I needed to vent out my frustration with strama and she needed someone to blame for the temporary closing of her salon = coffee is the key and a good interiors at that.


Finally managed to try out something new after a while.

Happy to see you, SB! Hoping to see the others soon.




Some may mock. Some might get pissed. Many would say that assumptionists are intimidating. I say, that’s not bad at all. It’s not our problem. People worthy of talking to, people you might learn from should intimidate you. Proud to be an Assumptionista. ❤


A quick date with my love before the night starts.


Where we spent waiting for our grades, where we seek refuge from the professors.


Lounge – where some of our breaks happen, where we ogle on crushes, where we cram our assignments, where we hide from professors, where we photocopy cases, where I first sold my first 20  meals, etc…


With Sir Ricky, the business dean.


Late dinner with my entrep loves. ❤


I’ve been MIA for quite some time but it’s everybody’s most awaited holiday. I won’t pass on this of course! And just like everyone, there are several parties and get together’s.

First on the list? My College Friends. We booked this as early as we can because we all know how hard it is to match a schedule during this time of the month.

Where? Cafe Naya at The Palace Pool Club.

(Panda – Pam – Panda.)  (Janna – Jude – Mark – Jaja – Nicole – Janna)



What did we get? Panda got a Athletic Shoes, Pam got a GC (which is a gem but no thought), Jude got a Short Sleeves Polo, Mark got a watch organizer, Nicole got a Happy Skin Lip Set, Jaja got her wish and I received a White Polo Dress.


We all received what we wished. We also transferred to get some drinks – but we can’t help but give in to our slowly aging bodies. We finished early.


Thank you for the gifts, J1 Loves!


White Polo Dress from Nicole, Travel Organizer from Pam and Purple Scarf from Jaja.

Merry Christmas! 🙂



Banapple opened a younger sibling – Sandwicheese. It is always located beside it and the ambiance had the same look and feel. The Branch was a bit small but customers of Sandwicheese can opt to sit inside Banapple. It’s an order-at-the-counter type.


I, being myself wanted to try the Grilled Cheese Cheese Sandwicheese but chose not to because it’s my go-to-safe order. I also wanted to try the Drippin or Cheesy Roastbeef Sanwicheese – and I don’t know why I did not.


And we ordered the same – meh. Chicken Caesar Sandwicheese for Php 170. The sandwich is good. The chicken is huge – I was only able to finish half of it but still felt very full after.


Cheese and Jalapeno Boulders for Php 70.


Thank you for bringing me here, SB. :)) Katips next.


Seldom does anyone arrive on time. About 2 hours late because of traffic in Salcedo — in just one fucking Leviste Street.


And I even postponed myself from eating snack because of this dinner – but this 2 hours delayed made me a hungry bear.

Sinigang na Hipon – Sisig – Calamares – Crab Rice and Seafood Rice and some beers.



We have 4 babies in the block, but this is the first wedding. And we couldn’t get any more excited. 😀

As I was telling my other blockmate during the wedding, it’s really nice to see the bride marry such a simple, sentimental, sweet, sensitive and family oriented guy like Errol. I even remember the bride recounting how difficult it is for her to accept the groom’s living and walking past.


Meet the block: Mich, RJ, Nicole, Gellie, Nix, Boyfriend, Pam, Jaja, Jude, Myself, Shek, KC, Errol and Alyssa.

It’s nice how everyone is gathered for her special day.


Congrats, Mr and Mrs. Errol! 🙂 We’ll see you next with your little one. 🙂

EVERYDAY: Christmas with the TFs


Pizza, Cloudnine Cakes, Chicken and Mojos and Alcohol to save our Christmas Hungry Stomachs.


Okay. So who got who?

Jude got Jaja, Jaja got Jude, I got Ken, Ken got Nic and Nic got me.


Jaja received a perfume from M & S, Ken a longsleeves polo, I received a Blue Dress from Zalora, Jude received a Polo from Erb & Chet and Nic received a Yoga Mat and shoes from Payless.

My Sleeping Buddy and Perks.


Merry Christmas from the TFs. 😀


I’ll bet my life that everyone has experienced Christmas Traffic, right?
And how 31 Days of December is not even close to being enough for Family Reunions and
Get together of friends. 4 Fridays, 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays seems too short.
IMG_8563 IMG_8565
So, My Blockmates and I decided to have our yearly Christmas Party on the First Saturday of December.
After my class, I met up with Jude and Nicole at Powerplant and proceeded to
Centerstage Makati in Jupiter Street.
Nicole and I started the earth-shaking singing.
Pam gave Panda a Gift Certificate at Mercury Drug – weird? It’s actually on her wishlist. It’s for her mom as you know, she just got out from a 2 month long hospitalization from St. Luke’s after she had Aneurysm.
Jude gave Pam her wish – a Pink Earphones.
Nicole gave Jude a Powerbank.
Jaja gave Nicole the Cotton On Travel Toiletry Bag.
Kenneth gave me my Loreal Foundation
I gave Kenneth a Cotton On Long Sleeves.
Panda gave Jaja
IMG_8588 IMG_8589
Afterwhich, I asked them if we can all go see a Beer House – which has been on my Bucket List for quite a long time already.
So we went straight to the nearest pub town of Half Naked Girls. No one is allowed to take a picture so I’ll leave it to your imaginations.

The important thing is  —  I got to cross something out on my Bucket List! 😀
Merry Christmas, My Loves. True Friends. :)))

EVERYDAY: Gift Hunting at Cuenca Bazaar

It’s my first time at Cuenca Bazaar. Every year, My friends or Mom drag me to World Trade Center for the Christmas Bazaar.
Anyway, this year I went with Nicole and Ate Twinx and her officemate, Ellen – who is so funny, BTW. Don’t be deceived of how old she looks.

IMG_8425 IMG_8428

After an exhausting day for our feet and a hellish day for my wallet, we went to Barrio Fiesta inside Ayala Alabang to eat our 5pm lunch.


We also took the time out to have our nails done at Coco Nails. You should try it here: they offer tea, juice or water and a macaroon too. 😀


Broke but happy as fuck!

EVERYDAY: Tender Bobs & Barcino with my Blockmates

The other friends kept mentioning how rude we are for not inviting all of the class every time we go out.
This is the actual proof. 13 girls of Entrep Class, 9 said yes, 5 came. WOW. Definite proof of why.

IMG_8489 IMG_8491 IMG_8492

We had dinner at Tender Bobs and a drink or two at Barcino.

IMG_8505 IMG_8499

I miss everyone!

EVERYDAY: Laboracay version in the city

We weren’t notified that everyone should be in Boracay. Oops. Not, it’s not just Boracay. It’s Laboracay – the long weekend feast for Labor Day.

My eyes grew greener and greener and the Monstrous Green Eyed Janna appeared. I am desperate to be in the water. Nicole and Ate Twinx picked me up while it was drizzling already. We were afraid that Mr. Sun won’t show its rays. But then, when we arrived, it’s sunny slash cloudy. 








We played all afternoon with my god daughter, jia and took some pictures.



So this is our Laboracay day. Next year, we’ll be welcoming summer at Boracay. A sweet revenge.

EVERYDAY: Interview with my College Prof

For my finals, we were tasked to do a video about Ateneo’s Core Values. Specifically, Pursuit of Excellence was given to us.
My group mates and I decided to interview people from different industries. So I had the advantage of doing an interview for a foundation.

I was lucky enough that in college, our mentor for Entrepreneurship Is one of the best.
Dr. Eduardo Morato Is one of the people who spearheaded Entrepreneurship In the Philippines. He used to be the Dean of Entrepreneurship at Asian Institute of Management. He also teaches in Ateneo. And our batch is lucky enough to have him as our mentor for our businesses.
Unfortunately, he came from the hospital so I had Philip Felipe the managing director of ABS CBN Bayan Foundation instead.
He is also one of a guy. He finished Economics at UP Diliman, a masteral at Economics at UPD also and a masteral at Socio Anthropology at Australia as a scholar. He also worked as a legal assistant of Senator Recto.
It was really nice talking to my Prof again.(:
See you soon Sir! Christmas Dinner with Prof Morato.(:
Thank you for your time.

FRIENDS: Iggybabes, my loves

FRIENDS: Iggybabes, my loves

To the person who was the easiest to talk to when I got transferred in the Dorm. Easiest would mean, we want the aircon switched on at the same hours, she helps in my papers – she’s a good writer, she doesn’t blow her hair dry so I can sleep until 10, she wants the same food ordered, she makes me laugh.
I missed youuuu. 😀