He finally listened to me! ❤ Erwan Food it is for date night. 🙂


We picked out our orders the night before and we had a hard time! Let’s go with the easy one first. : Bagoong Rice for Php 145


Pork & Shrimp Laksa for Php 245 with Crispy Tofu, Chili Oil, Boiled Egg and Sesame Buchi. I lovedddd this! The consistency was thick which I assume was made from scratch rather than just powder. The taste was really strong.


General P’s Chicken for Php 220 – Battered Chicken, peanuts and Orange Soy. It was alright. Nothing like Recipe’s. 🙂


Crispy Baby Squid for Php 180 – Plum Glaze, Chilis, Fried Dilis and Spiced Peanuts. The love was crazy about the shrimps.


I wouldn’t mind going on a date here again. ❤


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