EVERYDAY: Sales Standard Workshop

For the second time this year, I attended a Training; Sales Standard as the title suggests. This training is supposed to standardized the way we are to internal and external clients, our mindset towards our job and how we are as salespeople.


If you’re not from Sales, you will never know how hard it is, how much confidence, heavy breathing and guts it took us to even approach you, how hard it is to sleep at night thinking where will I get my next client or how will I reach my quota, how degrading and heartbreaking it is for us when you turn away and reject us.

But being in sales will teach you how to walk straight in heels and keep a smiling face when you reach your client’s office after walking for several miles, how to carry our bag and all your papers and forms in one arm and extend the other to the client, how to amicably get pass the secretary and how to do small talk (though I’m not getting any better at this).

But aside from that, you will learn to be patient, to be persistent, to accept rejections but strive harder, to talk to different sets and groups of people whatever their position is, to hone your presentation skills, to increase your negotiation and influence on your clients, how to handle and carry yourself. — and to know that being in sales is also as important as any other function in a company and take pride in it.


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