THOUGHTS: How would you rate your success?

I’d say this is perfect at this point in time. I’m feeling frustrated and depressed and it’s good enough to know that I’m not the only one who feels like this. 😀

THOUGHT: What’s the one advice you’ll tell your younger self?

So I asked 33 people of what they would have wanted to know when they were young. We all have regrets.
We all make mistakes. We all have that, ‘I should have done this, I should’ve done that.. ‘ And the list goes on.
So here it is:
1.  Listen to your parents or the elderly – Nicole
2. Study First, Landi Later and Play Safe – Pam
3. Value the importance of time – Panda 
4. Never grow up! – Baby
5. Go out, Have fun, See the world, Travel and Start building your future – Irma 
6. Travel more – Ivy 
7. Flirt while you’re young – Donna 
8. Enjoy life – Lei 
9. Study Hard! – Mark 
10. Stick up to what you like – Roumel
11. Focus on your dreams and no turning back – Rich 
12. Learn the value of money while you’re still young! Save! – Chris 
13. Do more of what makes you happy – Jeska
14. Express your love to your family and spend more time with them – Boy 
15. Save money as early as possible. Spend more time with your family – Jojo 
16. Take Risk, Be involved, Speak up and Be more present – Vincci
17. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up! – Pleia 
18. Never settle for mediocrity – Bianca 
19. Hope you did your best shot – Atria
20. Enjoy the ride – Edward 
21. Study Harder and Court you – JM
22. Study Harder and Enjoy College. – Yasmin 
23. Explore! Don’t stop until you find that one thing that excites you and makes you feel alive! Laugh at yourself and stumble! – Krismarie
24. Don’t be afraid and Go out of your comfort zone. – Mics 
25. You should go out and explore life. Don’t let fear, rejection, failure and future of the unknown eat you and stop you from making mistakes, being happy, living life and loving. – Katz
26. Learn all what you can. Carpe Diem. – Lauren 
27. Know your boundaries & Never setlle for anything else. – Mai 
28. Don’t let failure hold you back. – Hansel 
29. Take your studies seriously. – RJ 
30. Go out there and have fun. But don’t forget to save. – Mike 
31. Do something today that you will thank yourself later. – Lance 
32. Live life with no regrets – Benedict 
33. Growth is always outside your comfort zone and never within it. Go on adventures, be bolder, take risks. – Jean Kaye 

It’s nice to hear this from friends, colleagues and acquaintances. And as I? : Never be mediocre.

But hey, I don’t think one statement will ever fit all the things we learn in this roller coaster ride, eh?
We can always learn a thing or two from every person we meet.

My wish for you is in whatever stage you are in your life, whatever you are going through right now,
if you’re a high school student, a struggling new graduate, an unemployed 40 year old, a terror professor,
a heinous trader, a practicing lawyer or a retired fellow trying to make a sense in this world,
may you stumble and fall early and learn from it as soon as you can.

As for now, I’ll tuck myself to sleep and welcome tomorrow’s mistakes with open arms.

THOUGHTS: In my 22 years of existence, I learned..

  1. Life is unfair. & That’s just how it is. Just like how I read somewhere, ‘ Kiddo, the world doesn’t owe you an explanation”
  1. And once you’ve accepted that, you wouldn’t complain all the time.
  2. The time you spent complaining is of much better use finding solutions to your problems.
  3. Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures.
  4. There is always two sides to every story. A silver lining is always present.
  5. Your co-worker who is always sleeping on the job will always get what he wants. As long as he’s wiping the ass of your boss. Refer to No.1.
  6. Anger will never be enough reason to wish someone dead.
  7. People, most often than not, will wish you suffering if he is suffering.
  8. How you dress will completely change how you feel about yourself and how people will see you.
  9. People think too much.
  10. Everyone you meet is better than you at something.
  11. No one in this world has gotten it all figured out.
  12. Everyone has regrets.
  13. Saving at least Php 100 a day will be such a good habit that will benefit you in the long run.
  14. The longer you postpone something, the harder it gets.
  15. Every lie will just push you to tell more lies which will eventually bite you in the ass.
  16. In every TV Show, there’s a sex addict. Joey in Friends, Barney in How I met your mother and Charlie in Two and a half men.
  17. Smiling to strangers will eventually lead to good things.
  18. Oftentimes, good things happen when you least expect it.
  19. Making a ‘to do list’ will vastly improve your productivity.
  20. Everyone thinks he’s always right.
  21. If you keep hearing criticisms, two things will happen. Either you wallow in self pity or you fuckingly prove them wrong.
  22. Reading goes a long way.
  23. Kids say that they never want to be like their parents but end up being exactly like them.
  24. Parent’s greatest output is their kids.
  25. No matter how young you are, you should set aside money for investment.
  26. If you work hard enough for what you want, you will succeed – LIE. Refer to No.1.
  27. Infidelity is never a mistake. It is never an accident. It happens by choice.
  28. Your family is your piggy bank of encouragement.
  29. If you truly love the person you are with, it will always feel like forever. – though it isn’t always the case.
  30. If you’ve never been in the same situation, never say ‘it’s okay’ – because it never is.
  31. I’ve learned some of these things the hard way. But I’ve never really embraced them. Life gets to me too.

BOOK: Hunting


I passed by Powerbooks awhile ago and they told me that Fab five and Bo of Mitch Albom is phased out already. :/ And just before posting this, I was sincerely trying to find an e-book. – None.

Frustrating. I really wanna read it. — Even if it’s not a physical one, but no. There really isn’t any. 😦

Though, I found some books again. Hihi. Didn’t buy it though. 🙂 I’m trying to save. I know that downloading E-books is the opposite of supporting the authors – by means of ‘pirate-ing’ it, but I just really want to save. So, I’ll be looking for these later or tomorrow. I’m starting to get drowsy already.

Here is my new list. Hihi. Although I’m pretty sure a hundred more will add to this list when I go visit a bookstore again.

1. The next level by David Gregory

2. Today’s the Day by Jim Stowall

3. Choose them Wisely by Mike Dooley

4. Stories at Nightime and Some for the Day by Ben Loory

5. Life is Elsewhere by Milan Kundera

6. A suitable boy by Vikram Seth

7. Of God and Men by Raymond Alikpala    (He’s a Filipino)

8. The best advice I ever got by Katie Couric