One fine saturday, no. its a one great saturday — we didn’t have our leadership class. Yayy! Back to the start, One Great Sunny Saturday, we met with Jes and Kuci.

10675636_10152904133693720_571102653991331458_nIts a Rainbow Colored Table full of Pinks and Purples! It was nice meeting you both! :)) And everything was clear.

EVERYDAY: After Class Date

He definitely knows I hate First Days. So on the first day of classes, he waited for me until the end of my class. And I have a stupid moment. Alex (one of my HS friends who are now my MA classmate) and I happen not to check our portal accounts. And there, it was posted that we didn’t have any classes. So much for waking up so early on a Saturday, dressing up and driving all the way to Makati. We waited for 2 hours for nothing. But oh well, I didn’t check. 


Late lunch at Chilis and watched Heaven is real. Yay!