EAT MAKATI: The Wholesome Table


I’ve been meaning to try this restaurant for quite some time already. But intentionally been postponing it because the prices are a bit expensive. BTW, Interiors are more than okay. 🙂 They have a forest – garden like vibe.


Carbonara Solo – Php 440. An italian classic spaghetti tossed in a free range egg and cheese sauce and topped with cured pork belly. You might well be on your way to the restaurant by this time. I cannot even begin to tell you how freakin’ly good this dish is! From the way it smelled to its creamy creamy white goodness to the mushroom and cheese toppings.


Meatloaf – Php 620. Thick slices of home made meatloaf served with creamy, organic mashed potatoes topped with gravy and bacon. I can’t say it’s good. I’m not the biggest fan of meatloaf. Though, serving size wise — it can be shared by two already.


Theb boyfriend definitely loves the place! Will come back to try the other dishes!

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