Do you know the good thing about trying out new, small cafes? You actually get to see the faces behind this courageous act of setting up a coffee shop in this world full of it.

Spot the lady in the yellow top – She’s liz, the owner of the store, obviously.


Another good thing I noticed is that the cafe is full of artworks made by customers. I wasn’t able to take a good shot of it since well – owner might think I’m some kind of lunatic trying to capture every corner of the store. That’s one. — Two, it felt like the neighborhood type of cafe where owner and employees are close – genuine and seems to know the people who comes in.


Lazy Cake for Php 80. It has some texture and sweetness to it. But for those who love to get some treat after a meal but are too sugar conscious, you can try this. It’s not too sweet but enough to cleanse your palate of kebabs or what not.


I also ordered a Latte for Php 120. It was good, typical latte.


The ambiance was actually really homey. It’s the place where you can actually read a good book and finish it, have real intimate conversations with loved ones and friends or just be with yourself and finish a good cup of coffee – which is what one really needs. right?

Check them out. — They have been holding small events every weekend.


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