THOUGHTS: 11 Instagram Accounts to follow if you love Interior Design

Let me first clear this beforehand: This is in no way, a paid Ad. This is me, trying to justify why I spend hours on this platform. 😛 Maybe it’s because I’m practically aging or that we are in the middle of renovating our home. ❤


These are the accounts I draw inspiration from!


That very simple bedroom is just so relaxing! No clutter. 😀 and so refreshing to have that black glass panel as a divider in the bathroom. Last but not the least, a swing as a whole living room? Why not?


That arc and that hallway!! You know how sometimes double decks are such a turn off because it looks so bad? Well, not anymore! black and gold works well. ❤ I also love the last picture with that black glass panel ending the hallway.


Notice the painting on the wall. It’s so refreshing! It’s abstract and with light and lovely colors. I also like that the account also features an office corner which I absolutely love — white & gold. The last picture also suggests a good way of designing a wall! — a map you can tick off of all your travels.


If you’re more of a Boho Chic favoring colors and plants and flowers, follow this account! I especially love the middle picture. Look at that corner! I can picture myself having a nap or reading a book. ❤


White and Rattan always looks pleasing!! And look at that little swing in the middle of the living room. ❤ It’s nice peace of quiet where I can read a book. I also love the little corner in the middle picture. The black mirror accentuated the whole wall. ❤


I can almost breathe the air on that first photo! That heigh ceiling is such a turn-on!! And that Airbnb? WOWWWWW. It’s like experiencing on a whole new level of cave house! This may probably be my favorite account of all. Not only are they featuring home designs but a lot of very different homes!!


I love the concept of Before & After Design. It kind of gives me hope that no matter what the status of an area is, it can be revived to something beautiful. ❤ It also gives an idea because it gives a clear picture of how it was before.


Who wouldn’t love that view? And there’s so much SPACE. ❤ And I think you’ve noticed by now how I’m attracted to that black glass panel. Imagine that leading to some backyard grill.


I can imagine myself having an early dinner while watching that sunset! It’s like living on the beach!!!


I’m drawn to anything white and bright. ❤


Another before and after account where you can gather different ideas on what to do with your own home. ❤

Again, this is not a paid ad. This is me, simply appreciating the accounts that’s been keeping me company this pandemic. Check them out. ❤

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