The bestfriend brought me here! I have to admit, being a foodie (I’d like to think so) that I am, I have not heard of this. 20160525_141000

And the menu? It was pretty hard to pick from all the choices.


So what did we get?


Creamy Mushroom Soup for Php 120 and Seafood Cream Soup for Php 140. The Mushroom soup was so creamy you’d think that it was your Main Course! And it has bits and pieces which I really liked. The size was also big – it can be shared by two.


Shrimp Scampi Linguine for Php 200. This was her order. This is red sauce so you’d be able to predict that this is not mine.


Truffle Cream Spaghetti for Php 240. I was torn between this and my all time safe place, Carbonara. But I just had to try this. It’s really good. It was creamy and very tasty though it had nothing but mushrooms – it was pretty good.


Both pasta sizes were good, my blue lemonade is thirst killer, soup were A-Okay.

Overall, I loved it here. 😀


You know where I’ll bring you next, babe!

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