Now that my sister has her own house, it’s very seldom that we eat together. & too sad that the only one missing is the boyfriend. —- 7th wheeler for lunch



They opened 2014 and I only got to try them last weekend. 😀 how unfortunate! HAHA.



Orders? Been publishing posts – TIRED and I want to sleep already. :/ Will just be dumping photos here. 😀

Three of us ordered the Taco Dog for Php 125 and one Chicago Dog for Php 125. 

Chili con carne, bacon, onions, cheese and salsa. Pretty GOOD. 🙂 – TACO

Chili con carne, pickle,relish, bacon bits, salsa and onions.


GOOD! I’m just not the sausage slash hotdog type kind of girl.


Today was fun! 🙂 and I’m glad we did this! ❤

EVERYDAY: Enchanted Kingdom

After more than a decade, I finally step foot to this Magical Place – Horrifying when I was a kid, and it still is. 😀 I would love to try all of the rides – but some are too much for my stomach to handle. 😀 might vomit and give trauma to the other visitors as well. HAHA.

Lunch at Chubby’s First. 😀 With my <3, my brother and Roxy.


Guess what? 😀 Finally crossed the Achor’s Away on my ‘TO TRY’. HAHAHA.


I had fun, EK! 😀 Will go back once I muster enough courage for the other rides. 😛

EVERYDAY: 2017 Valentines


Because my liebster remembers. ❤ I love it. Thank you for the sweets and flowers in one.


Isn’t it pretty? I love ’em. Not the typical bouquet eh?


Lesson: always do a dinner reservation before hand. Gad. it took us hours to get a table. Dinner with my love and the parentals.


It’s my birthday! 🙂 but of course, it was like any regular work day. So when I reported for work, look what greeted me:


Thank you for the early lunch of yellow cab pizzas and pasta, officemates! 🙂

The Birthday Dinner: Shrimp Feast at Bubba Gump! One of my favorite restaurants of all time. 🙂


And the birthday is complete. 🙂 On another day…


Next day? I am greeted with flowers, balloon and more happy birthdays inside stark! Thank you for the surprise, love. :))) I especially liked the balloons and my banoffee cake. 🙂


We had lunch at City of Dreams. No grand plans for the day though. :/ I decided to bring him here because it’ll be his first time. After which, watched a movie at MOA. went home, watch How to get away with Murder and Suits at home.


Thank you for the surprises and all the effort, babe. :* Thank you for my very chic nude heels. :)) I love ’em! And thank you for my colored pens! :)))


And another surprise c/o my officemates. 🙂 Thank you, All! :*


It’s been such a long time! I always come in threes. How about your clique?


Sorry for the poor quality.


I missed you, Piney! :* At Wholesome Table.



It’s the birthday of my rock, my guidance and the special woman in my life. 🙂


Isn’t she the prettiest?


Buttered Scallops, Adobong Pusit, Bagnet Pakbet, Salpicao, Sinigang na Hipon and Binagoongan Bagnet. :* EVERYTHING IS WORTH THE CALORIES.


Birthday Dinner at Corazon, Uptown Mall.


Happy Happy Birthday, Ma! I love youuuuu.


I think I’ve taken for granted the daily dinner dates that we have. I’m sorry.


Thank you for bringing me home everytime we do. I know it’s far from your place and traffic is getting worse on our side of the world, but you still want to make sure I arrive safely home.


We may get fat (which I am already) and look tired and stressed (which I am too), But I love you just the same. :* Thank you for all the little things, babe.


I gained another baby boy on the list. 🙂 Another kid to spoil once they get a bit older.

And for the first time — we were earlier than the P-A-R-E-N-T-S!


I hope everything works out for the two of you. I really do. Happy Christening Baby Caeleb! ❤


Definitely growing our MBA Family. :*


Goodreads: “Layken and Will have managed to overcome the obstacles that threatened to destroy their love, proving that they are destined for one another. What they are about to learn, however, is that the things that have brought them together may be the very things that ruin their connection forever…
Layken is left second-guessing the relationship whilst Will is jumping over hurdles to prove his love for her. What the young lovers discover about themselves along this journey may change their entire world and the lives of those who depend upon them the most…”


  1. I love Lake’s Mother for thinking of a jar full of stars that would somehow make them feel that she’s still around when they both need guidance.
  2. Vaughn is really someone to hate.
  3. I despise Will for keeping a secret from Lake! How can you not tell your girlfriend that you’re ugly ex girlfriend whom you had sex with is in your class – who you get to see three times a week and is currently sitting beside you in class? Fuck will. How can you not tell her?
  4. I LOVE KIERSTEN, her intelligence, her with, her confidence to talking with older people and the way her mind thinks. And yes, kiersten – Can I be your new bestfriend too?
  5. SUCK and SWEET Time – something that family and friends could bond over.
  6. FOREHEAD KISSES – they’re my favorite too. And I would definitely be pissed if my significant other gives my favorite kiss to another person. So, Will – you suck at this again.


  • Sometimes, things can happen in life that you didn’t plan for. All you can do now is suck it up and start mapping out a new plan.
  • My heart pounds against my chest. Not because I’m nervous. Not even because I want her worse that I’ve ever wanted her before. It’s pounding against my chest because I realize I’ve never been so sure about the rest of my life than I am in this moment. This girl is the rest of my life.
  • Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest things in the world to hold on to, and one of the easiest things to throw away.
  • I’ll never be able to give you everything you deserve, but I’ll definitely spend the rest of my life trying.
  • “Your mother encourages you to cuss?” Gavin says.

    Kiersten nods. “I don’t see it that way. It’s more like she’s encouraging us to undermine a system flawed through overuse of words that are made out to be harmful, when in fact they’re just letters, mixed together like every other word. That’s all they are, mixed up letters. Like, take the word “butterfly” for example. What if someone decided one day that butterfly is a cussword? People would eventually start using butterfly as an insult, and to emphasize things in a negative way. The actual WORD doesn’t mean anything. It’s the negative association people give these words that make them cusswords. So if we all just decided to keep saying butterfly all the time, eventually people would stop caring. The shock value would subside…and it would just become another word again. Same with every other so-called bad word. If we would all just start saying them all the time, They wouldn’t be bad anymore. That’s what my mom says anyway.”

  • You’re my plan. You’re always my only plan.
  • She’s so incredibly beautiful, especially when she’s not trying to be.
  • Everyone’s entitled to a bad day every now and then.
  • “Sherry, until I met you I didn’t know what life was. I had no clue that I wasn’t even alive. It’s like you came along and woke up my soul.

Well, best wishes to you, Will and Lake! 🙂


Good Reads: ”Futures are uncertain, unpredictable—like ink spilled across the purest surface. Nearly imperceptible ripples move and flow until a unique stain is formed. The ink is permanently embedded in the surface…

During one wild night in college, Jentry Michaels is a tidal wave of ink that brands Aurora Wilde’s soul. An unparalleled stain she can’t forget despite the many months that have passed—and despite the distraction she’d hoped she would find in her new relationship with Declan, the charmer who captured her heart soon after. Jentry has irrevocably touched her soul, and he is intertwined in her present and future in ways she never fathomed. Now Aurora is faced with keeping that night hidden though it feels as if the ink has indelibly etched their story across her skin.

When Declan is confronted with his own personal demons, Aurora must decide if she will continue to hold tight to their relationship and a safe, reliable future with him, or if she will turn to Jentry—the guy she can’t forget no matter how hard she tries…”


I think it’s beautiful. I see you is not a mere statement they both say to each other. But I believe it’s their way of seeing past the ‘Im okays’, ‘Everything is fine’, pretensions, white lies and masks. It is seeing the person for what he/she really is and accepting it no matter what baggage it comes with. 

  • ‘Rorie.. she’s GOD, I don’t know where to start with her, or how to explain her other than what I’ve told you. There’s just something about her that draws you in. But boring? Fuck… the last thing you could say about that girl is that shes boring.’.
  • Touch my girl. See how long it takes me to kill you.
  • There were girls who stayed with you for different reasons. body, face, lay… whatever it may be, good or bad. Then there were girls who destroyed you for anyone else after that, because they were so far from your world that having them again consumed you. Aurora had destroyed me, and I’d welcomed every minute of it. (I WANT TO DESTROY YOU TOO)
  • You… you consume my mind.
  • Just as long as you’re cleaning and decorating our place. And no matter what I might say or fights we might get in, know that I love you.
  • Because I had left a part of myself with her that night, and I knew I would never be whole again until  had her. It was as if she’d forced a piece of her soul into me, and taken mine in return.
  • Each brush of his lips against mine was like a rush of oxygen to my lungs that I’d been deprived of all this time.
  • Falling in love with someone was a whole different thing. It was life altering, soul changing. It was invincible ink, spilled onto your skin, writing every second of your story from beginning to end.
  • What better time to get lost in another world than when your world shifted around you?
  • Life wasn’t supposed to be easy. Life wasn’t supposed to be all light. There needed to be a balance. Just as the world needed night, we needed our trials.
  • There is no part of you that isn’t beautiful. Don’t ever let anyone make you think otherwise.
  • But how can a world where we aren’t together ever be okay?
  • Stain me, Jentry. I don’t care. I’ll do it right back.
  • I’m keeping you forever, Aurora. We’re gonna figure it out. Because it’s always gonna be us.
  • This was it. This is my sunrise.
  • We do what we have to do in order to survive when it feels like we won’t.
  • She was my good, my light, my bliss.


It’s been too long! I sincerely miss everyone! I miss everyone in and out of the school.


AND, we have a new baby in the family! Carlisle!

I’ll see you all soon at the Christening!



It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed! It’s the busiest time, traffic’s worse, wallets are emptied but it’s the happiest, no doubt.

Just like every year, we start the Christmas tradition with my Aunt’s Birthday Celebration. The choice for this year? Mama Lou’s in BF.


The celebrant


The family with the celebrant.


Some of the pictures from the birthday party.


We’re always the Christmas Host! Thus, we are all gathered again at our House for our yearly salubong and opening of gifts at Midnight.


My family.


Second Family – Dad’s Side.


Yearly Selfie Picture with the Gifts.

The whole family on Christmas!


From the Parents: Black Cullottes, Salmon Printed Leggings and Brown Leggings from F21, Brown Dress, Nude Vest, White Top and a White Turtle Neck. (I LOVE THE BROWN DRESS, MA!) Thank youuuuuu. I love all of your gifts! Thank you.


From Relatives: Black Shorts (probably my new favorite) and White Shirt from Sicio, White Long Sleeves Top from N. Baby and a 6 – set of luggage organizer.


From Siblings: Black H&M Dress from my sister, A White Top and a Starbucks Planner from my brother. THANK YOU.


Thank you, Family! Merry Christmas!


It feels good to be able to spend a Christmas get together with my previous officemates. Never in my 5 years in BOC did it cross my mind that I would actually miss it. But my sentimental twin is acting up – and I am quite grateful for this.

A simple get together at Max’s on a busy Monday to start the week.


The whole group, the old dela costa people.


Some of the group pictures from the night.

White Long Sleeves Top from my previous boss, 3 kinds of peanut from Ms. Minns, A beauty brush set from Ms. Donns, a kultura pouch from Ms. Gracious, a colourful pouch from Ms. Lei, a navy blue pouch from Virge and a chocolate from Jane.


Thank you for the gifts, friends!


I’ve been MIA for quite some time but it’s everybody’s most awaited holiday. I won’t pass on this of course! And just like everyone, there are several parties and get together’s.

First on the list? My College Friends. We booked this as early as we can because we all know how hard it is to match a schedule during this time of the month.

Where? Cafe Naya at The Palace Pool Club.

(Panda – Pam – Panda.)  (Janna – Jude – Mark – Jaja – Nicole – Janna)

What did we get? Panda got a Athletic Shoes, Pam got a GC (which is a gem but no thought), Jude got a Short Sleeves Polo, Mark got a watch organizer, Nicole got a Happy Skin Lip Set, Jaja got her wish and I received a White Polo Dress.


We all received what we wished. We also transferred to get some drinks – but we can’t help but give in to our slowly aging bodies. We finished early.


Thank you for the gifts, J1 Loves!


White Polo Dress from Nicole, Travel Organizer from Pam and Purple Scarf from Jaja.

Merry Christmas! 🙂