EVERYDAY: I’m Engaged! <3

Last October 27, 2018, my life changed.


Last October 27, we flew to Coron.

Last October 27, we went to Sophia’s Garden Resort.

Last October 27, I ate bagnet for lunch.

Last October 27, I took some pictures and selfies.

Last October 27, we climbed 700+ steps to the peak of Mt. Tapyas.

Last October 27, I laughed with my friends, held Jude’s hands and whispered, ‘ayoko na. pagod na ko’ on the way to the top while sweating like a pig.

Last October 27, Jude patiently and continuously wiped all my sweat and fixed my hair.

Last October 27, we went back to the resort in a van.

Last October 27, It was a normal day and I was happy lady then.

Until I wasn’t.


Perfect by Ed Sheeran was playing when we arrived at the resort. I was singing ” just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own. and in your eyes you’re holding mine”. As I was singing the lyrics, I can hear familiar voices playing in the background while we were on a path with lighted hearts! ❤ ❤ ❤

And then I realized, it was a video of the people who are close and dear to me telling me to ‘SAY YES, JANNA’. ❤


Then there’s this perfect gazebo, a ‘MARRY ME’ plastered right smack in the middle of all our memories, full of our pictures, full of our time together, full of laughter, fights, pain and an overwhelming love for each other. ❤

My Jude thought about everything. He printed about 300 pictures, displayed it mixed with the fairy lights, roses and heart shaped candles. He even shipped everything from Manila and hired a videographer for the perfect proposal SDE. Perfect is an understatement.


He told me things I cannot even remember. He probably told me he loved me. 😀 I honestly cannot remember. I spaced out. I was speechless, stunned and overwhelmed.

He got down on one knee, asked me to be his wife and there’s no other word in the universe I’d reply with than a big fat, screaming YES. ❤


This is scary. This is exciting. This is beautiful.

I know how sacred and precious marriage is. We both are not perfect. We have flaws, we fight, we change but there are also moments that you teach me what unconditional love is. It will be messy at times but there will be perfect moments too. And I’m willing to share each and every moment with you.

You are my silver lining.

You are my Derek. You are my Ross. You are my Ted. You are my Jack.

You are everything good in life. You are my greatest blessing.

You are everything dear to me. You are my best friend.

I love you.


Last October 27, I said my easiest ‘YES’.

Last October 27, I said yes to the man of my dreams.

Last October 27, I said yes to a lifetime with my person.

Last October 27, I got engaged.

Last October 27, I’m not only a happy lady but I became my happiest.

Last October 27, my heart is full and whole.

❤ ❤ ❤


P.S. Watch the SDE Proposal here



The tradition didn’t actually pushed through. We were planning to celebrate our Christmas Dinner Every year at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s. But anyway, We ended up in Top of the Citi in Makati — He wanted an over looking view, which is ironic since we chose a seat inside. Haha.


I know, we look lovely! Plus, it’s been a long time. I miss this guy.

IMG_9454 IMG_9456

Lechon Kawali with Laing – Php 500 Jude loved his order. It was crispy and would definitely be as good with Binagoongan. Hihi.

IMG_9460 IMG_9468

Chicken Cordon Bleu in Lemon Butter Sauce  Php 750 It was alright. Not whoah. It was beefy – size was good. But the sauce was kind of sour – that which I didn’t like.

We also ordered a 35 South Sauvignon Blanc – White Wine for Php 950 a bottle. Not Bad, eh?

IMG_9517 IMG_9528 IMG_9529 IMG_9532 IMG_9536 IMG_9658

Gifts for the Boyfriend: Navy Blue Slim Pants and Long Sleeves from H&M, Navy Blue Shorts from Uniqlo, Spring Green Short Sleeves Polo from Memo (Not in the picture), Sunnies, Light Blue Sando from F21 for Boracay and 3 cool Iconic Socks. :))

IMG_9659 IMG_9655

IMG_9535 IMG_9530

Gifts from the Boyfriend: White Dress from Bershka, Red Dress from Mango, Acrylic Paints on my wishlist and Pink Gym Bag from Puma. 😀


Jude and I wishes you a Merry, Merry Christmas! :)))

EAT: Birthday Lunch

Another Birthday lunch Treat from my Date.

Salad – it was too yummmy! Very tasty for a salad.

Parmesan Fish Fillet with Texan Fried Rice.

Chicken Barbeque
You can actually order any two sides with your choice of mains.

Thank you for the Birthday Lunch, babe. You surely know how to spoil me and make me fat.


It’s been a while since our last Saturday Date. Hooray for today!


They have a diner set up. But they also have picnic tables to slightly soften the look. Nolita is a Self service restaurant. All of their pizzas are on the chalk board menu on the counter.


Though they have menus posted up, you can also check out the freshly baked pizzas on the counter so you still have to check if the pizzas you’ve chosen are available.


Cheeseburger Pizza – It was delicious! It was overflowing with cheese. the beef slices are generous too.


Chicken Parmesan – There was a huge chunk of chicken bits on my pizza!! I think the chicken was deep fried first before it was placed on top of it. It was delicious. Though compared to the Cheeseburger, I liked the cheeseburger better. The reason behind it? CHEESE. The Chicken Parmesan was lavished with tomato sauce. It overpowered the parmesan.


Lemonade with Alcohol – You can’t go wrong with Lemonade! and a little booze doesn’t hurt. But seriuosly, you won’t even taste the alcohol. It was G-O-O-D.


Onion Rings – I’ll rephrase that. It should be Gigantic Onion Rings. They were huge. Onions were as huge. The dip was good!


Overall? We didn’t finish anything. Each pizza was not finished. One slice can be shared by two. Everything was like American Size. Haha. But food was good. :)))



We went all the way to Kapitolyo because I didn’t know that there’s already one in Makati. Nonetheless, another restaurant off our Kapitolyo List.


They have this gloomy environment. In my opinion ofcourse. They have this yellow-ish light and the place wasn’t bright enough. The acoustics were awful. I can hear the table next to ours very loudly. And they are a rowdy crowd. But over all, I think they were trying to maintain the old, authentic vibe of a Vietnamese place.


Shrimp Pomelo Salad (Php 195) – Sweet pomelo and shrimp tossed in calamansi-sesame dressing surrounded by lobster cracker. It is best eaten when you place the greens and the shrimp on the cracker and eat it as a whole. I’m not much of a fan of sour tasting dressing though. IMG_0476 Fresh Spring Roll (Php 195) – A mixture of ground pork, shrimp wrapped with dipping sauce. IMG_0477 Vietnamese Rice (Php 90)

IMG_0478Chicken Curry (Php 250) – This is one delicious main entree! Though the parts of the chicken are not the best of the bunch. :/ IMG_0480


After a heavy meal, coffee for us! 😀 Thank you for dinner, babe!

EVERYDAY: The Last Friday of the Year

EVERYDAY: The Last Friday of the Year

I am spending the last friday of the year arguing with this guy. But you know that I love you, liebster. As long as it’s with you, may we be arguing, laughing or goofing around, I am happy to spend all of my Fridays with you.
I love you.

EVERYDAY: Hunger Games

Bacon Burgers and Onion Rings are perfect.(((: I wasn’t really inclined to watch it because The first movie of the franchise didn’t appeal to me that much. But this second one, it stimulates your brain, makes you think of how society runs. Thus, i’m looking forward for the next one!

My love here patiently waited for me around 11:30 in the evening.(: thank you baba!

Addiction: One Tree Hill.

Nathan, Haley, Peyton. Lucas and Brooke were my friends since I started college. – and they never left. I saw this link in Facebook and I just had to share. Everything in the article was true.


Because they always stood by each other even when things got tough.

I miss One Tree Hill. :/

MOVIE REVIEW: Before Midnight

There was a strong wind last night and a stormy rain to accompany me on the way home. So I was forced to stay in on a Friday night with some Cheese Curls and a bottle of Choco Baby while I watch Before Midnight.

Disclaimer: I haven’t watch the other two Movie Franchise before this. Before Sunset and Before Sunrise

Image                                                                I will just give some snippets from the movie, slogans and what I think of them.


Her Grandmother’s advice? Not to be too consumed with Romantic Love – I used to believe in this. Well, I’d like to think that I am following this concept. To have your own identity and to have your own thing other than your Romantic Relationship with your partner. But I have to admit, I pretty much fall into the trap all the time. Not completely though. I once sacrificed my sports, my business and my friends. I don’t want to fall in that same hole again. It is important to have a whole other new world outside your relationship. I will work on this. 

We always think we’re evolving, but maybe we can’t change that much.

“He appears and he disappears, like a sunrise and sunset or anything so ephemeral. Just like our life.. we appear and disappear and we are so important to some, but we are just passing through.” – The way he describes her dead husband was heartbreaking, sad, magical and so full of love all at the same time. It’s heartbreaking how much she wants to remember every detail about his husband (the exact color of his lips, the exact shade of blue his eyes are, the wrinkles on his face). It’s fascinating how much love lasts even after so many years.


Jessie: I have given you my whole life, okay? I got nothing more to give. I’m not giving it to anybody else. If you’re looking for permission to diss all of that, I’m not gonna give it to you, okay? I love you. And I’m not in conflict about it. But if what you want is like a laundry list of all what piss me off I could give it to you.
Celine: Yes, I want you to.
Jessie: Okay, well, let’s start with number one. OKay. Number one, you’re fucking nuts. You are. Goodluck finding someone else who can put up with your shit for more than six months. Okay? But I accept the whole package. The Crazy and the Brilliant. I know you’re not gonna change and I dont want you, it’s what you call accepting you for you.


This is real life. The movie showed exactly how a couple may hate each others guts so much that they start resenting each other for some choices they made that may have changed the other person’s life. But that’s it. If you love the person, you have to admit all their flaws, all their mistakes, all their imperfections and all you have to do is work through it, with each other, together. 


When we were young, We always wanted to grow up so fast so we can leave our parent’s house, have all the freedom that we want and do all the things that’ll lead us to greatness but then life happens and you can’t really turn back time. So while we are busy hoping for things, by the time we get there, we regret the things that we missed while we were busy hoping. 

The movie touched on so many topics. I will definitely watch the other two! Will keep you posted.



My sister was engaged when she went to L.A to meet her fiance’s family. Now, the parents officially meet formally. ‘Pamamanhikan’ is what the guys usually do to officially ask for the girl’s hand in marriage together with his parents and with all the elderly.
So what did we learn? Chris’s sister is in L.A with her new husband – a black guy and she just recently gave birth to their daughter. They’re coming home in June of next year. His father works for Nestle and seems to be an executive there. He was assigned before in thailand and in singapore that was why chris and her sister studied in thailand for a while. His mother? I wasn’t able to grasp what she does for a living. It was either i’m taking pictures or i’m taking pictures.and he has this super talkative, elite talking nephew who doesn’t know when to stop talking. haha. Plus, his dad’s hobby? Photography! Cool. :))
Anyway, it was nice meeting the three of them. they were so nice. His mom doesn’t like dogs.

THOUGHTS: Some pointers for Marriage.

I think it’s the idea of being married that makes people tend to slack of with the mindset, ‘Yes, I’m married. No matter how I act, she’s my wife / he’s my husband, so he won’t leave me.’ or he won’t leave me, we’re married’. What’s the result?

  1. Things get routinary.
  2. No more small surprises.
  3. Women wear baggy pants all he time.
  4. Men fart really loud in front of the dining table.
  5. Kiss don’t last more than a minute.
  6. They don’t cuddle after waking up.
  7. No time for sex. It’s about the kids.
  8. They don’t go on dates anymore.
  9. Women scatter their shoes at the end of the stairs.
  10. Men leave their dirty clothes on the floor.
  11. Women leave their hair on the shower drainage.
  12. Men leave the toilet seat up.
  13. Women neglect the noise from their blow dryer.
  14. Couples shout at each other.
  15. Couples tend to focus at each other’s faults.
  16. Men start to look at younger, sexier women.
  17. Women nag their man about everything.
  18. Men spend their waking hours at the office.
  19. Women crown every corner of their husband’s life.
  20. Men hide their things and messages.

Girls, don’t nag. You, yourselves get irritated when your mom tries to nag you when you were a kid. So why do it now? And no, being married doesn’t mean you stop fixing yourself. It only means that you have to be made up for your husband and not for everybody else. It is for your own sake. If you don’t want your husband to hunt like wolves for younger women, then for godsakes, do your hair, put some lipstick on, dress nicely and sexy. It doesn’t have to be everyday but continue to take care of your look and body. It’s obvious that you clog the shower, it’s your hair – so pick it up and throw it in the trash.

Boys, we love you. You know that. But do not ever fart in front of our faces out of habit and not saying excuse me. Mind your manners, still. Surprise us. We’re not asking for fireworks all the time. Visit us at our office or at the doorstep of our house with just a handwritten letters – that would be enough. And yes, we want letters – may it be a simple hi, we want those. A simple text would do. And for god sakes, at least let us know where the fuck you are and who you’re with. And sometimes, please do understand that taking care of the kids the whole day will take every cell of your wife’s body and dump it in the trash so when you ask for sex, empathize please. Cuddle. Hold us in bed, spoon us.

Communicate. Be loyal. Love and cherish each other. Simple but difficult to execute. Both of you will have to work on your commitment to each other.

THOUGHTS: To those who are about to get married.

So who here thinks that marriage is a one big lifetime prison? Why do people, particularly men think it is so? That they have this sexual fantasy that they need to do first before committing to a person forever? – Which in some cases, after completing this said bucket list, cannot even contain their libido inside their marriage? And why do this bucket list, most often than not, involves sexual act? And what does it actually say about us, are we that sexually inclined or are we sexually deprived?

Why can’t it be – ‘Yes, I’m going to live a happily married life with the person that I love!’ or, I’m going to enter this married life with so much anticipation of all the experiences I’m going to have with my fiancé.

So what are in this so-called bucket list?

Threesome is always present. – How can you truly say that you only desire your fiancé when you’re suggesting a threesome, asshole? Doing it with a black guy or in a public place? Doing it with a celebrity, Doing it with your All time High-school or College crush, on top of the office table or inside the car.

Is it just to satisfy our ego? or does everyone has to know that you’ve been with a hundred men or women before committing? or is it more of a self assurance that, ‘yes, I still have it with women – I can still do it because I’m desirable.”

Whatever the reason behind it, I sure as hell don’t have a bucket list ever – or yet. And I wonder whether my partner has one. – And if he says, he doesn’t have one, then we all know it’s a lie. Or rather, I should ask what’s in it – so we can try it. Haha. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to finish off your partner’s bucket list, right?

THOUGHTS: Other ways to say I love you.

I love you has been said way too many times. Sometimes, it loses its meaning and depth. It has been too common. So I listed some ways on how to show your partner that you love them without having to spell it out for them. Or if you are one of those shy people who couldn’t say it.

Hold her hair

When vomiting. It may be too eeky but it is one of the surest way of showing them you love them. Taking care of them even at their ugliest and eekiest state.

Save him the last slice of pizza

May it be pizza or the last chicken wing or even the last piece of your favorite chocolate cake, give it to him.

Have some small private conversations with her

When you are with your friends so she won’t feel left out. Make her laugh so she doesn’t feel awkward.

Massage his feet

After a long hard day, put his feet up on your lap and give him a long soothing foot massage

Wipe her mouth

When there’s a spoonful worth of spaghetti sauce on her lips then kiss her.

Compliment him

Notice his new haircut, his growing biceps and tell him that he looks handsome. Guys will never admit that they like being told that they look good.

Drive her to her seminar

Even if it means you have to wake up three hours before your usual time. She has work on a Saturday. Drive her at least and sleep afterwards.

Prepare his clothes for the next day

Choose his pants, shirt, underwear, socks and shoes. Place it beside his bed so he can see it when he wakes up

Offer to pluck her underarm

Disgusting as other would see it. The most intimate and hidden area of every woman’s body. Save her the dizziness of plucking her own. This should be hilarious.

Hand him his baon

Wake up really early, cook breakfast and prepare his lunch with love.

Keep her secrets.

It’s hard enough to tell you her deepest dark secrets so don’t throw away her trust.

And when all else fails, unfriend your ex, kiss her lovingly, strip naked for him, and man, drive each other wild in bed. How’s that sound?