My husband has been raving about this place for so long and I’ve been pitching it to my colleagues about the same time but we never really gotten around to it with our limited lunch time of 1 hour.

BUT, Lo and behold. . We were given an opportunity when we had a field meeting! But it was only the two of us. It’s a good thing that we arrived at around 2:00 pm already. The place was almost full with 1 reserved table. What more during lunch time, right?


Penne Pasta with Mixed Vegetables for Php 365

Cherry Tomatoes, Zucchini, Asparagus, French Beans and Carrots with extra virgin oil, basil and garlic sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.


Okay! I didn’t think I would like it. Although I only had a taste of it. It’s my friend’s order. I recently discovered french beans and It’s pretty legit. If I were to go back, I will order this. ❤

Fried Chicken Nibblers for Php 295

Crispy chicken bites served with Nono’s home style waffles or fries on the side.


My order is part of the Kid’s Menu. I didn’t really want something heavy since I was planning to wait for my hubby from work at a coffee shop. So I ordered from the kid’s section.  But the portion was good enough for me. It comes with Orange juice too and with pulp. 😛 I was looking forward for the fries but their waffles are good too.  Even the maple syrup! Usually, I find a lot of maple syrups too sweet – but this one is something else. ❤

I would love to go back and try their viands. I liked both of our orders. ❤ Recommendable! The husband is right.


It’s my Pre-Birthday Lunch! and because we are about to check-in in one of the hotels nearby, we decided to have lunch in Molito, Alabang and the hubby has been craving for frankie’s. TSS. (as if it’s his birthday) no. not a fan of wings btw.

He ordered a Half Dozen Classic Buffalo Wings for Php 130


And I ordered the Boneless Salt & Pepper Chicken with Bleu Cheese Dip for Php 209


And obviously, a side of French Fries for Php 100


I will always be celebrating with this one from now on. ❤

EAT EVIA: Red Lobster

Let’s cut to the chase! We went to Evia Lifestyle Center for some l – o – b – s – t – e – r!!

For their welcome treats, they are giving this parmesan bread? which is bland? the flavors are just at the top and the bread is a bit dry inside.

We ordered the Honey and Blue Cheese Salad for Php 450 which I wasn’t able to take a picture. 😀 so we ordered some meat.

Chops New Orleans for Php 495 – Pork Chop, Shrimp, Cajun, Butter Sauce, Pico de Gallo and Wild Rice.

and a bit of Chicken Fingers and Shrimp Poppers for Php 450 with Honey Mustard

and the rockstar of the whole restaurant!! And Ultimate Feast for Php 2,500 each. Main Lobster Tail, Snow Crab Legs, Shrimp Scampi, Fries, Wild Rice, Veggies and Butter Sauce. I am all about the shrimp that’s why it caught my attention more than the crab!!

The ultimate feast is Good for 2. You can stretch it to three if you have other viands to share with. 😊

Happy sharing a feast with your family or your apecial someone. 😍


This gem is in the corner of P. Burgos and B. Valdez. I believe we already passed this one but I didn’t mind taking a second look because it’s chicken. HAHA. You know how I’m not a fan of poultry.


They are currently in their soft opening since May 2018. We were lucky enough to try them out before a pool of crowd. There was no one there but us by 12:30 pm, which gave us an advantage.

We opted to stay in the second floor since the ground floor is mostly for the bar and what-not. And what welcomed us  —- cute vibrant, hippie type of ambiance.


Let’s go to the best part – LUNCH!


Crispy Mushroom – Php 150

OH-MY-GOD. If you want to fuckin treat yourself and craving for some Chicharon Bulaklak but your BP is high? Head to Loco Manuk and try this Cripsy Mushroom! You read that right! It’s MUSHROOM! ❤ and we all absolutely loved every single piece! P-E-R-F-E-C-T! We couldn’t get enough so we actually ordered two. 😀


Loco Manuk Chicken – Infairness, I din’t hate the chicken. BTW, a chicken comes with 3 dips that you can choose from. We were lucky to have tried all 6 of them since we ordered 2 whole chickens. Serving was generous enough.


Loco Manuk Ribs The All Stay, Super Star, Diamond Star and All Stars of the table. The sauce is just sublime. Gold Stars, Thumbs Up and everything that screams excellent! I’d rather have it in a bigger serving but I’m just grateful for this dish. It’s that G-O-O-D!!


I’ll drag my boyfriend here and order the ribs — all for myself. ❤


Since the mother is out of our radius, lunch outs are more frequent. 🙂 Wendy suggested this Wingshack but after trying them out, I WARN YOU NOT TO.


The place was a bit small, just like the other hole in the walls in the area. Inside its shack can fit about 4 tables of 4.


We got there, observed the menu and tried to order:


TACOS – All of them are not available

BURGER – Not available

CHICKEN TENDERS – Not available.

All we are left with is their WINGS. I know it’s a wings place but what if we wanted to try all sorts from their menu? And they only have 1 freakin food in their menu that’s available!!

We were there at 12:15 pm. They open at 12nn. Shouldn’t they be there at 11 am to prepare the food already? We ordered our food at 12:20 – Wings. We were served after more than an hour! Food was not even hot, not even warm! Food was served at 1:30 pm. Some portions of the plate was wet, sauce was bland, food was cold. None of it was a good enough experience!


Hayy. We all ordered Wings with the following Sauces:

Beer BBQ

Spicy K-Town

Sweeracha and Buffalo Style.

All four of us was disappointed.






It’s our first time at Uptown Mall. 🙂 Yayy! And we have it here.

And since it’s in a foodcourt. Ergo, self service restaurant. Then they give you this for you to wait out your order. (just like in SBC)


Barn Yard D for Php 255. – Two pieces of chicken, 1 Choice of Side dish, 1 sauce and Chicken Skin.


Barn Yard A for Php 165. – Chicken Tenders, Dirty Rice, 1 sauce and Chicken Skin. I.LOVE.IT.


2 glasses of Iced Tea Peached for Php 60. 


Yes, it reminds you of Yardbird in Century. But what I do love about them is that they are much more affordable, it tastes the same, and! and, they have Chicken Skin. 🙂



We’ve been passing this establishment for a long time already. And we finally had the time to try this mexican feast. It’s a self service restaurant. You have to order at the counter.

The order taking process is you choose whether Burrito, Bowl, Tacos or Salad.then you get to pick your main course from Chicken, Beef Picadillo, Pork Carnitas, Steak or Vegetarian.


Chips and Queso for Php 125. Its definitely a good pastime snack when you’re having a good laugh with your friends.


We ordered the Chicken or Php 287 and Pork Carnitas for Php 287 too.


And Margarita Glass for Php 195 each.


I’d come back for the Nachos but their main star are not something that I would want to order again.



EAT PASIG: Fireside by Kettle

It’s time to try another new one on the block: Fireside by kettle.


Since I already ate, he ordered for a smaller portions.
We had Truffle Potato Chips for Php 199. Blue Cheese Sauce and Green Onions.

OMYGOD. DIVINE. Chips were at the right size and the drizzle of the bleu cheese made it all the more ughhhh.
Buttermilk Fried Chicken for Php 489. 24 hour brimed cajun ritz breading, home style gravy and cornbread doughnuts.
It tasted the same as all the buttermilk friend chickens. But it was boneless so I practically enjoyed this one.

Dinner with the ever so patient boyfriend. I love you.

EAT MAKATI: Coco hut


This resembles what? You’re right! It’s the same look as Army Navy’s. They’re probably Sister Companies. This is located along Jupiter St in Makati. It’s a self service type and you need to order here at the counter.

My friend, on a diet ordered a Smoked Bangus for Php 195. It’s pretty good though the fish was not boneless. So unless you’re thinking twice on using your hands, don’t order this one.


As for me, I ordered Calamari for Php 155 and an extra rice. Calamari is good. But I had to ask for a Tartar Sauce on the side. This dish only comes with a Sweet Chili Sauce, which for me doesn’t go together.

Overall, it’s a 3 on scale of 5.


So we head out to Capital Commons since we wanted to watch a movie — don’t be mistaken. There’s no movie house. Instead, we ate.

IMG_7525 IMG_7528We didn’t order the wings because I never liked eating chicken with bones as I try to avoid all the black slash red meat that is close to the bones so we ordered the chicken tenders instead.

IMG_7531 I cannot tell it more directly — THIS DISH IS BLAND. AND IS SO NOT WORTH THE PRICE. This chicken tenders costs Php 395. The chicken slices were so thin and had no taste. We had to resolve to the chili powder whih also — doesn’t go well with it. We were fuckin looking forward for some dripping sauce!

The fries, was seasoned well. But still.




IMG_6591Tucked inside the busy street of kalayaan, a buzz went out from the quiet streets. I have been asking the jude to bring me here because who wouldn’t love words like steaks paired with affordable, right?

IMG_6594So for our orders,

IMG_6599 IMG_6614Grilled Cajun Chicken – Php 180 It was not spicy at all. I didn’t like this dish. I was expecting a chicken seasoned enormously of seasoning but this, this just tasted like a burnt one left in the stove to perish.

IMG_6606 IMG_6611

And I ordered the T-bone Steak for Php 190. The meat was plain and was tensile. The only thing worth mentioning was the barbeque sauce that came with it.


And since we were both not quite satisfied with our orders, we hoped the desert would turn our experience into a good one.

IMG_6618 IMG_6620

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes — Php 110 I never liked Brazo de Mercedes that was why I was hesitant to order this because we were already disappointed with both our orders. But to Jude’s unwavering plea, i succumbed to this desert. And boy was I grateful I gave in! It was delicious! The bottom part was cookie crumbs of lotus cookie, topped with icecream and slices of mango and what tasted like burnt marshmallows.


We do not recommend the place or okay, we do not  recommend the dishes that we ordered. But you have to try the Brazo! 😀


We are Rice Eaters! Our Chubby Cheeks and Voluminous Bodies says yes!
We were looking for something with Rice and we ended up with — Yup! Spatzle.

IMG_5392 IMG_5397

Alex ordered the Spatz Beef Stew — Php 480.
It’s a Slow braised USDA short ribs with bacon, mushrooms & shallots served with organic arugula side salad & garlic fried rice.

I ordered the Spatz Fish & Chips – Php 370
Crispy & light battered sole fillet served with home made fries and coper mayo.

I can only speak for my order because I didn’t taste theirs. It was delightfully crispy but just like all other fried foods, you can only have so much of it
then you get tired of it. The savior? the fries! Big on Seasoning, I see! It’s goooooddd.

IMG_5405 IMG_5409
Jude ordered the Spatz Fried Chicken with Paprika Gravy – Php 320
Crisp homemade fried chicken served with fries and paprika gravy.


Our drinks? All Natural Citrus Cooler Soda for Php 145 and Mint Lemonade for Php 125.
We love love love our drinks!

This one is pricey with a so-so food.


Hill Station is at Casa Vallejo along Session Road.

The place was crowded when we got there so we settled for a table just beside the door.
I wasn’t able to capture a good photo but I believe the place was elegant and a good place for a date.

Since I don’t have any good pictures, let’s go straight to the food.
He ordered for Javanese Chicken – Php 295.00

DSC06584 DSC06586

According to him, there was nothing special about the dish.

I ordered Beef Salpicao and a side order of Rice – Php 195 & 40

As always, Salpicao’s never fail. A little oil and a generous amount of garlic saves the day.
Lastly, I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews of the Death by Chocolate Cake. – Php 120.00
And so we did.
It was moist. The Vanilla Icecream goes perfectly with the half baked cake dough under it.
We can compare it to the Molten Lava Cake from Chili’s.
It was so good. It is our favorite out of the three dishes.
Truly, our death will be justified.


We arrived in Baguio  around 4:30 in the morning. It was freezing cold but it was probably because the sun was nowhere to be seen yet. We had taho just right outside the terminal. You may even try Baguio’s Famous Strawberry Taho for Php 15 a cup.

What’s for Breakfast? I thought of the Pizza Place on my list because it’s open 24 hours. But Jude wanted to go to eat 50s Diner but it’s most likely close at that hour.
So we asked our driver what place is open at that hour: Good Taste!
Well, that’s on our list!! so, okay!
The place wasn’t exactly how I pictured it in my head. It looked like a big school cafeteria.
The place was big though — and no matter how it big it was, the place was swarming with people.

He ordered the Longganisa Meal with Egg and Garlic Rice with either Coffee or Juice — all for Php 75.00
DSC06469 DSC06468
Can you believe it? And it was already satisfying. The meal is unbelivably affordable.

I, on the otherhand, ordered the Shanghai Meal. — Php 75
It comes with 4 pieces of Lumpiang Shanghai and Egg. I ordered Pineapple Juice for my Drink.
DSC06471 DSC06470
The Shanghai was bulky. It was full of meat unlike the other restaurants that have their shanghai so crispy but there’s no filling.
Good Taste is actually known for their Buttered Chicken.
Though we both have our eyes fixed in the Longganisa and Shanghai Meal, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to try their best seller.
We ordered the Half Buttered Chicken — Php 175.00

It comes with about 7 pieces of Chicken. It was really tasty. I cannot remember where to compare it to.
But I love its taste! It wasn’t dry at all.

All for Php 315.00 and we still had some chicken to extend to some cab driver.

No wonder why the place was full of people: The food was good and affordable.



From Texas, they are finally here in Manila! All the Wing Lovers should stop by as they claim to be the Wing Expert. Be the judge!


So if you’re a Wing Person, this is like entering the gates of heaven. It was very spacious and bright.  IMG_3817

It’s also a self service type so you order at the counter first before taking your seat. No worries, the place is huge, there are a lot of tables and chairs for you to sit.


Since we are on a mission to try something new every time, we ordered Blue Moon for Php 175 and Stella Artois for Php 135. Nothing new, just like any beer but with a hiked up price.


For their famous signature wings, here are the flavours: 1) Teriyaki – sweet and soy 2) Garlic Parmesan – self explanatory 3) Lemon Pepper – Lemon with Black Pepper 4) Hickory Smoked BBQ – Sweet and smoky 5) Louisiana Rub – Cayene and Garlic Rub 6) Mild Buffalo – Buffalo Sauce with less heat 7) Hot Buffalo – the real one 8) Cajun – Hot Buffalo with even more added spices and 9) Atomic – the spiciest of them all.

So here’s what we actually ordered:

IMG_3837 IMG_3839

He ordered the 5 pc Wing Set of Mild Buffalo Wings for Php 235. It is Buffalo Wings with less heat. Jude liked the taste but we both had one observation; the wings is not dripping sauce. It was a bit dry and tacky. Flavors might have stayed to the chicken but isn’t that the point of eating wings? To get your hands, lips and chin dripping from the buffalo sauce?

IMG_3841 IMG_3844

I always order Chicken Tenders because there’s no way in hell I’ll get my money’s worth of chicken goodness in wings because once I see the brown – reddish meat of the chicken near the bone, I stop. It’s just not my thing to pick the chicken, and devour everything until it’s a shiny piece of bone or what was left of it.

I ordered 3 pc Chicken Tenders with Bleu Cheese Dip for Php 185 and an additional Php 30 for the dip. The skin is full of flavor. Usually, I just eat the skin, because all the white meat is bland. But this one though, it’s really good! IMG_3845 IMG_3847

This is his favorite part of the meal. I know I’ve been telling you guys that he’s a wing person, but since he did not fell in love with the Mild Buffalo set, this Parmesan Fries really caught his attention. And, no doubt. Garlic Parmesan Fries for Php 100.

IMG_3850Though it did not really smack me with a wow taste, I want to go back and taste the other flavors as well.