TRAVEL: Pinto Art Museum


F – I – N – A – L – L – Y.

After a year of asking him to bring me to this place, a year after everyone has gone, a year after discovering this place when no one seems to know about it yet. — and yet, I’m still the last person to go here.

Nonetheless, thank you for this surprise! 😀

PintoArtMuseum, you were remarkable. I am certain the artists are grateful for places like you. I also love your choices. The artworks in your Gallery 3 were Mind Boggling and thought provoking.

Artists, I can never assess how you were able to depict the society with a stroke of your brush. You all have talent. I envy you.

For those who have not visited this place, I highly encourage you. And for those who just went here for IG pictures, at least appreciate the art and the story behind it.