There are some people that was a big part of your life – yet not know them entirely.
Inseparable at one point in your life, and get to an instance when you don’t even know what to say to each other.
IMG_8234 IMG_8242
At least 9 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week for seven years. My ‘becoming’ years was spent with these people. And only after 7 years, I get to see some of them. I miss them only after a week from our High School Graduation. The longing doesn’t go away – you only get used to it as we all have our own different paths to live, different schools, different states and different people to become.

Everyone has changed. But I still miss every bit of them.



Aceeh – Girlfriend of Bianca (My Best Buddy in Cave No. 4, Gigel and Bestfriend all rolled in to one), Chizuru (My 23), Netty (My 2nd year Mommy), Kim (My Paint), Amyll (My triplet with Alex, My Piney, My Forever HS Buddy), Chinee, Dana (My Ex, My Bhe) -Eow of Che BTW., Kirstie (My Sungit, and My Grade 4 Loveteam) I know. Too young. Hahaha. and her Boyfriend.

Fun brief moment with them. I miss you. As much as I want to remake our High School Years,
I know not everyone will have the opportunity to come with our busy and conflicting schedules.

It’s funny how friends can turn into complete strangers. 


Because this is the perfect time to try the Tipsy Pig. The boyfriend is working late. 


Now. now, We are Starving. I am dead hungry. While the attorney had his orders already, I cannot seem to pick what I want. So I decided to order the drinks first. 


I was devastated. I wanted two flavored beers: Salted Caramel, which is their best seller and the Green Apple. Good thing I have this wonderful boyfriend. He might have been thinking of ordering another wine but ended up ordering the Salted Caramel so I can taste both. Hihi. He says that theirs is better than the first famous salted caramel beer from Rue Bourbon. It was okay, from my perspective and much sweeter too. I liked my Green Apple Beer. It doesn’t have much of their carbon dioxide which makes you burp and full even just for a small amount. Though, the taste of the green apple is only apparent by the last gulp. 


Buffalo Wings – I love the sauce. My lovey devoured this. Well, given that he loves ANY and EVERY Buffalo Wings.


Pulled Pork Pizza – This is heavenly. Lots and lots of cheese with what tasted like bits and pieces of barbeque. Hihi. 

We had to run though, the night we tried this was the night of Matteo Guddicelli’s birthday so we were asked to hurry up with our dinners. We’ll be trying the Nomama next time. :)) This was at Capital Commons. 

EAT Alabang: Chicken and Beer

From Alabang, we have to head out to SM North. And before doing so, I decided to introduce my classmates to Chicken and Beer

It’s my second time to eat at Chicken and Beer. And this branch definitely doesn’t look like a drinking place compared to the one at Burgos Circle.

The place looks chic. They have wooden tables and chairs and a big couch under a huge Bookshelf.

Time for orders! They have a variety of chicken flavors to choose from.

Teri-q Chicken Php 170 I think it’s their version of Bonchon. You also have a choice of Rice: Plain, Garlic and Vegetable Rice.
I had their Vegetable Rice. You only have to add an Php 10. It also comes with a bottomless iced tea. It tastes like green apple though- which I liked.
It was Gooood. They had a huge serving of rice and I finished it. 😊

I’ll probably order the same thing next time. Meet two of my team mates, Mai and Anna.
Visit Chicken and Beer at Molito, Alabang.