And we’re back at it again! Always in the mood for some Pinoy Dishes.:D




I like their new arrangement. BTW, Bistro Indio used to be Hiyas. They just had some conflict issued regarding their name but the food remained delicious.


We ordered the Crispy Black Adobo Squid for Php 245.00. I was never a fan of Adobong Pusit, but this I recommend. It was a Calamari with a twist or Adobong Pusit with a twist. You decide. In addition to that, it wasn’t chewy at all.


Sous Vide Salpicao for Php 285.00. All because nothing can go wrong with salpicao. Except if it tastes like bubblegum — which it was no. 🙂 And generous amount of well seasoned oil.


Hmmm. And yes to going back and trying the other stuff on their menu. 🙂 Don’t you just absolutely love Kapitolyo?


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