And just like that, Leadership class is over!


Meet part of my group! Mark – Engineer from UST, Maffy – not my group mate though. She’s a Medtech I think. But currently stopped because she has to take of her baby, tyke, Alex – a Nursing Graduate but is working at their family business, Mac – recently unemployed from being a Management Trainee to Account officer at BPI and is now working at their family business. and Cerg – Working on their family business too.

IMG_3989Some have been my classmates in Mastat like Mics and Gwen. But I also met new friends like my groupmates and Gem, Ludwig, JM, Danica and Redge. Or some of them I haven’t yet memorized their names.

Any, Thank you Prof Yong!

Yeyy. Something to occupy me.

Yeyy. Something to occupy me.

I’ve talked to Ms. Anika and she has sent me the requirements already. Actually, I do not intend to go here. Well, in reality, I do. This is a very respectable school. Problem is, courses here are too damn-sell-your-house expensive. I just want to have the satisfaction knowing if I can get in. IF I DO. take note, IF. haha. I am planning to take the test on the 13th. but there are so many requirements. I talked to Sir Levi for my recommendation and he was more than willing to write me one. Although, he told me there was a political issue in AIM regarding Sir Morato. So he was suggesting that I talk to Ms. Kuku. But he will write me a recommendation letter when I decide to study in Ateneo. which again, will cost me my life to pay for the tuition. I want to shoulder the tuition fee myself so I’m really keen on looking for a respectable school that my pocket can provide.:(
First things first. I want to be able to get all the requirements in time first. and I have to pass the test and the interview. Crossing my fingers. :* Goodluck to me!