EVERYDAY: Despedida

To all the faces I see for 2.5 years, I am grateful for the friendship, work ethics and all the learning I gained throughout the years. This is my first home and will always be a benchmark to all my succeeding ones.



I may not be vocal enough or it might just be my ego getting in the way of my tears but do know that I really will miss everyone and the habit of going to the office and bullying each of you and I will treasure all of my BOC experience.

BMO signing off. 🙂


After several nights of munching on fast food for midnight snack at work, exit discussion rewarded us with an Above Average Audit Rating. —- If only there’s an Above Average Salary Increase that comes with it, All the 11pm – 12am overtime will be worth it.


Congrats Team! Now that, AA’s in place, Goodbye. 😀


Watch the story here.


A recently unemployed single father struggles to get back to his foreclosed home by working for the real estate broker who is the source of his frustration.

Can you imagine being kicked out of your own home? being kicked out of the only place you feel safe in? the place where you grew up?

The film entails all the stages that those families are exposed to.
It encapsulates what a father would do to put food in the mouth of his son, to put a roof over his head. He failed to become the protector and the provider the family needs. He was trapped into this broken system of easy cash. Andrew Garfield, the hero of the movie despised Carver, the broker. But he ended up working for him, as a plumber at first and rose to be the person Carver trusts to deliver the message to these families.
”Good Morning Mr. ____. I’m sorry to say that today, you are scheduled to evacuate this house. I am now giving you 2 minutes to gather all your belongings, all the necessity. You are now trespassing. This is a bank property”. It’s heartbreaking for someone to strip you out of your home.

andrew garfield 99 homes

Also, what a shame for the real estate agent, such as Carver who steals appliances in foreclosed homes so the banks would pay them to install when in fact they’re just putting back what they stole from the houses. It’s sickening how the rich becomes richer because of fraudulent acts and deception. And how each middle class family struggle to live each day.

— And this is actually based on a true story.

I am deeply grateful for my parents for working really hard to provide for what we need and more.



I guess this shouldn’t be under the ‘everyday’ category as this doesn’t happen everyday. So, meet our President, the President and CEO of Bank of Commerce, Roberto Benares. We were all lucky to be graced by his presence. 😀


The disparity among the Operations and the Marketing Team cannot be kept any longer.
Issues, Faults and Concerns have been raised due to the increasing gap between the two teams.

This afternoon gathered all the Operations Officer, Marketing Officer and the Branch Managers.
The ties have been broken. We are called upon to settle our differences.



Budget has been released. Exceptions and Deviations resolved.
Praying for a prosperous and a bountiful 6 months ahead.


Whether you love your job or not, it becomes an integral part of your daily life.
You spend 5 or 6 days of your week at work, 8 hours a day.
So no matter what happens, it’s the people that you work with that becomes the tooth in your mouth.
When it’s gone, your tongue keeps on revisiting where the tooth once was.


Another colleague left work last Monday. She’s been a New Accounts for 7 years.
And she will now be training to become a Marketing Officer just like I am.


Well, it sucks damn hard to have a sales quota but you’ll get by.
You’ll learn a lot; courage, persistence, commitment and determination.

IMG_5712 IMG_5711
Goodluck, Buntis!


It’s a BSP Policy. A Bank employee should be rotated every five years to avoid fraudulent activities. And now that the 100 days is over, time to say goodbye again.


We ordered Buttered Shrimp, Calamares, Crabs in Oyster Sauce, Tempura and Sinigang na Tanigue. Oh my Seafood Right? Gahhh. And we all ate rice at 4 in the afternoon. What? Haha. Don’t judge. Who can resist?IMG_4018 IMG_4040 IMG_4244

Well, I’m glad that I didn’t listen to all the warnings and all the hearsays. They’ve been a lot of bad comments, but I do find her really friendly and accommodating and sincere. We’re both officers. But the other BOOs treat me like I’m a child since I’m the youngest officer but this one, she never made me feel any different.

Thank you and See you around, Ms Beng! :))

EVERYDAY: Audit Saturday

It feels like we have been preparing for this for weeks. And do we even get for doing overtime? Rude Auditors. Yes,yes. They’re supposed to doubt. But seriously, if you can actually see that employees are doing good and having no intention of getting money from the bank, can you let us off the hook when the only thing we did wrong was not to affix our signature i full? Don’t you have a more strong basis for to reassure yourselves of the importance of your job?IMG_1162


Would you have guessed that I have to attend 3 Christmas Parties where I work?


Branch Marketing Officer, Branch Manager and the Branch Operations Officer. IMG_9300
Area Christmas Party – which was held at Ayala, a small get together of all the branches in Makati.
The Second Christmas Party was for the whole Branch Banking Group. It will be attended by all the 123 branches of Bank of Commerce. BIG BLAH. The Makati Area was tasked to wear jeans and a red polo shirt – with the Red Hat – which looked a lot like a Magician’s Hat. Boohoo.
Disclaimer: They always want a pose – left and right much like a pageant pose. No. I’m not in it. I refuse – If I had a choice.

 And the Branch Party itself.IMG_6203 IMG_6230 Our Color Coded Kris Kringle

IMG_6274 IMG_6391

Ms. Donna gave Rommel his Oven Toaster as he wished.


Rommel gave Jane her Hair Iron.


Jane gave me the 3 lipsticks I requested.


I gave Ms. Lolit her Kanebo Foundation


Ms Lolit gave Lei her MAC Lipstick


And finally, Lei gave Ms. Donns her steamer.


Merry Christmas from DCA Branch,

IMG_6421 IMG_6425

EVERYDAY: Betsy and Steph’s Despedida


It’s a long drive and a hell worth of traffic but at least I get to see these kids. I miss most of them. Betsy’s preparing herself for another adventure at BPI. While Steph is in a whole new other level: She’s transferring to US since Raymund has been assigned there. Goodluck, MTs. I will miss you.