This was never the plan. — But of course, it’s the ones we don’t plan that turns out to be pretty amazing. Right? It’s one hell of a work though. We arrived at around 6pm and got settled about 7pm.


Fanning, Blowing, Lighting pieces of newspaper, Re-arranging the wood for 3 whole hours just to catch a spark – to make fire. It’s EXHAUSTING & Fulfilling at the same time! The food was cooked around 10:30 pm!


It’s really a nice wake up call, opening your eyes to see majestic mountains right outside our tent & the beach within 30 steps far. The boys had their fun. The bathroom was a bit tricky, that’s the reason why I was lazy to swim. 😀


Would you look at that? Right? 😀

Sometimes, you just need an adventure to cleanse the bitter taste of life.

Until next time, Anawangin. ❤


On a saturday, we sacrificed sleep to leave by 1am. But of course, I managed to steal hours of sleep during the ride. We had a mini stop over at 230 am for a coffee and restroom break and another one at 6am for rice pudding.

20170121_06491220170121_064942 (0)

The office clan: not complete in this photo though. Directly at the port to go to the bathroom, change clothes and finally board the boat.

20170121_065405 (0)20170121_071329 (0)

Only 2 people in this boat knows how to swim.

20170121_073517 (0)

Yup, humiliating as this photo is, it was that windy. And the hike starts immediately.

20170121_075250 (0)

There are a lot more sweaty, tired haggard pictures but let me just leave you feeling like you want to travel to dingalan with the pictures below….


It’s pretty tiring but still an amazing view altogether.

20170121_081340 (0)20170121_081728 (0)


20170121_08222320170121_08285420170121_081843 (0)20170121_083835 (0)20170121_085608

Thank you Dingalan! 🙂 Thank you for coming, love. ❤ It’s really not the same if I go somewhere new without you. I love you. More travels, RMK!

**I’m sorry. I cannot really remember all the details


I am too excited for this trip because I won’t be able to do this for about a year. But let’s not focus on the idea that I’ll have a tripless year. Haha.

But before we proceed to Zambales, we ate at CBTL – NLEX, our favorite Spanish Sardines Pasta with the coffee to keep our eyes from permanently closing.


We are going to stay at Capones Vista Resort in Pundaquit, Zambales. 


If you’ve ever been to Zambales, you’d know that the sand is gray, the waves are strong and it’s about 3 – 4 hours drive from Manila. We have a pretty country – mild room, don’t you say?:)

The resort has their own cafeteria – you can either stay outside, facing the pool area or stay inside where the small / bar counter is.We stayed outside.


For lunch, We ate Sinigang na Hipon and Grilled Pusit. Both are superb! 😀


First and Second Day at Home before heading out to get baked.


Aside from the 2 families and a barkada of 5 — we were pretty much the only ones at the resort. :))


For Dinner, We had Lechon Macau, Sizzling T-Bone Steak and Hokkaido Soup. The Service is Blah though. Servers at the cafeteria showed that they pretty much do not want to be disturbed. We scheduled for a Massage and Mani – Pedi  but both were forgotten. We followed up the massage and was told that it will arrive at 10pm but showed up around 11:15pm. 


Second Day was really a quiet day for rest, we stayed there listening to music, taking a dip, making conversation, lying around and just thinking about life in general (I know!) Haha.


Well, there it is. 😀 Overall, I am happy about the trip – It would have been better if the better half was with me though. The place is great, service is a no no.


It all started with the story of Nate and Arion, hijacked by Bain. But this book now, is Arion’s struggle on wh

Nate, his ex-fiance who she thought was dead, buried him and whom she mourned for, for a year. or Bain – who comforted her during her lowest of times, a famous NBA Player who means everything to her now?


It was mighty generous, brave and strong of Nate to set Arion free, to allow her to be happy in another man’s arms and to wish them well.

  • When you love someone, as much as I love her, you respect them, even if it kills you in the process.
  • You have no idea how brutal it is without you.

It’s every girl’s wish to be adored how Bain and Nate adores her. They both see her as perfect, flawless individual who takes their breath away. Every girl needs a man who tells them ”You look breathtaking”, and mean it with utmost sincerity. Who looks at them like she is the grandest and most beautiful thing that has ever happened to them.

We need more Bains and Nates in this goddamn world.

EVERYDAY: Pinto Art Museum


F – I – N – A – L – L – Y.

After a year of asking him to bring me to this place, a year after everyone has gone, a year after discovering this place when no one seems to know about it yet. — and yet, I’m still the last person to go here.

Nonetheless, thank you for this surprise! 😀

PintoArtMuseum, you were remarkable. I am certain the artists are grateful for places like you. I also love your choices. The artworks in your Gallery 3 were Mind Boggling and thought provoking.

Artists, I can never assess how you were able to depict the society with a stroke of your brush. You all have talent. I envy you.

For those who have not visited this place, I highly encourage you. And for those who just went here for IG pictures, at least appreciate the art and the story behind it.


My Grad School Classmates and I went to Malaysia last March 23 to 26.

Follow my travels and see what happened in KL.

Kuala Lumpur Day 1

Kuala Lumpur Day 2

Kuala Lumpur Day 3

TRAVEL BAGUIO: Where to Eat & Where to Go in Baguio

How to get to Baguio?

There are two bus lines that cater to people going to Baguio: Victory Liner and Genesis.

Initially, we tried Victory since that will be our second time. But all the Deluxe Buses were fully occupied.
Until we grew impatient because the next schedule would be 7 in the morning.
then we were desperate. We tried going to Genesis, and luckily, they had two more – in the Joybus.

So I researched, and below is our guideline for the weekend.

baguiobaguio 2
If you want to read more about it, click the link below.

I.         Breakfast – Good Taste Experience.
II        Sitio La Presa Experience
III.         BenCab Museum Experience
IV.         Lunch – Cafe by the Ruins
V.         Le Monet Experience
VI.         Tam-awan Village Experience
VII.         Snack – Under the tree Book Cafe
VIII        Mt. Cloud Bookshop Experience
IX        Dinner – Hill Station Experience
X        Paddle Boat Experience
XI        Morning Snack – Ozark Experience


I was desperate to complete my list. (the list).
We asked our driver what would be the nearest of our list coming from Tam-awan Village, and it was Arca’s Yard.
I am always in a search for book cafes so as listed, there are three. And one of it was Arca’s Yard. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the place.
So we settled for Under the Tree Book Cafe.
It is on the second floor of a building. The place may seem to be too cramped. It is. But, not so much.



If you’re from Manila, this Cafe will remind you so much of  Noriter in Taft. It has wooden chairs and tables. The walls are full of post its from all sorts of visitors. Any one of the visitors may stick a post it on
one of their walls.


It is a self service type so you have to order and pay at the counter.
The cashier though was unattentive and was talking to someone on the phone while taking my order so naturally, she had to ask about my order. Thrice. and I only had two orders.
She was also very snobbish and very friendly — NOT.

He ordered for Chocolate Mint Iced.


He loved the taste and was about to finish the whole thing in a matter of seconds.

I ordered for the Hazelnut Frappe.

First, it did not taste like Hazelnut Frappe, Second, the cashier, as unattentive as she was, probably took the wrong order. Third, if it was indeed their Hazelnut Frappe, there was nothing delicious about it. Fourth, it tasted more like a coffee with whipped cream on top.

Although I didn’t like my order, there are puzzles and board games to cheer me up.
It is a good place for you to past the time, if you’re waiting for someone or may want to read a book.


Will be ready the next time! I was a sore loser in our game of chess.


Hill Station is at Casa Vallejo along Session Road.

The place was crowded when we got there so we settled for a table just beside the door.
I wasn’t able to capture a good photo but I believe the place was elegant and a good place for a date.

Since I don’t have any good pictures, let’s go straight to the food.
He ordered for Javanese Chicken – Php 295.00

DSC06584 DSC06586

According to him, there was nothing special about the dish.

I ordered Beef Salpicao and a side order of Rice – Php 195 & 40

As always, Salpicao’s never fail. A little oil and a generous amount of garlic saves the day.
Lastly, I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews of the Death by Chocolate Cake. – Php 120.00
And so we did.
It was moist. The Vanilla Icecream goes perfectly with the half baked cake dough under it.
We can compare it to the Molten Lava Cake from Chili’s.
It was so good. It is our favorite out of the three dishes.
Truly, our death will be justified.


I finally had the chance to go inside. You may have passed by this place and not know there was a bookstore.


Casa Vallejo is along Session Road. The Mt. Cloud Bookshop is under it, and beside is the Baguio Cinematheque where there is free admission everyday.


The place was a bit small. You can see the whole store from where you are standing. there’s also a second floor but it was only a one long wall of  display.


The store is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 in the evening.
Here are our Book Snatches for this trip:


I’ll be back Mt. Cloud! That’s for sure.
I just hope you expand this to a little quaint cafe where we can read.  


We’re oozing out the artist in ourselves. Ergo, we decided to stop by Tam-awan Village.

Tam-awan Village is considred the Artists’s Village and the Gardens in the Sky of Baguio. It was also established by the National Artist, BenCab.




The place is full of greenery and in every corner, an artwork.
This is a hut turned gallery.
Inside the Tam-awan Village, you will see structures of Hut. There are different types of huts as to the level of the family in the society. It will show you how the actual huts, where families actually lived.

There is also a portion in the village where you may ask one of the artists to sketch you. It will cost you Php 200 per head and it will take only about 15 to 20 minutes.


For all the art enthusiast out there, dare not miss paying a visit to this place. You won’t regret it


One of the more popular food stop at Baguio: Cafe by the Ruins.
It’s a Garden slash forestry slash restaurant. It has a rustic wooden feel to it.



The whole restaurant was busy, it was beaming with people. You have to get listed to be able to seat.


As for me, I ordered the Shrimp and Mango Curry — Php 250.00
Prawns in coconut milk curry. It is served with 7 condiments: hard boiled egg, grated coconut, fried onions, chili, churney, papadums and peanuts.


The dish itself was so good. And I actually expected to be served only with a few pieces of shrimp but to my surprise, I think I ate about 8? and some for him too.
The plating was okay. It was full of color and was far from being dull but the plate was too busy. It had all sorts of things one cannot manage to take in everything at one time.


He ordered the Baguio Bagnet – Php 280.00
It’s a double fried pork belly, it is tenderized in lard, then redried to a crisp. Condiments are Podas Bagoong and tomato relish.


The pork was good. It was tender yet crispy. The only thing we didn’t like was the Bagoong. It’s Baguio Bagnet. Bagnets are supposed to come with Bagoong as its perfect pair.
But the Bagoong served in this dish is home made where the fish is still in its raw form. It does not even compliment the dish. The whole point of eating a Bagnet is to eat it with the
most delicious Bagoong. So without it, the dish was set to be ‘boo-ed’ like a child star actor who grew old.

The waiters were fast but they lack the smile they should be willingly giving to their customers. In addition to that, since they’re the garden type, the place was swarming with flies as
it is an open space.


Though I am not fully satisfied and impressed, I’m still looking forward to trying the other dishes on their menu.


After experiencing the tiring trek to La Presa, we head out to BenCab Museum.
Coming from the city, it would probably take you 30 minutes.

This museum permanently houses the works of our Philippine National Artist, Benedicto Cabrera. — the reason behing the Museum’s name. He is widely known as the Master of Contemporary Philippine Art.
He graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Fine Arts in 1963. He has exhibied widely in places as far as Asia, Europe and United States.
Aside from his collection, some galleries also exhibits other Filipino Artist’s Works.


General Admission is at Php 100. While Senior Citizens and Students are priced at Php 80.



You will be greeted with these paintings and you know for sure, you’re in a good place for art.


I believe you can say that he is very fond of Bulol Sculptures.

IMG_4999 IMG_4988 IMG_4986


Some of the paintings you will see there.

DSC06495 DSC06504 DSC06500 DSC06499 DSC06497 DSC06496

They also have a rather popular gallery: Erotica.



I am glad we have this kind of museums that cater to Philippine Art. They deserve more time and exposure. Filipino artists deserves more attention and appreciation.

Km 6 Asin Road. Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet


After having our Breakfast at Good Taste (Experience), we headed immediately at Sitio La Presa.

Sitio La Presa has increasingly becoming popular because of the Teleserye Forevermore where most of its scenes were shot at this so called place. Not everyone knows it, but Sitio La Presa is actually called Sitio Pungayan which is not in Baguio. It is actually situated at the top of Mt. Kabuyao.

How to get there? You may rent a car at Avis, which is just beside the Victory Liner Terminal. It would cost you about Php 2,000 – 5,000 depending on the vehicle. The price is for 12 hours alone. Or, you may decide to hire a taxi just like we did.
The average rate of the cab drivers is Php 800 back and forth the city proper of Baguio. We haggled. So we were able to push our luck to Php 800 for two destinations already. Sitio La Presa and BenCab Museum for Php 800.00

You may want to go to this place really early morning. We were on our way about 8 in the morning and the vehicles were already lining up and causing traffic. From Baguio City Proper, it will probably take you about 30 minutes without traffic. Since we already experienced traffic, we went down the vehicle and walked towards the trail.  



The place was beautiful if only the government keep the vendors only at the foot of the trail and limit its numbers. Both sides of the trail are full of vendors selling corn, potato chips, hats, pasalubongs and other sort of things. There are also some photo op backgrounds prepared for the tourists.


We will be back at an earlier period maybe and a stronger set of legs.