On a constant food hunt along Aguirre Avenue. As I struggled to convince him to stroll along BF for some dinner on a Weekday (traffic is unimaginable during weekdays), along with my almost zero charm, I was able to convince him.


We were the first to arrive on a Tuesday Night. Ergo, I was able to take a picture of the place. Just like any other hole in the wall restaurant along Aguirre, the area was just one straight place, where you can see it end to end. Although, there are a lot of ‘semi-quotes’ on the wall perfect for your Instagram posts.


My date ordered the Large Size of Wings for Php 200 in Crazy Chick Special Sauce.


I ordered the Medium Size Tenders for Php 160 in Honey BBQ Sauce. It was tasty but it had too much – there’s room for ‘sawa’, if I may say.


And Chili Cheese Fries for Php 120.


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