I’ve been MIA for quite some time but it’s everybody’s most awaited holiday. I won’t pass on this of course! And just like everyone, there are several parties and get together’s.

First on the list? My College Friends. We booked this as early as we can because we all know how hard it is to match a schedule during this time of the month.

Where? Cafe Naya at The Palace Pool Club.

(Panda – Pam – Panda.)  (Janna – Jude – Mark – Jaja – Nicole – Janna)



What did we get? Panda got a Athletic Shoes, Pam got a GC (which is a gem but no thought), Jude got a Short Sleeves Polo, Mark got a watch organizer, Nicole got a Happy Skin Lip Set, Jaja got her wish and I received a White Polo Dress.


We all received what we wished. We also transferred to get some drinks – but we can’t help but give in to our slowly aging bodies. We finished early.


Thank you for the gifts, J1 Loves!


White Polo Dress from Nicole, Travel Organizer from Pam and Purple Scarf from Jaja.

Merry Christmas! 🙂


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