Banapple opened a younger sibling – Sandwicheese. It is always located beside it and the ambiance had the same look and feel. The Branch was a bit small but customers of Sandwicheese can opt to sit inside Banapple. It’s an order-at-the-counter type.


I, being myself wanted to try the Grilled Cheese Cheese Sandwicheese but chose not to because it’s my go-to-safe order. I also wanted to try the Drippin or Cheesy Roastbeef Sanwicheese – and I don’t know why I did not.


And we ordered the same – meh. Chicken Caesar Sandwicheese for Php 170. The sandwich is good. The chicken is huge – I was only able to finish half of it but still felt very full after.


Cheese and Jalapeno Boulders for Php 70.


Thank you for bringing me here, SB. :)) Katips next.

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