It feels good to be able to spend a Christmas get together with my previous officemates. Never in my 5 years in BOC did it cross my mind that I would actually miss it. But my sentimental twin is acting up – and I am quite grateful for this.

A simple get together at Max’s on a busy Monday to start the week.


The whole group, the old dela costa people.


Some of the group pictures from the night.

White Long Sleeves Top from my previous boss, 3 kinds of peanut from Ms. Minns, A beauty brush set from Ms. Donns, a kultura pouch from Ms. Gracious, a colourful pouch from Ms. Lei, a navy blue pouch from Virge and a chocolate from Jane.


Thank you for the gifts, friends!


The disparity among the Operations and the Marketing Team cannot be kept any longer.
Issues, Faults and Concerns have been raised due to the increasing gap between the two teams.

This afternoon gathered all the Operations Officer, Marketing Officer and the Branch Managers.
The ties have been broken. We are called upon to settle our differences.



Budget has been released. Exceptions and Deviations resolved.
Praying for a prosperous and a bountiful 6 months ahead.

EVERYDAY: Betsy and Steph’s Despedida


It’s a long drive and a hell worth of traffic but at least I get to see these kids. I miss most of them. Betsy’s preparing herself for another adventure at BPI. While Steph is in a whole new other level: She’s transferring to US since Raymund has been assigned there. Goodluck, MTs. I will miss you.