EAT BF: The Burgery; The Bad Boys of Burger

IMG_1349 The place was modern with wood and leather chairs inside. Though when we went there, it was full so we had to sit outside. Besides, Jude wanted to smoke anyway. It had a Modern Logo – Black and White Artistry to it. IMG_1350 Though it states The Burgery, of course they had all sorts of other food – apparently the same with all the expensive diners out there. – the difference is, they are much more affordable.

IMG_1351 IMG_1352 IMG_1354 I ordered Amaretto Sour – If you’re looking for a feminine drink, this is it. It doesn’t taste like there’s alcohol in it. Plus it tastes like Çhildish Medicine. – in which when Jude tasted, he told me it tasted like Gummy Bears. IMG_1355 Iced Tea – Typical. Home Brewed but nothing different. IMG_1357 The Machine Gun – Php 150IMG_1358 100% Beef Patty, Mushroom, Bacon and Cheese – Generous Load of Cheese but Small amounts of Bacon. :/ IMG_1359 Fat Tony – Php 145IMG_1360 This is basically the same as the Machine Gun minus the Mushroom but Heaps and Heaps of Bacon and Cheese. Gaah. I wish I ordered this one instead. 😀 IMG_1362


Crazy 6s – Php 178 – The classic. I loved this Wings. The flavors of the Wings were glued to the skin unlike the other wings that was dripping – and in that case, the sauce gets left behind in the plate – useless.

The servers were very friendly and accommodating. and very affordable. So WTH? We’ll come back for this.


BF Paranaque has been in my buzz for quite some time. The list just keeps getting longer. So whether you find yourself bored and nowhere to go, an itch to try something new, a craving for some italian food or looking for a sweet treat – you can definitely drive inside BF, scout left to right and find yourself seated in one of the good hole in the walls.

Here is a list of the one’s that I’ve tried already. Click the link away!

1. My Little Buttercup

2. Once upon a Milkshake

3. Mandarin Palace

4. Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

5. Flaming Wings

6. Larcy’s Cupcakery

7. Crazy Katsu

8. Cafe Boheme

9. Apache

10. Tito Chef

And I have a long way to go.