EVERYDAY: 5 Self-Care I’m excited to do after the Quarantine

Everything is on hold and the best thing we can all do is to stay indoors. But,

What will you do after everything blows out?’


Nail Salon

I’m used to getting my nails done every  week or once in every two weeks. I miss seeing my square shaped white nails. I can’t really keep my nails so long since I always tend to chip off the edges. That’s why I really miss my acrylic nails. ❤

Eyebrow Salon

Kilay is Life or translated to EYEBROW is EVERYTHANG! Don’t tell me otherwise. The perfect shape transforms your whole appearance. Am I right? The thickness, the shape, the color? it’s everything!

Underarm Diode Treatment

Luckily, I started caring for my underarm long before our wedding. I’ve already purchased three packages of 6 and 8 sessions. And I can honestly tell you, it is worth it. ❤ I’m not going to lie. It’s not painless, as they advertise. It’s f*ckin painful for the first 5 -6 sessions. BUT, BUT, BUT it surely grows so much slowe e e r and thine e e e r, I swear. I’m happy with how it is now and I want to keep going to my remaining sessions. ❤

Hair Color

Half ponies! Can you imagine? The Color of my hair has been growing out and this is exactly the reason why I want to change it back to my natural color. After this quarantine, I’m having it colored back to black. 🙂

Body Massage

I am definitely sure that EVERYONE needs a good massage to heal the deep tissues we’ve been working on for the past weeks. All that lounging, all that home work-outs, all that whipping Dalgona Coffee. right? Hubby and I used to do this once a week and I’m really excited about this!

What are you excited to do after this lockdown?

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