We have 4 babies in the block, but this is the first wedding. And we couldn’t get any more excited. 😀

As I was telling my other blockmate during the wedding, it’s really nice to see the bride marry such a simple, sentimental, sweet, sensitive and family oriented guy like Errol. I even remember the bride recounting how difficult it is for her to accept the groom’s living and walking past.


Meet the block: Mich, RJ, Nicole, Gellie, Nix, Boyfriend, Pam, Jaja, Jude, Myself, Shek, KC, Errol and Alyssa.

It’s nice how everyone is gathered for her special day.


Congrats, Mr and Mrs. Errol! 🙂 We’ll see you next with your little one. 🙂

FRIENDS: Iggybabes, my loves

FRIENDS: Iggybabes, my loves

To the person who was the easiest to talk to when I got transferred in the Dorm. Easiest would mean, we want the aircon switched on at the same hours, she helps in my papers – she’s a good writer, she doesn’t blow her hair dry so I can sleep until 10, she wants the same food ordered, she makes me laugh.
I missed youuuu. 😀