EVERYDAY: Bridal Shower (College)

Another win for my husby this day! ❤ I had no suspicions two weeks prior. I even prepared a gift for his colleague’s birthday! The lie? The hubby pointed out that this particular birthday party will be held at this colleagues unit. (the same building where my friend’s salon was).

The husby forced me to check out the salon and little did I know, my blockmates were waiting for me!

I love this cupcakes! You always see lips, boobs, vagina or penis cupcakes! This is my first time to see a cupcake in action. 😛 Since this is pre-dinner, they also prepared a feast of cold-cuts and cheese!


Look at that spread! ❤ There were moscato, wine and champagnes!

And here it is, the other bride to be! One week apart.

The great part is, it’s my close friend’s salon. It only means, free manicure, pedicure, foot spa and full body massage! ❤ ❤ ❤


Before I drop so many photos of the said afternoon, here are the two grooms. 😀

We ended the night with some unlimited Korean Beef Barbecue. ❤

Thank you, J1 Loves. ❤ I appreciate all your efforts! Thank you too, babe.

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