And after that fulfillinh salty eggsperience, we head out for some sweets! And this little heaven is tucked on the corner, barely seen. Glad we did!


There’s an al fresco area – but it was a bit hot. The interiors looked like they have a bar inside. Dessert bar, perhaps.



He ordered for a Missisipi Gelato Pie for Php 250. Its an Oreo Crust with Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Gelato topped with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Sauce. Very, Very, Very Sinful — but all worth it!


While I ordered a Nutella Bun Ala Mode for Php 200. The Bun was a little off. It wasn’t dry, but it wasn’t moist either. — The only good thing here is the nutella in the middle. But you have to reach the middle first before it gets good though. But — I guess the Icecream makes it good! So I suggest you order this Ala Mode too.


Yep, we wanted it Al Fresco Style 🙂

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