EVERYDAY: Countdown

Black and White Clothes

You can never go wrong with any of these right? I think I’m starting to have a mindset where what I want to wear blacks or white everyday. Or I can be Steve Jobs – marked by his black turtlenecks.

Casual Cover-ups and Blazers

Recently, I’ve noticed that most and most and almost all of my clothes are without sleeves! It’s allowed in our office, of course. But then, I wouldn’t to wear sleeveless everyday. Thus, my inkling for blazers and all sorts.

Casual Heels

I want to dress up and part of it is my footwear. I’ve always worn black peep toe pumps at work.


Two reasons. One, I’m getting fat and my muffin top is being extremely pronounced outside my clothing and two, my brand exposed me how to properly choose my intimate clothing. Now, I want it seamless and high waist. Oops – wait for it, —— and without lace!


I’ve always been drawn to swimwear. – I rarely go to the beach but I always want to. I just don’t have the time and money to just fly off to anywhere I’d like to.

Black Pointy Flats

It’s what I always wear. I have way too any black flats already but none of it classy and sturdy enough.

Phone Tripod

I have a tripod but it doesn’t hold a phone. I want something that can be extended to an eye level so that it can capture photos at par with and individual holding the phone himself.


One, my Hard Drive is useless. I want to use my instax more often so that I can keep he pictures instantly.

Hard Drive

Mine’s useless. It crashed. Funny thing I learned? My backup storage (hard drive) has to have its own back up. GRR. Imagine how desperate I am to get my files recovered. No use. Thus, planning to have 2. :/


It’s pretty mundane. I don’t know why but I’ve always been lazy to lather some lotion after taking a bath. I find it very time consuming most of the time. – But I’m getting old and I want to develop a habit of doing it every morning and at night.

Black Notebook

No, not a planner. I’ve had several planners, even for 2016 and I’ve only kept my usual musings two weeks from January 1st. Big Laugh, I try. But a plain notebook will do where it can serve as my planner, without obliging me to do it every damn day.


There are only two seasons here in Manila, i know. But I want more comforters. Not that it’s cold but it feels so soft and it helps keeping my eyes closed in the morning, extending my sleep when I shouldn’t. Haha.

Sports Outfit

Only because I THINK I’d be more motivated if I had more and if I had good ones.

Portable Photo Printer

Again, it infuriates me to remember that all of my photos and videos from high school is completely gone. Plus, i don’t actually upload all photos on social media. I keep most of it in the confines of that silver hard drive of mine. Ergo, I wan to print all of the significant moments on film.


Books on Brand, Marketing, Advertising o Novels.










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