EAT MAKATI: The Wholesome Table


I’ve been meaning to try this restaurant for quite some time already. But intentionally been postponing it because the prices are a bit expensive. BTW, Interiors are more than okay. πŸ™‚ They have a forest – garden like vibe.


Carbonara Solo – Php 440. An italian classic spaghetti tossed in a free range egg and cheese sauce and topped with cured pork belly. You might well be on your way to the restaurant by this time. I cannot even begin to tell you how freakin’ly good this dish is! From the way it smelled to its creamy creamy white goodness to the mushroom and cheese toppings.


Meatloaf – Php 620. Thick slices of home made meatloaf served with creamy, organic mashed potatoes topped with gravy and bacon. I can’t say it’s good. I’m not the biggest fan of meatloaf. Though, serving size wise — it can be shared by two already.


Theb boyfriend definitely loves the place! Will come back to try the other dishes!

EVERYDAY: Jude’s 25th Birthday

It’s that tme o the year again: Jude’s Birthday. It’s his 25th. There were no surprises this year, which I regret. (I’m sorry, babe). I was contemplating where to book a surprise, but unfortunately, in this scenario, Cebu is an ‘unfortunate’ excuse. A small get away before the actual one is impossible. So we settled for Tagaytay instead.


Since we were more than early, we took our time in one of the biggest Starbucks, the new one.


We were planning to eat Marcia Adams. But, as the prepared girlfriend that I am, I booked no reservations. :/ We ended up in Buon Giorno Caffe and Bistro. – No regrets!


And here we are, glad we went here on a Weekday. It was almost just us. The view was clear and it was quiet.


We started off with a wine. πŸ˜€ The boyfriend loved it.. I too, as it doesn”t have a bitter strong taste to it even though it’s red.


I hope it comes to no surprise for you that we ordered Fettucini Alla Carbonara for Php 320. A classic with cream and eggs. It was absolutely DIVINE.


Another one of our favorites, Quattro Formaggi for Php 375. It’s four cheese, obviously. And it can never go wrong! Cheese? Yes please! πŸ˜€

20151007_131842Now, the gift. Β wanted to give something that can be treasured, and kept with for a really long time. Not to be overly excited, But I wanted to give something that we hopefully pass down. πŸ˜€ Hopefully. It’s his 25th, right? Definitely, a watch. I went over with Tsovet, Nixon and Meister. Originally, I wanted Rolex (Classic) or Omega but that was clearly out of my pocket’s capacity. But look where it got me! A classic looking watch. πŸ˜€ I was literally crossing my fingers that he’d like the watch. And thankfully, he did. :)))


Happy, Happy Birthday, Babe! I love youuuuu.