When I was in the middle of my Strama Class, most weekends were spent at each other’s houses – writing my paper, editing my powerpoint, learning my financials and so on.. I’m just really grateful how helpful and understanding the boyfriend is when it comes to our dates — which is mostly spent in coffee shops with a laptop in tow.

So, one particular saturday – spent at my house doing strama — we decided to dine out for dinner at BF — Ramen Kuroda.

See their menu:

ramen kuroda

The boyfriend ordered the Gyoza + Aka Ramen for Php 320 since he likes the Gyoza.


While I, having no choice but to order the Teriyaki + Shiro Set for Php 320


Since it’s so practical to order the Set Menu, we did. If you are planning to treat others, Ramen Kuroda is practical. 😀


There’s a new Korean Restaurant along the crowded Aguirre!


We ordered Ala Carte Plain Samgyupsal for Php 250 and Seoul Soy Sauce for Php 280. I prefer the plain one. The Seoul Soy Samgyupsal was too salty.


And was FULL. I only ate the plain ones. ❤



They opened 2014 and I only got to try them last weekend. 😀 how unfortunate! HAHA.



Orders? Been publishing posts – TIRED and I want to sleep already. :/ Will just be dumping photos here. 😀

Three of us ordered the Taco Dog for Php 125 and one Chicago Dog for Php 125. 

Chili con carne, bacon, onions, cheese and salsa. Pretty GOOD. 🙂 – TACO

Chili con carne, pickle,relish, bacon bits, salsa and onions.


GOOD! I’m just not the sausage slash hotdog type kind of girl.


Today was fun! 🙂 and I’m glad we did this! ❤




I wanted to sit outside but the weather does not permit. It’s just too damn hot these days. :/  Appetizer. Pretty darn tasty! The cheese dip did it for me!



Our orders: Grilled Liempo for Php 250  So, so, so GOOD! Talk about some Garlic! 🙂 The meat definitely does not resemble a gum!


Calamari for Php 280. Some beers, and we’re good! ❤



We had some freetime on a weekday! Yay! Try out something new? Hell Yeah! Kodanda at BF. It’s a good thing we were able to try them out while on a promo/ 😀 Php 400 for an hour! 🙂 unlimited set!


Let the games, begin!


Okay so here it is: You have the stand behind the line, one foot forward, one foot at the back. Your fingers — well, I cannot instruct very well. However, the very amicable staff ill teach you step by step, guiding you through the first set.


We missed some shots, but we also landed some pretty close arrows to the main target. ❤


Pretty Awesome date with this one. 🙂




Banapple opened a younger sibling – Sandwicheese. It is always located beside it and the ambiance had the same look and feel. The Branch was a bit small but customers of Sandwicheese can opt to sit inside Banapple. It’s an order-at-the-counter type.


I, being myself wanted to try the Grilled Cheese Cheese Sandwicheese but chose not to because it’s my go-to-safe order. I also wanted to try the Drippin or Cheesy Roastbeef Sanwicheese – and I don’t know why I did not.


And we ordered the same – meh. Chicken Caesar Sandwicheese for Php 170. The sandwich is good. The chicken is huge – I was only able to finish half of it but still felt very full after.


Cheese and Jalapeno Boulders for Php 70.


Thank you for bringing me here, SB. :)) Katips next.



Uhm? A slap in the face for vegetarians. But I’m not one and could never be one, so off to devour meat we go. 😀

Meat Depot is a place where you can buy premium meats with a better price. My bestfriend and I had no clue on what to do but one waiter was more than willing and suggesting what we should get. He was even knowledgeable on the cuts of the meat.


What to do?

  1. Choose your meat. (the price of the meat depends on the meat that you will choose. There’s no surprise either since the prices of the meat are already included in their packaging — more like shopping in the grocery)
  2. Choose the Doneness of the meat — I know a lot of people will hit me in the head but I always prefer my meat WELL DONE, with no redness in the middle. It makes me squirm and vomit and vomit again if I see or even taste blood.
  3. Choose your Sides  (Mashed Potatoes, Fries or Rice)
  4. Choose your Sauce (Mushroom Gravy, Spicy Pepper Sauce and Cream Sauce)
  5. Get your drinks in the freezer
  6. Pay


We ordered one cut of Prime Angus Beef for a little below Php 900. And it was big enough to split into two. :)) So for others who are hesitant to try and are wary of the prices, you can split the meat. 😀 especially, if you’re pretty damn sure you cannot finish one. 🙂 Our sides — Mashed Potato and Rice. Our Sauce – Mushroom Gravy. Drinks are San Mig Light Apple and Coke.


Calling the Liebster, I want to bring you here. 😀 And BTW, it’s a good thing that the bestfriend and the boyfriend prefers well done meats too. 🙂

EAT BF: Sinigang by Orange Whisk


Our feet was tortured, our wallets tired, our tummy is sincerely getting a hint that we’re abusing it. Thus, Filipino Food to end a very long tiring day.


We ordered this Pipino Salad as starters.


Their famous Sinigang na Bagnet for 265 They live up to heir reputation for this sinigang! It was damn good! :))) It was so so so goodddd.


But for me, the best one on our table is this. — Adobong Sisig for Php 265 which BTW, did not taste anything like adobo but it sure was delicious! Best one, I tell you.


Ahhhh. The stomach says thank to you! I will surely be bringing Jude here. Definitely!


Thank God for Facebook and Thank God for Social Media. While I was scanning my news feed, I came across this shared post: If you love books, blah blah. Now, you see, books and coffee — All me.

And when I saw a Holiday, bam! I dragged the Jude with me.

IMG_9883 IMG_9885 IMG_9886

Would you look at homey and how comforting the place looks?:))) Such a nice backdrop to everything in every corner. I love, love, love how the owners designed the place.

IMG_9890 IMG_9891

Since it’s our first time, We didn’t actually know what was good. The owner, who is so pleasant and amicable in every way told us that it was their pizzas that was the best seller. 😀


Turkish Coffee – First time to try it. It tasted different – even Judey who loves brewed coffee. I don’t know much about coffee but to me it tasted more like a tea, it has a sweet remnants.


Cappuccino – It was a bit on the strong side. I’m on the sweet grass – therefore, this is not for me.IMG_9897

But this pizza, you can never go wrong with their All Meat Pizza. The size was huge but no worries, it’s super thin. We almost finished everything. We only held out for so long since we had another lunch to go to. I suggest you order their pizza. :))


This can definitely go up to my study places. 😀 I’ll be coming back!

EAT BF: Milky Moustache

If you read my Ritchie’s Diner entry, you’d know that Jude has been craving Milk Shakes.

We discovered a newly opened Restaurant at none other than, in Aguirre Street.


Milky Moustache – Very clever, you see. Their signature? Milkshakes. and what exactly do you get when drinking from the mug? A moustache. It fits perfectly to the interior design of the store. It was quirky paired with its name.


They had white walls with hanging quote paintings.

IMG_4096 IMG_4092 IMG_4090

They have small corner of happiness with couches and sofas that are very comfy.


Anyway, we tried their Milkshakes.

Milkshakes I think are the perfect gift for a sweet tooth.


We had Kitkat Milkshake. – I loved it. If you know me personally, I eat kitkat everyday. Not a day goes by that I don’t. And mind you, not only 1 but I can finish 3 in one sitting. Enough about my obsession. It does taste like a grated kitkat in mugfull amounts. Not unlike in other stores, where they only top a vanilla milkshake with kitkat.

It tastes like your jumping off from the clouds.


We also ordered Speculoos Crunchy Milkshake – Gaah. I cannot tell you which is better because they both taste like Candice Swanapoel in a mug. Can you imagine that, boys?

Every ounce of milkshake tastes like Speculoos. I love, love, love it.

IMG_4110 IMG_4117

Yep, we watched Suits here. BTW, the crew was very pleasant.

Because we stayed there for so long, we also ordered Carbonara.


Their carbonara was perfect. It was carefully prepared. Not as if the sauce was just dumped in the noodles. It had enough parmesan too. It came with 2 slices of bread cut into four.

I love. This will be like our Milky and Sunny.

Next time, we’ll be ordering Salted Caramel and Reese’s Peanutbutter Milkshake.

EAT BF: Songkran

We were planning to watch suits all day.

So we had to eat lunch first.

And  one of the very few restaurants that were open on Independence Day was Songkran

It was raining that morning too and I was wet from the rain already so I wasn’t able to take

a picture of the store itself.

Nonetheless, the food was delicious. Ahh. Or am I bias? I absolutely love thai food.

We ordered ofcourse, Bagoong Rice – Php 165.



The Pork Spare Ribs – Php 225. The cuts of the meat were bite size and just perfect. It had sufficient oil and sauce to compliment the dish.



Squid with Garlic Cilantro – Php 210. I loved this. It had melts in your mouth garlic that’s not too strong.



I’ll be coming back, Songkran. I loved you.


EAT BF: Ritchie’s Diner

If you’re trying to look for a place where to have dinner on your way home and you live in the south, BF is probably a good idea to hunt for new restaurants to try.

My handsome driver could probably eat a bear at that time, soo. Well, we ended up at Richie’s Diner.


Place was well lit and it looked huge. Bravo to their Interior Designer for placing mirrors everywhere. It doesn’t looked cramp.

Anyway, on to the food. As you know, Hungry Beavers over here


He has a thing for American Food and I have a thing for Diners. Everybody Wins!

Immediately, Nuttella French Toast caught my eye. Two of the best things in life. Nutella – I mean, come on. You can’t deny that Hazelnut gives you the goosebumps. And, frenchtoast!But enough attention on my drooling phase. 


I ended up ordering Liempo Adobo. My curiosity over ruled my love for Nutella. Liempo Adobo for Php 170.00. Served with two eggs. 


It tastes exactly like Adobo. Served with two slabs of Liempo. Although both of them had a piece of bone at the end, it was okay. The slabs also had a portion of ‘taba’ which I liked. It wasn’t too thick but it emphasizes the goodness of the Adobo.

I had my eggs scrambled. And I love Fried Rice paired with Adobo. Perfect.



My love ordered Cheese Quesadilla – Php 120.00. The tortilla bread was thin but the cheese was oozing so I guess it was fine. But paired with the salsa, it was go-o-od – based from my partner in crime. 


For his main course, he ordered Ritchie’s Hot Wings – Php 210.00


It had six wings. Good thing? It was a huge type of Wing like it can’t be classified as wings. So much bigger than compared to the one at Wingman in Makati. The Hot Buffalo coating was good. plus, it wasn’t hot which is a plus for me since I hate anything spicy. 


And this is the first time that I might approve anything strawberry. Their Strawberry Milkshake tasted like frutella. Yummy. – It’s a first. 


See you in our next BF Adventure.


Ritchie’s Diner

BF Homes Paranaque

EAT BF: The Burgery; The Bad Boys of Burger

IMG_1349 The place was modern with wood and leather chairs inside. Though when we went there, it was full so we had to sit outside. Besides, Jude wanted to smoke anyway. It had a Modern Logo – Black and White Artistry to it. IMG_1350 Though it states The Burgery, of course they had all sorts of other food – apparently the same with all the expensive diners out there. – the difference is, they are much more affordable.

IMG_1351 IMG_1352 IMG_1354 I ordered Amaretto Sour – If you’re looking for a feminine drink, this is it. It doesn’t taste like there’s alcohol in it. Plus it tastes like Çhildish Medicine. – in which when Jude tasted, he told me it tasted like Gummy Bears. IMG_1355 Iced Tea – Typical. Home Brewed but nothing different. IMG_1357 The Machine Gun – Php 150IMG_1358 100% Beef Patty, Mushroom, Bacon and Cheese – Generous Load of Cheese but Small amounts of Bacon. :/ IMG_1359 Fat Tony – Php 145IMG_1360 This is basically the same as the Machine Gun minus the Mushroom but Heaps and Heaps of Bacon and Cheese. Gaah. I wish I ordered this one instead. 😀 IMG_1362


Crazy 6s – Php 178 – The classic. I loved this Wings. The flavors of the Wings were glued to the skin unlike the other wings that was dripping – and in that case, the sauce gets left behind in the plate – useless.

The servers were very friendly and accommodating. and very affordable. So WTH? We’ll come back for this.