I’ve always been reluctant to play badminton again. I used to play  but then I stopped. I’m not even quite sure how the hell am I back to zero training at all. I’m slow, lazy to chase after the shuttle, my grip is wrong and the I have the swing of a baby!

But once step into the court again, the eagerness to play is back, not the skills though. I am eager to learn again. 😀



We’ve tried parching our throats with alcohol.
We’ve tried reading notes, studying and teaching one another.
We’ve tried donating to a foundation, and playing with orphans.
We’ve tried wake boarding.
We’ve tried traveling out of the country.
We’ve tried eating our heart’s desires.


And now, we tried playing badminton.
We finally settled for a court inside Camp Crame in Aguinaldo. Simply because it only charges you Php 100.00 per head as long as your legs tire out, as long as your shuttlecock has feathers.
IMG_5535 IMG_5525 IMG_5491IMG_5494

The court is divided into two. The other half for the Basketball.
We played the whole afternoon.


Life consists not in holding the good cards but in playing those you hold well.