Another Mexican Treat! 😀 Nothing to do on my last day of school. :/ MEH.

Always a Taco for me! 😀 Soft Ground Beef Taco for Php 130. two pieces of taco and some chips!


And Moe’s famous Chipotle Chicken for Php 265. He finished it in seconds! 😛 I’m assuming this is a thumbs up!


We also took the time to try Tim Hortons.

Small French Vanilla for Php 100 and Small Hazelnut Iced Capp for Php 135.  Both are equally satisfying! I also ordered some Chocolate Chunk Cookie for Php 50 a piece and some Timbits for Php 10 each. The cookie was good, NOT WOAH thouugh. Timebits are blah.  don’t know why they’re bragging about the timbits at all. It was dry and a bit bland.


I’d go back for the coffee! 😀

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