old pictures of her. No one will ever be like her. But you find yourself a girl anyway.

You want to turn over a new leaf. Takes you a bit – but you finally break clear and when you do, you feel lighter. You finally go on dates.

You get numbers but nothing you would take home to the family. You’re out all the time but no one seems to be biting. ”I think I need a break from the bitches”.

You take your break. You try to get back to your work. You start three novels. You get serious about your classes and you take up running. Every time you think about your EX, every time the loneliness rears up in you like seething, you tie on your shoes and run.

Out of nowhere, you call the ex, but of course she doesn’t pick you up. The fact that she doesn’t change her number gives you some strange hope.

You start doing push-ups and pull-ups and even some Yoga. You start having dinner with a couple of girls. You eventually erase her contact info from your phone but not the pictures of her in bed while she was naked and asleep.

Of course you dream about her. You want her to say your name, to touch you, but she doesn’t.

You want to move on. You work harder than you’ve ever worked at everything. You keep waiting for the heaviness to leave you. You keep waiting for the moment you never think about the EX again. It doesn’t come.

There are surprises and there are surprises and then there is this. You didn’t think anything could hurt so bad. You are surprised at what a fucking chickenshit coward you are. It kills you to admit it but it’s true. How long does it usually take to get over it?

The day you decide it;s over, it’s over. You never get over it.

Our relationship wasn’t the sun, the moon and the stars, but it wasn’t bullshit either. A start is all we ever get.