Sometimes, only sometimes. . . we get to have employee benefits, only small ones. . and this time, we get to try the new Shake Shack before it opens to the public.


Shake Shack Philippines was brought by none other than the Tantoco Family. It’s located in Central Square, BGC.


I ordered the Single Shack Burger for Php 250 which is amazinnggg. It was juicy and delicious but compared to the one in NYC that I tried, the size is a bit smaller. And you can never eat a burger without fries right? I ordered the Regular Fries for Php 130. But the one I couldn’t refuse is Salted Caramel Milkshake for Php 190. Simply, THE BOMB. I can down the whole thing if only it didn’t give me a brain freeze. 😀


When the long line is over, I’d like to try again with my judey. 😀



We’ve been here not once,, not twice but thrice. Third time’s the charm. It’s a miracle. Every single time that we go here, it is swarmed with people. But we got there around 12:10 and not a single table was occupied. Whew. Good thing.


Self Service type and it can fit about 15 max of people.


Honey Parmesan Dog for Php 200. Quite a bit okay. Nothing too extravagant and fancy or unique. But it tastes good.


Sloppy Joes for Php 150. It doesn’t look as appetizing but it’s okay. Mashed beefy goodness.


Cheeseburger for Php 190. Someone always has to try the Cheeseburger. Right? I just had to. It’s a burger place. How can you not?


We had good timing on our corner. 🙂



You know how sometimes you really want to restrict yourself from eating but at the same time, you’re also itching to try something new? Well, this is it. I am forcing myself to go on a diet (because of our cebu trip) but i’m a failure at the diet part. As you can see. We tried Esquire’s Best Cheeseburger! Now, wouldn’t you be intrigued? 


We ordered for Nutella and Salted Caramel – Php 160. Actually, Alex here is not fond of sweets. But I wanted both so she settled with Salted Caramel, both flavors, I wanted to try. Nutella was so, so, so good. The Salted Caramel however, tasted too much like Caramel. It was too sweet. It should be Caramel – not Salted Caramel. It was good, nonetheless. 11987153_10153512352066878_4025751017264732164_n

For the Main Event, we both ordered the Cheeseburger – Php 170 ofcourse. And, Erwan and the others were not kidding! It was goooooddd! Imagine with all of our food, I’m on a diet — and we both finished the damn thing! together with fries!

BTW, We also ordered Ecstasy Fries – Php 130. It was covered with ecstasy sauce, cheese and caramelized onions. They have a variety of other fries too. And, Alex also ordered Buffalo Wings – Php 220. According to her, it’s WHOAH. I didn’t taste it, sorry. I wouldn’t know.


It was definitely a worthy lunch under the sun.

P.S. It’s an open place. I suggest you go at night or late in the afternoon.

EAT MAKATI: Cali Burger

It’s been said, time and again. The best burger that everyone has tasted was In & Out. I’ve tried it twice back in 2006 and as lucky as I am, I have senior moments all the time. I cannot say it was the best – as I cannot even remember how it tastes like.

But anyway, when Cali Burger came to here in Philippines, I hear people comparing this to In & Out.  Naturally, we had to try it.

IMG_6375It’s such a bright, happy and sunny place inside. 

IMG_6378 Unlimited Drinks – Pink Lemonade and Orange Juice. Lemonades are my guilty pleasures!

IMG_63812 Burger Meal – Php 245 – It comes with fries and unlimited drinks already!

IMG_6383 We also got a side of Buffalo Wings for my Chicken Man.

IMG_6390 IMG_6392

I love the music and the environment! I don’t think there’s something special with this place though.

EAT MAKATI: Hatch 22

I’ve always wanted to try Hatch 22 ever since I knew that it was owned by the Heussaffs because Erwan is a well known food blogger so I figured the food might be a hit. After watching the Other Woman, we decided to have an early dinner. 




I’ve always wanted to try Hatch 22 ever since I knew that it was owned by the Heussaffs because Erwan is a well known food blogger so I figured the food might be a hit. After watching the Other Woman, we decided to have an early dinner. 


Jude, being a fan of American Cuisine, ordered a Burger. Hatch Burger for Php 380.00. 


I’d have to say it was huge. Not the patty. The Bread was huge. The melted cheese seemed to be poured on one side to fool customers that there was plenty of melted cheese. It came with three gigantic Onion Rings and a small cup of fries. Though I liked that the whole order came in a wooden chopping board. The patty was good but I expected it to be larger than it was. There was no whoah taste. 


As for me? I ordered the Morning After dish for Php 360.00



It was a whole plate of waffle. I ordered it because of the word Bacon on the menu but to my surprise, the bacon was itsy bitsy tiny part. Strawberry drool was all over my pancake – which I hated. I don’t eat strawberry. And it wasn’t indicated in the menu.Nope. I wasn’t happy with my order. For uniqueness, I’d give them a point for the hot bacon paired with nuts and the waffle. But Gahh. No thanks. 


Love has been craving for anything Ala Mode so when he saw a Banana Cookie Ala Mode, we grabbed the chance.The Banana Cookie Ala Mode was Php 210.00


It came with six small banana cookies, each paired and sticked together. It wasn’t what we wanted. We liked the blotchy, semi- wet gooey soft cookies. But it was a hard crumbling cookie.Image


Too much disappointment for Hatch 22. :/ Any, another date with my love is worth it.  


Hatch 22

G/F Powerplant Mall



EAT BF: The Burgery; The Bad Boys of Burger

IMG_1349 The place was modern with wood and leather chairs inside. Though when we went there, it was full so we had to sit outside. Besides, Jude wanted to smoke anyway. It had a Modern Logo – Black and White Artistry to it. IMG_1350 Though it states The Burgery, of course they had all sorts of other food – apparently the same with all the expensive diners out there. – the difference is, they are much more affordable.

IMG_1351 IMG_1352 IMG_1354 I ordered Amaretto Sour – If you’re looking for a feminine drink, this is it. It doesn’t taste like there’s alcohol in it. Plus it tastes like Çhildish Medicine. – in which when Jude tasted, he told me it tasted like Gummy Bears. IMG_1355 Iced Tea – Typical. Home Brewed but nothing different. IMG_1357 The Machine Gun – Php 150IMG_1358 100% Beef Patty, Mushroom, Bacon and Cheese – Generous Load of Cheese but Small amounts of Bacon. :/ IMG_1359 Fat Tony – Php 145IMG_1360 This is basically the same as the Machine Gun minus the Mushroom but Heaps and Heaps of Bacon and Cheese. Gaah. I wish I ordered this one instead. 😀 IMG_1362


Crazy 6s – Php 178 – The classic. I loved this Wings. The flavors of the Wings were glued to the skin unlike the other wings that was dripping – and in that case, the sauce gets left behind in the plate – useless.

The servers were very friendly and accommodating. and very affordable. So WTH? We’ll come back for this.

EAT Makati: Burger Project

We have tons to do for finals. and we have exactly two weeks to do it. But first. Planning! And Ryla’s Boyfriend drove us to Jupiter for some dinner and planning. 


The Burger Project Menu.

1. Write your Name

2. Choose if you’re going to Dine-in or Take out

3. Choose your Meat – Angus, Chicken, Chori

4. Choose your Bun – 

5. Choose your Cheese

6. Choose your premium toppings

7. Choose your Basic Toppings.

8. Choose your Sauce.

9. Choose your Drink on the right side and lastly, 



Bring your order form to the counter and Pay.


The place looked small. Though the mirror made it looked so much bigger. 


My Burger consists of a Big chunk of Angus Beef, Mozarella Cheese, Bacon and some BBQ Sauce. – It was practyicall good considered all those are naturally perfect combination though the BBQ Sauce tasted too much it slices your tongue. :/ 


EAT BF: Apache

Apache is operational for 6 mos now. They used to be open above Starbucks in President’s Avenue but now they transferred here in Aguirre.
Their theme? Indians.

They also have wooden chairs and tables. They have around 6 tables and it’s a self service counter.

Too bad there was someone sitting there. We actually wanted to have our group picture having it as a background. 😔

Meet two of my HS Bestfriends – kat and atria.

My order? Indian Bear Chops for Php 155 for 2pcs. They have however, 1pc for Php 115. It’s very sulit though. It may not seem huge but they have a large serving.

Home Blended Iced Tea for Php 60 bottomless

If you want to catch up with your friends, this can definitely be the place to meet. It wasn’t crowded, place was well lit, friendly service, affordable price, generous serving and they have a bar beside it if you’d want to drink after.((:

See you next week, loves!