EVERYDAY: Makati Area Christmas Party

GAAAHHH. Just like last year, we had 3 Christmas Party. Our Makati Area Party was held at Sunshine Place along Jupiter Street.


Theme: ALDUB. WHO DOES THAT? Goodness. I mean, really? Aldub? For Christ’s sake, AH. Have some class.


Presentations were grouped together with your Buddy Branch. So here’s Salcedo with us.


During the Presentation.

Merry Christmas, Makati!

EVERYDAY: Branch Christmas Party


This year, as you’ve guessed, we decided to add a theme: Pajama Party. Which means a more relaxed, lazy, laid back outfit apart from the other two earlier Christmas Party.

For the Kris Kringle, we were, as you know it: Heroes. πŸ˜€ There’s Black Widow, Batwoman, Wonderwoman, Mystique, Storm, Poison Ivy. The items are

  1. Something to remind you of childhood – Stationaries
  2. Something that can fit in your pocket – Handkerchief
  3. Something addictive – Choco Baby
  4. Something that you can use for more than a year – Mirror
  5. Something for Private Use – Tootbrush



This year, I’m scarlett, the Black Widow. πŸ˜€ and My Wishlist? a BEA Heels – White, Size 7. πŸ˜€ and there you goooo! :)) I have it! and I absolutely love it.



My Baby was Batwoman. What did I give?

  1. Something to remind you of childhood – Yakee and Pochi
  2. Something that can fit in your pocket – 3 Pens
  3. Something addictive – Starcbucks Cofee
  4. Something that you can use for more than a year – Towel
  5. Something for Private Use – Feminine Wash

Her Wishlist? White Watch or Lotion. I bought her a White Zalora Watch with two timezones and an additional M & S Blue China Lotion.


There were some games too. Pinoy Henyo and Charades. But my team lost. :/ We still got Php 20. So much for our effort. πŸ˜€ The liebster and I also gathered a total of Php 630 something of coins during the Paagaw.


I would probably miss this. But I don’t plan on celebrating another Christmas with you, mates as your BMO. If I am to attend, ‘ll just be another house guest. πŸ˜€ Fingers Crossed!


Gifts from Clients that may or may not be included in the picture.

  1. Desk Fan and Php 500.00 from Jbros
  2. Luminarc from Solar Resources
  3. 500 GC from Medtest
  4. SBC Journal Book from SBC
  5. Baily Harding M & S from GSDomingo
  6. Biokips Tupperware and Champagne from Searland
  7. Pouch from ADWycoco
  8. Snow Globe from FEspineda
  9. Ritter Sport and Shirt from Polychem
  10. Santi’s Ham from E.I Construction
  11. Blue China M & S from DLC
  12. Basket of Goodies from Carpel Environment
  13. Bag from Sunlife
  14. Umbrellas from Β First Phil, Commonwealth & Paramount
  15. Calendar from Synergen Pharma
  16. A crate of three wines from ADLavares


Gift from Officemates

  1. Bath & Body Works Lotion from LBCarlos
  2. Tumbler from DMMarin
  3. Lotion from another MRGrajo
  4. Green Sweatshirt from MDLabuguen
  5. Handwash from SRGalinea
  6. Pouch from MLDebarbo
  7. Rittersport from JSLaxamana
  8. Candy Cane from LDejesus
  9. Pink Scarf from MSMendoza
  10. Pen Holder from RGVergara
  11. Personalized Mug from MRManlapaz

Thank you for all the gifts and Merry Christmas Everyone.


Last Day at the branch!!

Last Day at the branch!!

My head is too messed up! Or am i just being too emotional or am i just easily attached to the people I am with?
I have been with the DFA branch people for almost a month and they have been nothing but kind and warm to me all the time.
In all honesty, I will miss Ms. Donna, Ms. Son, Ms. Lolit, Ms. Grace, Ms. Jane and especially Ms. Mins and ofcourse, Sam, Kuya Wends And Kuya Duds!!

Other Clients as well, Kathryn – super big ass, Cutie patootie girl who always inquire on the balance of her checking account, Kuya Pio – man who always has a pack of tissue rolls, Mama Lola – who always checks up on her TD, Carlos – the JBros Messenger, Mang Boy – Check Clearing person. Kenneth – DLC messenger. Aling Jess – sells merienda. Aling Josie – sells avon!

Thank you for all the imparted knowledge!! :)))