As a self proclaimed foodie, I immediately opened this link:

and ofcourse with excitement, I really wanted to try everything on the list as soon as possible. So, I asked my judey if we can. and he willingly said yes. (thank god he wanted icecream after dinner.)


The place is near A-Venue Mall. You’ll probably miss it so better just look for this tarp outside their store. They don’t really have an actual signage yet.


Everything is done in their kitchen! 🙂 It’s always nice to see small cafes in a small neighborhood turn into something!


We finally decided to try Chocnut Banoffee and Nutella Mangga. ❤

Its amazing how it’s homemade. right? Chocnut Banoffee really tasted like banoffee pie! There were no odd tastes. It was not too sweet either. The Nutella Mangga does not really tastes like nutella enough. The Mango flavor I think overpowers the chocolate flavor. Nonetheless, it’s worth the try. Plus, the owner and staff were really nice.


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