Goodreads: ”When Warren has the opportunity to live with a female roommate, he instantly agrees. It could be an exciting change.

Or maybe not.

Especially when that roommate is the cold and seemingly calculating Bridgette. Tensions run high and tempers flare as the two can hardly stand to be in the same room together. But Warren has a theory about Bridgette: anyone who can hate with that much passion should also have the capability to love with that much passion. And he wants to be the one to test this theory.

Will Bridgette find it in herself to warm her heart to Warren and finally learn to love?

Maybe.                                               Maybe not. ”

Bridgette was working in Hooters and just might be the step sister of Warren’s bestfriend. Warren manages a band. 

Just when I was starting to love Hoover, I read this and almost regretted loving her. Yes, it was a fun read but I didn’t see any theme in this book. It was mainly just filled with Sex, the deed, thoughts of a man doing the deed and all sorts of sex that you can inject. However, of course there was a love element to the story. But in my opinion, it was not that transparent for it to become an actual book. (again, in my opinion). For me, story was really shallow, even for a romantic young adult book. 

There were some fun parts, I admit. 

  • I fuck like I’m thor. 
  • She’s the best worst thing that’s ever happened to me. 
  • She single handedly got the upper hand for all eternity.
  • She’s nothing I’ve ever wanted in a girl and absolutely everything I need. 
  • That kiss on the cheek means were official. 
  • I don’t want you to change, bridgette. I’m not in love with who you could be, or who you used to be, or who the world says you should be. I’m in love with you. Just like this. 

**Read in 4 hours! 🙂

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