TV SHOW: The Bodyguard

Wikipedia: ‘The series is set around the fictional character of Police Sergeant David Budd, a heroic British Army war veteran suffering from PTSD,  who is now working as a specialist protection officer for the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London’s Police Sevice. He is assigned to protect the ambitious Home Secretary, Julia Montague, whose politics stand for everything he despises.’


You know what makes me keep watching? I still don’t know who the bad guy is! ❤ … UNTIL NOW.

And yes, I have been watching Netflix non stop. 😀

TV SHOW: Santa Clarita Diet

Wikipedia: ‘Joel and Sheila Hammond are everyday suburban real estate agents in Santa Clarita. The couple face a series of obstacles when Sheila has a physical transformation into a zombie and starts craving human flesh. With Joel and the family trying to help Sheila through the trying time, they have to deal with neighbors, cultural norms and getting to the bottom of a potentially mythological mystery.’

santa clarita

  • No more doing this separately. From now on, we fuck everything up together. 
  • Sometimes you do shit you never expected for the people you love. 


Okay, this might a little too chick flick for some but I actually enjoyed this series. My mom and I finished the 2 seasons in 1 day, this playing in the background while we keep our christmas decors. ❤

Let’s just take a moment and give Joel Hammond the praise and the ‘BEST HUSBAND’ award that he completely deserves. Right? C’mon. If this ever happened to me, I will not be able to sleep beside my wife. I’d have both of my eyes open, waiting for her to attack me. But this, Joel has been accepting everything relatively easy!! He has been providing her with food, buying groceries, plotting ways to kill people to feed her wife! He is even willing to go to prison! Man, we all need a Joel in our lives. — the perfect crime partner. ❤ AND, He has the looks. ❤

Also, I love how this is just a light watch. The family is witty and quirky enough. The daughter and the best friend is equally entertaining. Notice how the deputy’s face, Anne is annoying – just as her character is. This might seem ‘corny’ to me at first as how all zombie movies is to me but I’m glad I gave this one a chance. 🙂

P.S. I will be waiting for the third season. ❤

MOVIE: State of Play

IMDB: When a congressional aide is killed, a Washington D.C. journalist starts investigating the case involving the congressman, his old college friend.


I’m going to warn you that this will be a spoiler:

Sonia Baker, the head researcher of congressman was killed by an unidentified man. The congressman and his team is investigating a company, Pointcorp that is said to gain billions if the contract was finalized. During a hearing, the congressman was seen crying about the death of Sonia Baker, who is apparently — his mistress. Cal, an old friend of the congressman and Della are both journalists who started investigating the case.

What really happened? Pointcorp planted Sonia Baker in the congressman’s team to be a spy and tell them everything. But months after her assignment, she fell in love and she stopped giving information to Pointcorp. Since then, they have been harassing her and calling her nonstop. So the congressman became jealous and hired an assassin who he once saved his life to monitor, follow and report to him. Apparently, this assassin hated pointcorp and killed Sonia Baker without the congressman’s authorization.

One part of the movie tackles journalism. I think it’s important to have independent newspapers that seeks to know the truth, investigate on an issue may it be politicians or the government.

I love how there are twists as the story unfolds. Any movie recommendations for me? ❤

MOVIE: Netflix Movies

Recently, I joined the bandwagon in maximizing Netflix membership by first …. watching several Netflix originals. I’m not going to bore you with details or spoil it for you (though most them I’m sure you’ve watched already).

To all the boys I’ve loved before

4/5 since the lead star is an asian girl (credits to crazy rich asians for letting me notice this one detail). & Hell—ooo Noah! ❤

to all the boys

The kissing booth

3/5 Story is a bit too simple and predictable. It’s supposed to be a 2/5 but then again, throw in some cute boy and an additional star appears. 😀 Haha. I’ve said this time and again — I want a guy bestfriend too!

the kissing boothh


3/5 Sure, it tackles how teenage or high school life sucks for nerdy and geeky kids which, I think should be taken seriously. People or kids should be aware that their actions have certain consequences. Bullying has a negative side effect to the victim that one can carry until one is an adult. It damages your self esteem, ego, self confidence and self value.


Sierra Burgess is a loser

4/5 Noah Centineo ladies & gentlemen!! ❤ But this deserves a 4/5 since the lead is all brains — and poetry-intelligence is on a different level of intelligence. ❤


When we first met

3/5 What a twissttt! This tells me that we should not focus on what we want so much. Because sometimes, there’s something really better God has planned for you. Simple. Let it be. ❤

when we first met

Set it up

4/5 Love the story line and did I mention Charlie’s Angel Lucy Liu is back? ❤ Love herrrrr. and the You are slob (all the negative things) but I still love you point is absolutely adorbs! ❤ ❤

set it up

Irreplaceable you

2/5 This is just plain sad. 😦 I will not be in any universe be able to do what the girlfriend was trying to do here. and I don’t even want to think about it too.

Irreplaceable You


3/5 Intriguing and very futuristic! Though I wasn’t able to finish this one because I fell asleep. I wouldn’t mind finishing this tho.


Like Father

3/5 Love the lead actress and the story line but the movie is a bit dragging. It’s a type of movie you wouldn’t watch over and over again.

like father

Alex Strangelove

3/5 The coming out story of a confused kid. They should make more of this. I like the generic story behind the movie but the movie itself, the scenes  was not that interesting.

alex strangelove

I’ll keep you posted for more. 🙂


This may as well be my second favorite show next to Suits in their own room for brains and ego genre. I am not being overly dramatic but if you haven’t watched the show, you better fucking start now.. Why am I hooked?

  • There’s a twist in every episode. (May it be Chuck’s betrayal to his bestfriend or Axe’s lie to his wife, firing of Bryan or the betrayal of Taylor – like one thing happens one after the other..
  • Like One big ball of ego is running the show
  • A ton of testosterone floating in every scene.
  • Ben Kim’s elevator dance
  • Seeing that there’s a strong female lead character who only uses words to rebuild a man
  • Learning a thing or two such as Catherine the Great and horse penises or the matador perspective.
  • Because ultimately, who doesn’t want to learn about wealth and power?
  • Or Lara’s principle to teach her children a life not ruled by money
  • And heck, it’s in New York City!
  • How can you even choose between Axe and Chuck? No? Because you can’t! But I’m secretly rooting for Axe anyway.


Some good ‘ol lines from the big ball of penises:

  • What’s the point of having FUCK YOU MONEY if you never say FUCK YOU?
  • When I pull a deal off the table, I leave Nagasaki behind
  • The enemy worse than a dangerous man with unlimited resources is one without nothing to lose
  • Whenever you can, put a company in your mouth
  • The best way to bond with someone isn’t doing a favor, it’s asking for one.
  • You don’t have to outswim the shark. You just have to outswim the guy you’re scuba diving with
  • What we do has consequences, intended and unintended. The decisions we make, the actions we bring, have weight.
  • I like nightmares. When I wake up. They leave me deeply valuing my reality
  • Become anti fragile or die.
  • The fact that you can’t fully understand that doesn’t mean he’s wrong. It just means you haven’t gone beyond your own limits.
  • We all mask certain emotions. Bjorn Borg did. Eventually it will end up costing you everything
  • You were wrong. Im not human. Im a machine. Im a fucking terminator.
  • Only people with money forget about money
  • They may be cheering now. But believe me they are dying to boo.
  • Nobody leaves a negotiation happy.
  • Only a fool doesn’t look at the downside but only a coward allows it to dissuade him from that which he knows he must do.
  • But either way, GET OFF MY DICK..
  • The great never sacrifice the important for the urgent.
  • Hate is nature’s most perfect energy source. It’s endlessly renewable.

I may have to admit it – I think the character of axe is insanely hot. Brains and being a douche? Oh yes Sir! ❤



Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo

If you want a light, fun, no-drama, all good series, this one is for you. I love how Bok Joo can simply be just herself, completely. Without the need to act womanly, to eat like a construction worker and to act sheepishly just about every single day.



I have to admit, it was a fad that I can’t miss to see for myself. Thus, I embark to start watching it. At first, it didn’t interest me because of the constant return of the past (which bores me instantly). But with patience HA-HA, I was able to get the hang of it — not only that but I got HOOKED! I was especially fond of the bromance between Goblin and the Grim Reaper. It was so fun to watch the love-hate relationship between the two that ended into a real friendship. And the candle idea of calling the god, I like that. 🙂 Being able to call the god that everyone fears as your own anytime, anywhere is such a benefit. THOUGH, I hated the ending. Based from the story, it was her second life already, which means, she only has 1 life left to live. The troubling thought that occurs in my head now: WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO GOBLIN AFTER HER THIRD LIFE? IS HE TO LIVE ON HIS OWN FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE? because the girl has used up all her 3 lives? SAD.


Descendants of the Sun

I know Song Hye Gyo from Full House. I watched fullhouse when I was still in High School. I wanted to give it a try since I loved fullhouse. Additionally, she is just too pretty. Did I mention that the guy was pretty handsome too? Another bromance hit for me between Big Boss and Wolf. 😀 😀 Wolf doesn’t have a pretty face but that’ll do. I can still remember the scene in the cafeteria. (all ranks, lower than I, close your eyes…..). BUT, for me, there were a lot of boring parts (war..)


The Heirs

GAH. This, I love right off the bat!!! Lee Min Ho or not. The house at the start? Man oh man… Every girl’s dream. ❤ I love their flirty text messages before he knew that she was living in his house. His persistence, effort and just the thought that he keeps on fighting for her spells LOVE. I think this will always be one of my favorites.

school 2017

School 2017

This, I watched without any referral. I went with this, eyes closed. 🙂 It was not bad, there wasn’t a good laugh either. It was a good distraction.

strong owman

Strong Woman

Just like Weighlighting Fairy, the woman leads this story.  Imagine being extremely wealthy, handsome, famous for owning a business that fit your personality? livin the dream. yeah? It was. It really was. I smiled so often when the guy was showing his affections for the girl. He didn’t dare hide. He expressed his feelings and he placed effort in chasing his bodyguard. ❤


Legends of the Blue Sea

I think, I THINK —- it’s because I fell in love with Lee Min Ho during the heirs (that’s why I was interested to watch this). This too, was a light one except for the parts of the crazy murdered. And BTW, How evil is the mother? killing 3 of her husbands! Again, the house is ❤


Cheese in the Trap

It was definitely confusing at first. Trying to figure out the what’s inside the characters was a bit hard. All in all, it was okay. I ahd fun watching it. But it’s not something that I would want to watch again.

fight for my way

Fight for my Way

Perfect case of bestfriends turn lovers. How will you move from being friends? How can you be jealous when you absolutely have no right to be? Will you follow if your girlfriend tells you not to pursue your dreams? Love the antics of the two here. Also fond of their little group and how close they are. ❤


I stumbled upon an article about failed marriages and there it reveals links on the movies that characterizes failed marriages — so, intrigued. I downloaded this movie.


Instantly, it made me rethink of getting married. My first thought: How can a man loves you so much at once, then suddenly get stuck and left no trace of affection? It pains me just thinking about it.

A few realizations:

  • It’s no secret that women like to give hints but not explicitly saying it to their partners. It’s no secret either that men, most of the time doesn’t have a clue. COMMUNICATE. I, for one would tell my SO that it’s okay for him to stay at home during our date days but deep down, all I’m wishing is for him to visit me, take me out and still spend the day with me because he wants to, because he can’t wait to see me and because he wants to be with me too even though I already told him that it’s okay. Most of the time, women say one thing but mean another. Ladies, speak up. The only obvious reason is your partner wouldn’t know if you don’t tell him. Men, get to know your partners, know when they’re being serious and look for the subtle hints.
  • Determine your love language. It’s important to express your love the way your partner prefers it for a better chance of appreciation. May it be physical touch, vocal such as compliments, quality time, etc.
  • BE OPEN.  This goes hand in hand with communicating with your partner. If there’s a specific act that you want to try in the bedroom, a fantasy or a secret, tell it to your partner. If you disapprove, at least try then tell your partner the reason behind.
  • TOUCH EACH OTHER.  Just touch. Remember you once couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. A simple holding hands, a kiss on the cheek, a hug while washing the dishes or a hugging your husband from the back while he reads his newspaper will go long way.
  • APPRECIATE EACH OTHER. When your wife prepares you a meal, appreciate it. She allotted her time preparing the food. It’s no like she had nothing better to do. When your husband provides for your family, appreciate it. There are a lot of men who are not responsible enough to provide for their families. When your wife cleans up after your laundry, prepares your clothes the next day, fixes the bed in the morning, appreciate her. She does this because she loves you and she wants to be a good for you. When your husband picks you up at work and drives you to work every morning, appreciate him. He woke up early too. He drove you to your workplace even though it’s out of his way. You get the picture. Appreciate your SO, before it’s too late. Appreciate the little things before you miss out on them. You will never really notice the small things they do not until you have a messy house and a disrupted life already. 
  • IT TAKES TWO.   You are in a marriage for a reason. It is because you both have each other for everything. It means you both committed to a lifetime together. You both have to put an effort into the relationship. It takes work. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns.


Love, like I said. I promise to always try. I promise not to give up on us. I promise to be like Kay who will do everything to make our marriage work. I promise not to run when things get tough. I love you.


I know, it’a bit 10 years late or so but whatever. I ended my subscription to Netflix last week and they told me I have until 5th of November to use what I paid for. Thus, I chanced upon this movie in Trending Now.

IMDB summarizes it in one line: A 10-year-old and an 11-year-old find love in New York City.

Some of you would say it’s a teenager movie, it’s too chick flick and all, But I, I loved it. Yes, it was a light movie — but it completely reminds you and takes you back those good ol’ days when you thought that it would be the end of the world, when you thought that there’s no one greater person than her/him at 15 years old. What the heck right? But this movie captures every single small detail.


  1. When Rosemary is stopping by at his house for a karate practice, he had his hair cut. He was also practicing in the mirror, ‘Hey, pretty lady!’ ‘Hi Rosemary!’ and all. – Wouldn’t it be nice if men actually prepares for your date?
  2. When they planned to meet up again. Gabe thought: ‘Best 3 words in the dictionary: ‘See you tomorrow’. – When someone is extremely excited to be with you. And you cannot wait for that time comes. Waiting is gruesome and excruciating even if the date is just tomorrow. It couldn’t come any sooner. Right?
  3. When Gabe was literally waiting by the phone.
  4. When they went to the concert. Gabe was mentally tortured whether to hold her hand or not. And he thought: ”Never had I been so keenly aware of the ability of palm to manufacture sweat, but I was determined to hold that girl’s hand for every single second.” – When being with that person makes you overly nervous and happy at the same time. And was just that too sweet? I was determined to hold that girl’s hand every single second. 
  5. When they were roaming around NYC and she had her arms wrapped around him. He thought: ‘With that girl’s arms around me… there was nothing I couldn’t do’ – We could only wish to have that same effect, if he feels the same way when we do it to them. 
  6. When gabe was looking forward to every single one of his karate classes, even if he was no good at it just because he’ll see rosemary.
  7. When Gabe was intentionally riding across his borders, outside of his neighborhood just to see her – because he couldn’t wait for 2 more days. – Let’s admit it. We’ve all done this! Secretly going to their ‘block’ so we can intentionally – unintentionally bump into them. Guilty! 


There’s so much – it’s a time travel. And gabe also had a lot of realizations too;

  • Love is an ugly, terrible business practiced by fools. It’ll trample your heart and leave you bleeding on the floor. And what does it really get you in the end? Nothing but a few incredible memories that you can’t ever shake. The truth is, there’s gonna be other girls out there. I mean, I hope. But I’m never gonna get another first love. That one is always gonna be her.
  • Suddenly, I knew what I had to do. Love isn’t about ridiculous little words. Love is about grand gestures. Love is about airplanes pulling banners over stadiums, proposals on jumbo-trons, giant words in sky writing. Love is about going that extra mile even if it hurts, letting it all hang out there. Love is about finding courage inside of you that you didn’t even know was there
  • Maybe not everything is supposed to last forever. Certain things are like… like… skywriting. Like, like, like a really beautiful thing that lasts for a couple moments and then… You know?
  • As I held onto Rosemary Telesco for dear life, we both knew the truth. She was going off to camp and eventually, private school. We were on different roads, she and me. Two ships that passed in Sheep Meadow.
  • Never had I felt so alive! I had a date with Rosemary!
  • I couldn’t escape them, all the little things I left unsaid, I was drowning in them.




I don’t know what it is with girls trying to change a man. Or rather, the ego or the feel-good vibes of a playboy changing for just one girl. Right?

I, for one – am not aiming for that. I don’t go around looking for a playboy. But hey, it certainly would feel darn good if I’m his exception — if I turn out to be his trigger, his cannon ball, his khaleesi or simply his dream girl.

“Charlie is a playboy who’s convinced that relationships are dead even though his sister, a therapist, tries to tell him otherwise. His best friends bet him that if he sticks to one woman for one month, he’s bound to fall in love. Charlie takes the bet because he believes that he’s immune to love, until he meets the beautiful and mysterious Eva. Charlie coaxes Eva into a casual affair but soon finds out that she has turned the tables on him, after realizing he wants a bit more from their relationship.”

I just love how she’s dressed in all the scenes! CLASS – SEXY – FINESSE

Chick Flick, 100%. But it’s comedic – romantic – light movie.





  1. I WANT A ROADTRIP. I want to loung on the pool, sing on stage, go on a audition, meet someone interesting (ex-convict who turns out to be pretty cool), go to new places and just drive.
  2. I WANT TO MEET ELEANOR ROOSEVELT. The movie just made me more curious on the actual details and memos on her life.


It’s a light movie. Though this is not something that I would watch over and over again.


Doris has been living with her mom her entire life. And their similarities? they both collect junk because of their good hearted nature (of not wanting to hurt people’s feelings). A lonely accountant who only has 1 friend, whose self esteem is lower than the gut next to the pavement. Things started to change for her when a young handsome man, paid him notice during an elevator encounter — who turned out to be the new boss of their firm. yadda yadda, they ended up being close — and for the lack of  better term, fell in love with this young man. ————————- WHO HAPPENS TO HAVE  GIRLFRIEND.


So watching sally field is a sore to my eyes, not because of her skills but because of how her character dresses in the movie. She dresses as a hipster – if I may call it such, with lots of ruffles, ribbons, patterns and colors all in one outfit. It’s a sore (especially that I hate ruffles and ribbons)

At the latter part of the movie though, Doris shows us how to love ourselves no matter what. That what we think of ourselves is far more important than how other people see us. Because the only people who should matter, who are valuable, who are true — will always accept you as who you are (all weirdness, all quirkiness, all dorkiness aside) we are. — in private or in public. 

Because these are the kind of people that we should keep close. 

These are the kind of people that we need to cope with life. 

And that we never, ever have to apologize for who we truly are, to anybody. 


If you see a poster of this, would you not see it? I mean, c’mon! I love Rachel from The Notebook, I simply like Emma Stone and I have a crush on Bradley Cooper! What could go wrong?


Apparently, A lot. which translates to — There is no story.

From IMDB, ”A celebrated military contractor returns to the site of his greatest career triumphs and reconnects with a long-ago love while unexpectedly falling for the hard-charging Air Force watch-dog assigned to him.”.

Simply put, Bradley was assigned a case in Hawaii where he got reunited with his old flame, Rachel. But Rachel already has a family. — In any case, Bradley falls for his co worker, Emma Stone. That’s it.

There’s just one part of the movie that I love, though:

Bradley to Emma: And frankly, just the idea of you and me as a couple.. all I see are PROBLEMS. I am talking about world chaos. I’m talking about panic in the streets. Demonstrations, Riots, Problems with your prommotion, strange incidents. And let’s just be honest, it’ll end as it began. A flicker of an impossibble dream and an avalanche of emoional chaos. 

And I’m sorry. but, I’M IN FOR ALL OF IT. 

GOOOOODDD. Way to make Emma and me, swoon! How can Bradley phrase ”YOU ARE WORTH ALL THE TROUBLE. YOU ARE WORTH IT’ perfectly?


Watch the story here.


A recently unemployed single father struggles to get back to his foreclosed home by working for the real estate broker who is the source of his frustration.

Can you imagine being kicked out of your own home? being kicked out of the only place you feel safe in? the place where you grew up?

The film entails all the stages that those families are exposed to.
It encapsulates what a father would do to put food in the mouth of his son, to put a roof over his head. He failed to become the protector and the provider the family needs. He was trapped into this broken system of easy cash. Andrew Garfield, the hero of the movie despised Carver, the broker. But he ended up working for him, as a plumber at first and rose to be the person Carver trusts to deliver the message to these families.
”Good Morning Mr. ____. I’m sorry to say that today, you are scheduled to evacuate this house. I am now giving you 2 minutes to gather all your belongings, all the necessity. You are now trespassing. This is a bank property”. It’s heartbreaking for someone to strip you out of your home.

andrew garfield 99 homes

Also, what a shame for the real estate agent, such as Carver who steals appliances in foreclosed homes so the banks would pay them to install when in fact they’re just putting back what they stole from the houses. It’s sickening how the rich becomes richer because of fraudulent acts and deception. And how each middle class family struggle to live each day.

— And this is actually based on a true story.

I am deeply grateful for my parents for working really hard to provide for what we need and more.




Cole is an aspiring DJ who spends his days scheming with his childhood friends and his nights working on the one track that will set the world on fire. All of this changes when he meets a charismatic but damaged older DJ named James, who takes him under his wing.

I might be criticized by my next statement, but what do I know. Right? I have never taken DJs seriously. I don’t think it’s talent. i don’t think it’s a craft. BUT I WAS WRONG. Before, I thought they are just playing music that people dance to, music that people can listen to while they do other things.

BUT, BUT, BUT again, I was wrong. — Playing music has a science to it. As a DJ, you have to study what makes the heart beats faster, at what BPM is the most effective, the anatomy of the body – a lot that I won’t understand. that only a DJ would. Respect. 

I want that for myself – I want something to be passionate about. Something that I love, Something that would occupy 20 hours of my day, Something that people would run to me to ask questions, Something that is hyphenated across my name.



3 months ago, my brother gave me a set of movies he downloaded.
This was one of them. I was eager to finish this set because I want new ones.

Anyway, the movie is about a prodigy kid who is inclined to being the Math Wiz.
His father died when he was a kid and as he grows older, it hunts him and it affects his relationship with his mother.
Being the self proclaimed Math Wiz that he is, he landed a place in the British Squad for the
International Mathematics Olympiad Competition.


I felt that the movie was a bit dragging. The kid shows no emotion toward his mother
or to anyone. The ending reveals that he blocked any kind of emotions after his father died.
But as he progressed in the competition, he was able to meet several friends, a mentor and a girl.
Ha! Girls really have a significant effect on any man’s life, huh? (Thank you, Thank you).

Nathan: I think, I see the world differently to others.
Dad:       It’s all about adaptability, Nathan. Sometimes you have to change your shape, to fit in.

Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend this. Even on  a passing time.