It was just the 5 of us – turned to 6, then 8 – then 10 by midnight. Happy to see everyone again. 😀



Banapple opened a younger sibling – Sandwicheese. It is always located beside it and the ambiance had the same look and feel. The Branch was a bit small but customers of Sandwicheese can opt to sit inside Banapple. It’s an order-at-the-counter type.


I, being myself wanted to try the Grilled Cheese Cheese Sandwicheese but chose not to because it’s my go-to-safe order. I also wanted to try the Drippin or Cheesy Roastbeef Sanwicheese – and I don’t know why I did not.


And we ordered the same – meh. Chicken Caesar Sandwicheese for Php 170. The sandwich is good. The chicken is huge – I was only able to finish half of it but still felt very full after.


Cheese and Jalapeno Boulders for Php 70.


Thank you for bringing me here, SB. :)) Katips next.


Seldom does anyone arrive on time. About 2 hours late because of traffic in Salcedo — in just one fucking Leviste Street.


And I even postponed myself from eating snack because of this dinner – but this 2 hours delayed made me a hungry bear.

Sinigang na Hipon – Sisig – Calamares – Crab Rice and Seafood Rice and some beers.


EVERYDAY: Christmas with the TFs


Pizza, Cloudnine Cakes, Chicken and Mojos and Alcohol to save our Christmas Hungry Stomachs.


Okay. So who got who?

Jude got Jaja, Jaja got Jude, I got Ken, Ken got Nic and Nic got me.


Jaja received a perfume from M & S, Ken a longsleeves polo, I received a Blue Dress from Zalora, Jude received a Polo from Erb & Chet and Nic received a Yoga Mat and shoes from Payless.

My Sleeping Buddy and Perks.


Merry Christmas from the TFs. 😀


When did a Block of 13 girls went down to three? Because I only see 3 annoying faces here.

Convos – Carbo – Wine


It’s Cebu Pacific — No matter what excuse they have, whether it’s for our safety or that because the pathway is congested, They have been branded as always having delayed flights. So here we are after 1 hour of waiting after our supposed take-off.


After landing, we have to take a 2 hour Van Ride. No Worries if you have no arrangements yet, once you step out of the airport, they’ll swarm to you like bees. Most of the offer was Php 250 for a Van and Boat Ride. Luckily, We got ours for Php 200.


The Php 200 payment got us a private mini bangka.


After the Boat Ride, we still had to ride a Tricycle to our Hotel. It took us about 10 minutes. Not bad.10410200_10206406070450422_7072368149499194665_n

They had a welcome drink – bottled water. This is located in Station 1. Beach Side. Employees are all so friendly.

So what was our First Stop? LUNCH. Since our 11am arrival turned to 1pm, we were already starving by 4 in the afternoon.

IMG_1741 DSC05408 IMG_1782 LUNCH: Nigi Nigi Nu Noos We spent Php 1,300 for a Seafood Family Platter, 4 Rice, 2 Canned Softdrinks.

While waiting for lunch, Nicole and I had a quick dip. :)) Excuse my over sized haven’t eaten stomach.

IMG_1757 IMG_1766

After our much awaited lunch, we scout for what boracay is known for – parties! But before that, we stopped by to have a henna tattoo and snooped around the very exhilarating GMax Experience. DSC05413 DSC05412

The night was young so we reached Station 3. Imagine that. We didn’t even notice it took us an hour! An hour of walking! Haha. So, we opted to stay for a more relaxed environment since it was still early. –

FIRST NIGHT: The Tree House

They’re pretty affordable and the ambiance is so laid back perfect for a night away from all the dancing and booze stricken kids. A live band also plays in the area and you get to sit in their bean bags or lie down as you wish.


DSC05437 DSC05460


Booze, Loud Music, Lights and Dancing. – We were well seated STILL when it was early. But, the room on the second floor can transform into a dance floor. DSC05484

For our SECOND DAY: Island Hopping. We got our Island Hopping for Php 2,300 for 5 pax. Entrance Fee for the Magic Island is not included.


STOP: Crystal Cove Island

DSC05532 DSC05536



DSC05556 DSC05559


Shangrila Beach Front


IMG_1870We were dead carnivorous after that island hopping, so we went straight to a late lunch yet again.

LUNCH: Jonah’s – They are famous for their Shakes. 

But they also have pastas, viands, pizzas and sandwiches.


We took a nap, and went out for dinner.

I’m sorry I forgot the place but this is in front of the Shawarma, Froco something. Sisig and Tuna Belly was amazing. IMG_1935We went straight for alcohol and party this time.

BOOZE NIGHT: Coco Mangas.

If you’re familiar with Central or Tides, They are pretty much alike. It was an extraordinarily fun night.

IMG_1909 IMG_1911After babysitting and putting someone to bed, We went out for another run.



Third day was Chill at the Beach Day.




After a morning filled with Vitamin Sun and Sea, Late lunch AGAIN.

LUNCH: Jonah’s AGAIN. — Nachos, Quesadilla and Shakes. 


We arranged an afternoon full of activities. We paid a Php 700 package each for 5 pax that includes ATV, Sky Cycle, Trick Art Museum and Bird Farm. 

DSC05682 DSC05676 DSC05653

We also paid a Php 1,500 for a Para sailing Experience. 

And it was FUCKING SCARY when you’re one with the wind. P.S. Make sure that the rope behind your legs is in the middle area or you might fall backwards or if drawn too near your behind, you might also slip infront. But, you should definitely try this!

DSC05716 DSC05707For our last say, we tried the famous Real Coffee and its equally famous pair – Calamansi Muffins




Last LUNCH: Smoke, Inside D’ Mall

IMG_2061See you, I hope Soon! We will come back for sure. I had a great time. :))))


I’ll bet my life that everyone has experienced Christmas Traffic, right?
And how 31 Days of December is not even close to being enough for Family Reunions and
Get together of friends. 4 Fridays, 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays seems too short.
IMG_8563 IMG_8565
So, My Blockmates and I decided to have our yearly Christmas Party on the First Saturday of December.
After my class, I met up with Jude and Nicole at Powerplant and proceeded to
Centerstage Makati in Jupiter Street.
Nicole and I started the earth-shaking singing.
Pam gave Panda a Gift Certificate at Mercury Drug – weird? It’s actually on her wishlist. It’s for her mom as you know, she just got out from a 2 month long hospitalization from St. Luke’s after she had Aneurysm.
Jude gave Pam her wish – a Pink Earphones.
Nicole gave Jude a Powerbank.
Jaja gave Nicole the Cotton On Travel Toiletry Bag.
Kenneth gave me my Loreal Foundation
I gave Kenneth a Cotton On Long Sleeves.
Panda gave Jaja
IMG_8588 IMG_8589
Afterwhich, I asked them if we can all go see a Beer House – which has been on my Bucket List for quite a long time already.
So we went straight to the nearest pub town of Half Naked Girls. No one is allowed to take a picture so I’ll leave it to your imaginations.

The important thing is  —  I got to cross something out on my Bucket List! 😀
Merry Christmas, My Loves. True Friends. :)))

EVERYDAY: Gift Hunting at Cuenca Bazaar

It’s my first time at Cuenca Bazaar. Every year, My friends or Mom drag me to World Trade Center for the Christmas Bazaar.
Anyway, this year I went with Nicole and Ate Twinx and her officemate, Ellen – who is so funny, BTW. Don’t be deceived of how old she looks.

IMG_8425 IMG_8428

After an exhausting day for our feet and a hellish day for my wallet, we went to Barrio Fiesta inside Ayala Alabang to eat our 5pm lunch.


We also took the time out to have our nails done at Coco Nails. You should try it here: they offer tea, juice or water and a macaroon too. 😀


Broke but happy as fuck!

EVERYDAY: Tender Bobs & Barcino with my Blockmates

The other friends kept mentioning how rude we are for not inviting all of the class every time we go out.
This is the actual proof. 13 girls of Entrep Class, 9 said yes, 5 came. WOW. Definite proof of why.

IMG_8489 IMG_8491 IMG_8492

We had dinner at Tender Bobs and a drink or two at Barcino.

IMG_8505 IMG_8499

I miss everyone!

The Whatever Lunch


I have been increasingly feeling lazy every time we plan something ( Well, much more so with my HS Loves). Just as this day. We planned to have lunch at Greenbelt. It was the idea of Pam. which I appreciated since she was not late. I was, but only a 5 minute gap from the time we had agreed to meet. However, two of our blockmates, had other things planned out. Nicole had an interview with an airline to become an FA. As you may have guessed with her bundled hair. 🙂 But too bad, she was not accepted. Good thing though, she brought alcina with her. I was delighted to see Alcina. Although I would have liked for the four of us to talk just like we used to. In this case, We cannot. Because Nicole brought with her two additional bodies — her cousin and her aunt. Wow right? Talk about a chaperone? Geez. It is because she cannot take care of her child on her own. Gaah. And we waited for about an hour and a half just to discovered that they have eaten already. Shitty saturday.

It was compensated though with my Date that night with my lovey for the Pelikulas ; Dos Hermanos and Another one.