It all started with the story of Nate and Arion, hijacked by Bain. But this book now, is Arion’s struggle on wh

Nate, his ex-fiance who she thought was dead, buried him and whom she mourned for, for a year. or Bain – who comforted her during her lowest of times, a famous NBA Player who means everything to her now?


It was mighty generous, brave and strong of Nate to set Arion free, to allow her to be happy in another man’s arms and to wish them well.

  • When you love someone, as much as I love her, you respect them, even if it kills you in the process.
  • You have no idea how brutal it is without you.

It’s every girl’s wish to be adored how Bain and Nate adores her. They both see her as perfect, flawless individual who takes their breath away. Every girl needs a man who tells them ”You look breathtaking”, and mean it with utmost sincerity. Who looks at them like she is the grandest and most beautiful thing that has ever happened to them.

We need more Bains and Nates in this goddamn world.


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