BOOK: My lovely wife by Samantha Downing


OMG. The story twist was insane! Or maybe for me. I did not see that coming! 

The story revolves around a married couple who had two kids and was living a pretty boring, mediocre life. The husband did not know anything about his wife’s sister aside from the fact that she has been trying to hurt his wife. Until one day came and the sister was at their doorstep and all he could do was, well . . . kill the sister. And that’s where the blood thirst game began.

I have to admit, the beginning of the story was pretty slow. I know there’s a twist or some sick story and I was waiting for it to drop excitedly. It was kind of a slow build. I kind of despised the husband for cheating. But my hate for the wife grew with each page I read. 

Every marriage has its own problems. Every marriage has its own secrets, Every marriage has its own story. Different people choose different ways to keep their marriage burning. But the way this couple did? You’d never expect. 

Read this and you won’t regret it. I can’t wait to read another Samantha Downing story. ❤ 

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