BOOK REVIEW : Truly, Widly, Deeply by Jenny Mclachlan

GOODREADS: Annie is starting college. She can’t wait. No more school, no more uniform, and no one telling her what to do. Freedom matters to Annie. She has cerebral palsy and she’s had to fight hard to get the world to see her for who she truly is. Then she meets Fab. He’s six foot two, Polish and a passionate believer in…well, just about everything, but most of all Annie and good old fashioned romance.

But then Annie finds herself falling for Fab. As things go deeply wrong, Annie realises that love can make you do wild, crazy things, and so she sets out to win his heart with a romantic gesture of truly epic proportions!


I have to be honest but I will have to give this book a rating of 2/5 not because of the story or the writing but because it’s a waste of book money or should I say there’s a million other books worthier than your penny. Don’t get me wrong the story is okay. It’s a light read but something I will not reread or recommend.

  • All the best, coolest things in life start with nausea.
  • When I read, my world gets bigger and better.
  • Weird is the new normal.
  • Losing your identity in a relationship is really creepy and controlling idea.
  • Annie Demos, will you be my girl?
  • I’m going to make us some toast, and then we’re going to eat the toast watching endless episodes of friends.
  • That’s what happens in a relationship. You might love it. You might hate it. But you’ll never know if you run away from what you’re feeling.
  • Fight the fear, beautiful girl!
  • Never regret something that makes you smile.
  • Maybe that’s why people swim in icy water or climb mountains. Just so they can experience a mind blowing cup of tea afterwards.
  • When people are determined to tell you that there is something wrong with you, then you have a choice – you can either give in and believe them or you fight them.

And, Holy Shit! I forgot! Have I mentioned that the characters are bookworms too? Like the type who argues on the theme of the story, the characters in the book, the motives of the people in the story, etc.  Plus, they mentioned friends!!!! ❤

I also love the big grand love gesture. ❤ Bringing the person that you love to something that you both share on a personal level? Something uncommon and something that only you two understands? That’s love. ❤

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