EAT ANTIPOLO: Yellow Bird Cafe

Normally, we don’t celebrate heart’s day. But as years passed, I wanted to. I don’t mean bouquets and chocolates. (chocolates would be nice) HAHAHA. I mean spending time, just the two of us with my now, hubby.

And as others would fear, Valentine’s Day fell on a Friday and Pay day. It just means, Manila Traffic plus raging hormones on the street, rush hour triples the traffic. So, Jude planned for a Breakfast Date. He just told me he’ll bring me somewhere. And hell, I didn’t know that it was still on, so excuse my bare, no bath face and hair.

We arrived at this quaint cafe in Antipolo. It’s Instagram friendly, and by this I mean the place is picture perfect. It’s pretty both inside and outside. You’ll want to take a picture of every corner.


Crunchy Okoy for Php 155


My hubby is pretty excited about this. And now I know absolutely why. The okoy was thin and crispy. The shrimps doesn’t hurt my throat (which usually does at most places). It can be eaten as an appetizer and as a viand. (which I did). Must try!

Homemade Beef Tapa for Php 165


All of their breakfast plates comes with garlic rice and 2 eggs. He loved this. I tasted the beef. It’s okay. I wouldn’t usually go near a tapa. I hate how dark and extremely marinated it is. But this one is okay. It wouldn’t be my go-to but I can eat it.

Bacon for Php 165


It comes with 2 eggs too which I had requested to be scrambled. I’m a bit disappointed with their bacon. I like mine crispy but this one is far from it and it’s bit on the thick side. It’s not bad though. The rice, I like.

Hazelnut Coffe for Php 145


Nothing special. It tasted like a regular flavored coffee. It didn’t even taste like hazelnut but it’s okay. I’ll order this again.


Overall, I guess I’d like to come back. I’d probably order a Spam for Breakfast or Shrimp Scampi or Spicy Sardines Pasta or Beef Bulgogi and Macadamia x Hazelnut for Coffee next time. I can already imagine it. ❤

Thank you for bringing me here, babe. ❤ Next time ulit please. 🙂

As for Valentine’s, I wanted to give him something since it’s our first as Husband and Wife. ❤ and I wanted to mess with him, thus ‘WANNA SCREW?’ and ‘WANNA BANG?’ plastered outside the paper bag. I decided to give him (3) shirts.


I also received my perfectly favorite stargazers. I will never get tired of them. Thank you so much, baba. I love you. ❤


I needed to vent out my frustration with strama and she needed someone to blame for the temporary closing of her salon = coffee is the key and a good interiors at that.


Finally managed to try out something new after a while.

Happy to see you, SB! Hoping to see the others soon.




Another Mexican Treat! 😀 Nothing to do on my last day of school. :/ MEH.

Always a Taco for me! 😀 Soft Ground Beef Taco for Php 130. two pieces of taco and some chips!


And Moe’s famous Chipotle Chicken for Php 265. He finished it in seconds! 😛 I’m assuming this is a thumbs up!


We also took the time to try Tim Hortons.

Small French Vanilla for Php 100 and Small Hazelnut Iced Capp for Php 135.  Both are equally satisfying! I also ordered some Chocolate Chunk Cookie for Php 50 a piece and some Timbits for Php 10 each. The cookie was good, NOT WOAH thouugh. Timebits are blah.  don’t know why they’re bragging about the timbits at all. It was dry and a bit bland.


I’d go back for the coffee! 😀


As a self proclaimed foodie, I immediately opened this link:

and ofcourse with excitement, I really wanted to try everything on the list as soon as possible. So, I asked my judey if we can. and he willingly said yes. (thank god he wanted icecream after dinner.)


The place is near A-Venue Mall. You’ll probably miss it so better just look for this tarp outside their store. They don’t really have an actual signage yet.


Everything is done in their kitchen! 🙂 It’s always nice to see small cafes in a small neighborhood turn into something!


We finally decided to try Chocnut Banoffee and Nutella Mangga. ❤

Its amazing how it’s homemade. right? Chocnut Banoffee really tasted like banoffee pie! There were no odd tastes. It was not too sweet either. The Nutella Mangga does not really tastes like nutella enough. The Mango flavor I think overpowers the chocolate flavor. Nonetheless, it’s worth the try. Plus, the owner and staff were really nice.



Do you know the good thing about trying out new, small cafes? You actually get to see the faces behind this courageous act of setting up a coffee shop in this world full of it.

Spot the lady in the yellow top – She’s liz, the owner of the store, obviously.


Another good thing I noticed is that the cafe is full of artworks made by customers. I wasn’t able to take a good shot of it since well – owner might think I’m some kind of lunatic trying to capture every corner of the store. That’s one. — Two, it felt like the neighborhood type of cafe where owner and employees are close – genuine and seems to know the people who comes in.


Lazy Cake for Php 80. It has some texture and sweetness to it. But for those who love to get some treat after a meal but are too sugar conscious, you can try this. It’s not too sweet but enough to cleanse your palate of kebabs or what not.


I also ordered a Latte for Php 120. It was good, typical latte.


The ambiance was actually really homey. It’s the place where you can actually read a good book and finish it, have real intimate conversations with loved ones and friends or just be with yourself and finish a good cup of coffee – which is what one really needs. right?

Check them out. — They have been holding small events every weekend.




Because a new coffee place is always a good thing right?


And for our orders?:)


I had a Cappuccino for Php 130.


While he ordered an Espresso for Php 140.


Freshly Baked Cookie for Php 50. And they’re not just claiming it to be freshly baked because it is! It tastes soooo good! It hits you right in your sweet spot.


Brownie Smores Pie for Php 110. I don’ like marshmallows but the Judey loved this.


I love this place! If only it was nearer the school. 🙂



YAY! He finally gave in to look for this place! :)))) Glad we were able to try them out! BTW, you should not leave this place without trying their Double Chocolate Cookie with Sea Salt. It’s divine! I loved it!


I also ordered for the Cafe Mocha while LOML ordered Long Black which suits him.

We will definitely go back! It’s a good place to find quiet time or do some work or assignment.


I have  a magnet for new restaurants to try and a nice, cute ambiance. So I got attracted to this. This is on the second floor of where Nathaniel’s is.


Don’t they have a nice place to just read a book or talk to some friends? Right? Right?:)


Since we just finished, we ordered straight to their coffee. But if you’re starving, they also have rice meals like salpicao or pan fried fish fillet and tocino. They also have pasta dishes like pesto and Italian Sausage. If you want sandwiches, they also have. You can also pick from their array of cakes and sweets on the counter.


Jude ordered their Best Seller – White Rabbit for hp 160. 


I ordered their Salted Caramel Coffee which is not on their official menu but it was, that night. I can’t find anything fancy or unique or extra yummy for me to keep coming back for their food.


But If every I’ll need somewhere to stay to study while waiting for him to finish work, you’ll definitely find me here.


EVERYDAY: Commune with Toots

We have been postponing this for days, weeks, months I tell you. This time, We are not about to let Bianca ruin our plans. So we pushed through, still.


We head out to this quaint little cafe in Salcedo Village. It’s a long walk from my desk but still considered pretty near. IMG_1101

Of Boy Problems — everybody’s got one. Get rid of them or adapt.

I miss you toots!


Thank God for Facebook and Thank God for Social Media. While I was scanning my news feed, I came across this shared post: If you love books, blah blah. Now, you see, books and coffee — All me.

And when I saw a Holiday, bam! I dragged the Jude with me.

IMG_9883 IMG_9885 IMG_9886

Would you look at homey and how comforting the place looks?:))) Such a nice backdrop to everything in every corner. I love, love, love how the owners designed the place.

IMG_9890 IMG_9891

Since it’s our first time, We didn’t actually know what was good. The owner, who is so pleasant and amicable in every way told us that it was their pizzas that was the best seller. 😀


Turkish Coffee – First time to try it. It tasted different – even Judey who loves brewed coffee. I don’t know much about coffee but to me it tasted more like a tea, it has a sweet remnants.


Cappuccino – It was a bit on the strong side. I’m on the sweet grass – therefore, this is not for me.IMG_9897

But this pizza, you can never go wrong with their All Meat Pizza. The size was huge but no worries, it’s super thin. We almost finished everything. We only held out for so long since we had another lunch to go to. I suggest you order their pizza. :))


This can definitely go up to my study places. 😀 I’ll be coming back!


I have been wanting to try Toby’s Estate ever sine I’ve heard of it. Coffee – Do I need to explain?

Toby’s Estate is located along Leviste Street beside Wildflour.

IMG_8013 IMG_8011 IMG_8009Beautiful Interior.

IMG_8021 IMG_8022

Grilled Four Cheese – Php 320 I have no words except tummy-blown! What more can you ask for? CHEESE. really. Four Cheese – Mozarella, Emmenthal, Ricotta and Parmigiano. This is served with some chips and some spicy tomato siding.


I ordered one of their more popular drink. Mocha – Php 160. From all my posts before, I cannot deny that I do have a really sweet tooth. But this cup of coffee is too thick. The cup wasn’t even hot when served. I had to have it reheated. The thickness and sweeness of this cup is too much.


But Toby’s is a perfect place to conduct meetings or just read a book. I won’t come back for the coffee, but I would definitely crave for some Good Grilled Four Cheese Sandwich.


I’ve been seeing a lot of cozy pictures from this cafe that I wanted to try. And because enrollment is coming and I’m planning to take an exam, I had to review starting now. Therefore, where can you review better than a coffee shop? Bed looks too comfy that I’ll end up sleeping. Besides, Coffee, a cozy spot and my favorite person beside me? I’d choose the second one. 😀


Self Service just like all the other coffee shops out there. They also have this beaping thing like the ones at Coffee Bean to know when your order is up. 


Ahhh! Look at the walls.:))) staircase leading to the second floor. 🙂


Black and Red with typography on the walls? Feels like this was made for me! 


Hazelnut Truffle Muffin and Double Vanilla Hot. 🙂 The muffin was GOOD as expected. 


My very patient Algeb Tutor. 


My Energy for the whole day review.

I will come back!

EAT BF: Magnum Opus Coffee


They have a Mini Bar once you enter. 



The room smells heavenly. They make your coffee right in front of you. 


My Belgian Hot Chocolate – Ordinary. 



Hand Brewed Single Origin Coffee (pHP 150) A shot of Nicaragua Coffee, ‘wood’- whatever it is and Orange. Jude liked the taste. 


EAT KAPITOLYO: Epic Coffee Roastery

Epic Coffee is in my list too, of course. 


The place looks so warm and cozy and it has a ‘bahay-bakasyunan” feel to it.


Chalk Board Menus are everywhere, on the counter and on their walls. 



They also have home made icecreams. I want to go back and try! 


My love ordered Caramel Macchiato (Php 100) – I think the coffee was good since he finished it in an instant. 


While I ordered Epic Frappe (Php 145) – There was nothing Epic about it. It was okay. I actually wanted to try their Cookies and Cream Frappe but since this was named Epic Frappe, I assumed it was their specialty. There was nothing extravagant about it. I wasn’t able to finish it either. 


Good Part? They provided books and I happen to like the book that I’m reading that we managed to stay til their closing time.