Okay! So, 26 is still young! 27 is okay, 28 is still alright but holy efff, I’m 29? Whuuuutt? Where did all the years go? and the question is — What the hell was I doing? I’m a bit off this year. :/

I have to really remind myself to stay positive. But anyway,

We stayed at Acacia Hotel in Alabang for my Birthday! Thank you for my husband for the overnight stay. ❤ And thank you to his colleague for the room upgrade. 😀


Thank you for the Ube Cheesecake, the hubby enjoyed it. :/

Although I seem to be smiling, We actually fought. 😛 I hate it when he sleeps. and he sleeps ALL THE TIME. I feel like, uhhh what are we even doing here? Instead of swimming, going around the hotel or just basically doing anything, he chose to sleep. GRR. So guess what? We just had a breakfast buffet. YEP!


But I’m glad I got to consume this divine piece of cheese bread. ❤ I had 3! Imagine that! HAHAHA. On top of my full plate of rice and viand. 😛


We had lunch at Parmigiano and dinner at Wooden Spoon. Thank you for the gifts, family. ❤ Thank you parents for the long gray vest and pants and the black and white top. ❤ and Thank you to my sibling for the Starbucks planner.

Thank you hubby for (4) Zalora dresses. ❤ and for my balloons and yummy Cloud Nine cake. I’m such a pig now.

And of course, to my hubby who keeps on trying to make me smile when I’ve been so ungrateful, thank you for the gifts and surprises but mostly for your never ending patience with me. ❤ I love you so much.

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