BOOK: Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert

Goodreads: When Suzette comes home to Los Angeles from her boarding school in New England, she isn’t sure if she’ll ever want to go back. L.A. is where her friends and family are (along with her crush, Emil). And her stepbrother, Lionel, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, needs her emotional support. But as she settles into her old life, Suzette finds herself falling for someone new…the same girl her brother is in love with. When Lionel’s disorder spirals out of control, Suzette is forced to confront her past mistakes and find a way to help her brother before he hurts himself–or worse.


You know what I love about the book? It’s very open. ❤ It talks about sexuality, homosexuals, race, family, friendship, knowing yourself and being okay with it. ❤ ❤ ❤


  • I know how easy it is to believe you’re doing the right thing if you say it to yourself often enough.
  • It makes me think there’ll never be a time when we question our bond.
  • Maybe you’re bi. maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re somewhere on the spectrum. Bi.. queer… it doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re happy. Just make sure you don’t let anyone tell you what you are. People can be real assholes about labels.
  • I will never be done with you. Ever.


I recommend this book. ❤ It’s a 4/5 for me.


'Unfortunately, that's not John, but his second self.'

”I love you. I am happy with you. But I love her too. I’m this person when I’m with you but I also feel different when I’m with her. It’s like I’m two different person”.

Have you heard of this? Absurd right? You think it happens in real life?
We might have watched it over a sappy movie during a Saturday night or might have read it from a fiction book.

It is commonly used to describe a person who is significantly different in his moral character from one situation to the next.
And someone who has a split personality.

The term came from a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson with the title, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

A more subtle real life scenario is how you can smile and agree in unison with someone yet say nasty things behind their back.
So would you say you’ve been a Jekyll and Hyde to someone lately?