We arrived in Baguio  around 4:30 in the morning. It was freezing cold but it was probably because the sun was nowhere to be seen yet. We had taho just right outside the terminal. You may even try Baguio’s Famous Strawberry Taho for Php 15 a cup.

What’s for Breakfast? I thought of the Pizza Place on my list because it’s open 24 hours. But Jude wanted to go to eat 50s Diner but it’s most likely close at that hour.
So we asked our driver what place is open at that hour: Good Taste!
Well, that’s on our list!! so, okay!
The place wasn’t exactly how I pictured it in my head. It looked like a big school cafeteria.
The place was big though — and no matter how it big it was, the place was swarming with people.

He ordered the Longganisa Meal with Egg and Garlic Rice with either Coffee or Juice — all for Php 75.00
DSC06469 DSC06468
Can you believe it? And it was already satisfying. The meal is unbelivably affordable.

I, on the otherhand, ordered the Shanghai Meal. — Php 75
It comes with 4 pieces of Lumpiang Shanghai and Egg. I ordered Pineapple Juice for my Drink.
DSC06471 DSC06470
The Shanghai was bulky. It was full of meat unlike the other restaurants that have their shanghai so crispy but there’s no filling.
Good Taste is actually known for their Buttered Chicken.
Though we both have our eyes fixed in the Longganisa and Shanghai Meal, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to try their best seller.
We ordered the Half Buttered Chicken — Php 175.00

It comes with about 7 pieces of Chicken. It was really tasty. I cannot remember where to compare it to.
But I love its taste! It wasn’t dry at all.

All for Php 315.00 and we still had some chicken to extend to some cab driver.

No wonder why the place was full of people: The food was good and affordable.


I don’t even know if this is in Pasig. I’m not very familiar with the place but I have to. This is the area where he transferred brought about by the change of his employer. But it’s a good thing too since we can expand our exploration from Kapitolyo, BF, Salcedo Village, Legazpi Village and now, Wilson’s!


If you are familiar within this area, it is opposite Nathaniel’s. Isn’t the place reminds you of all the small good things there is? The walls are adorned with colorful vases and bottles on the far end.


Aside from their waffles, they also serve pastas and rice meals. You can also choose whether to have sweet pancakes or the full meal pancakes. And since we were not really that hungry, sweet waffles it is!

IMG_4165 IMG_4166

I ordered the Pegi’s Classic Waffles for Php 105. Waffles with Vanilla Gelato and Chocolate Syrup. Luck for me, they were out of Vanilla Icecream so they made me choose from the selection. I chose the Speculoos one. The waffle was superb but I can’t say the same for the Speculoos Icecream. It doesn’t even taste like the Speculoos itself. I bet if you stick with Vanilla, you’d love this Classic Pegi Waffles.

IMG_4170 IMG_4178

This is the Banana Cookie-Butter Waffle for Php 110. This is a much better choice if you are looking for a peanut butter cookie taste. The Speculoos Icecream did not do justice. But this waffle did! All the zigzag brown goodness? That’s the cookie butter. It’s so gooooooddd.

Of the rare times jude ordered the better one. Haha. Kidding.


Right after doing our business at school for the enrollment, Maf suggested that we eat here first. I am familiar with the store since I always see people holding a black cup with the Dean & Delucca logo in front. So I said yes!


They are located at Rockwell, just across the Mango Store in Powerplant.


They are famous for their pastries and coffee. But since this is already brunch, we opted to skip the pastries.  IMG_4087While waiting for our orders. It’s a good thing the waiters are accommodating – we then can abuse them for taking our pictures. Haha.

IMG_4095 IMG_4102

Naturally, the drinks come first. So here’s Maf’s drink – Strawberry Soda. It has real strawberries in it. They both said it was really good. I didn’t try it though since I hate anything with berries.

IMG_4104 IMG_4105

Alex always want soup with her sandwiches. So she ordered this Mushroom Soup.

IMG_4108 IMG_4110

And being a Milkshake Lover that I am, I ordered the Cookies & Cream Milkshake It was GLO-RI-OUSS. It was thick and sweet and tasted everything you’d want to taste in a Cookies and Cream Milkshake – just as how it should be.


Alex also ordered a Milkshake which is equally good. This is Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake. 

IMG_4114 IMG_4116

This is Roasted Pulled Pork and Coleslaw in Turkish Pide for Php 380 It’s a bit pricey for a sandwich but if you’re after the taste and you’re going to just try it once, this is good. There is enough meat in the sandwich, it’s not pretenrious like some restaurants who place all the meat on the sides just to make it seem like overflowing. This isn’t it. Though, you might want some alternative to wash out the taste.


Mfaf’s order was Cuban Sourdough bread for Php 420. They were both raving about it but when I tasted it, I didn’t like it one bit. I actually wanted to spit it out as it tasted like a mild wasabi. It has pulled pork too and if you’re into wasabi, you can probably order this as the serving is generous. It also comes with chips.


The girlies are out for lunch! :)) I’ll bring Judey here for the Milkshake that he was jealous of. Bahaha.


I am really grateful we discovered this place even before rappler or zomato or anyone ever really blogged about this place. We first ate at this little quaint of a restaurant back in 2012 or late 2011. I absolutely adore every it of it.

And because it’s starting to really build its name, its prices also continuous to go up. Anyway,


Now you see, not only the prices changed but also their walls. There used to be hand painted pictures of little kids hanging on the walls.

IMG_3641 IMG_3645

He ordered the Spam Breakfast Choice.



And you guessed that right! Bacon for me!

IMG_3653 IMG_3659

Breakfast persons need to have a Big Breakfast! Therefore, Chocolate Chip Pancakes! IMG_3639I will forever and ever keep coming back! See you again, MS!

EVERYDAY: Early Breakfast with Fart

The plan was to have a quick breakfast and study at the library.
So alex fetched me at Puregold across from Multinational Village.
Headed to our school, she wanted to eat somewhere in Jupiter St.

IMG_3836 IMG_3837

Too bad the traffic was terrible. Say Hello to our Hungry Faces.
We ended up studying for just an hour because of Manila Traffic. Jeez.

EAT KAPITOLYO: Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

My Kapitolyo List has been trimmed down again. I’ve expressed time and again how much I love breakfast food. Right? Then I guess it wouldn’t be so much of a surprise when I wanted to try the ‘karinderya’ that made a buzz. 


First Up! My Bacon and Eggs with Fried Rice – (Php 90) + Additional 1 Strip of Bacon (Php 20)





This meal is served with 3 Strips of delicious. just about right crisp of bacon, 2 scrambled eggs (you can choose however you want your eggs to be) and tomato pesto which is so good and a new way of presenting things. The serving is generous. 



Tuyo with Kesong Puti (Php 90) This dish also comes with the Tomato Pesto and with Garlic Fried Rice plus 2 Sunny Side up Eggs. 



Mixed Berry Pancakes ( Php 90) Two in one! Strawberry and Blueberry bits with Maple Syrup. 


Coffee (Php 25) topped with Cinnamon.


Pineapple Juice (Php 25)

Baba is planning to come back this coming week! And I will definitely drag him for a real Breakfast Time. Kanto Style Breakfast is really friendly to the pocket – Delicioso taste and Generous Serving. Everything at a Low Price. 😀


EAT KAPITOLYO: Milky and Sunny. Breakfast for Dinner


My First Favorite Restaurant in our Little Love at Kapitolyo. My Milky and Sunny. Yes, I’m claiming it. This little hole in the wall sunshine of a restaurant.


Isn’t it homey and bright and a feel-good place? Have you noticed they changed their walls? They used to hang paintings of little kids – I guess and little doodles on their wall. Now they hang of what they have in the menu. – though pictures tell a lot more than a bunch of description from the menu – I certainly liked the paintings even better – the paintings made the place look simple and homey than a bunch of pictures.

We were presented a whole new list of their menu. They added I think four or five new dish to the menu.


Of the New items, Jude picked the Oreo Banana French Toast (Php 180) – It had two bread, a well smashed banana in between, corn flakes on top which gives it the crunchy feeling, Chocolate syrup and some vanilla ice cream on top. What’s not good about it? Nothing. It was absolutely Yummy.


As you all know, No one can go wrong with Bacon. And I didn’t eat lunch so I was starving. Bacon will always be the best breakfast ever – not an opinion. It’s a fact. I ordered their Bacon Rice Meal (Php 130) – Bacon had generous serving toasted just the way I liked it. It wasn’t greasy, it didn’t taste charcoal either. You get to choose between a plain and garlic Rice. And might I say, their Garlic Rice is the best.


I will definitely go back again.

and again. and again.

You can also see:


Milky & Sunny

9 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig

(632) 654-2049