The image cannot be increased in size. So I’ll say it once again.


According to IMDB, the movie revolves around An aspiring novelist who enters into a relationship with a woman, though there’s just one catch: She’s married, and the couple can only meet between the hours of 5 and 7 each evening.

One, I love Aryel. She’s french. Her accent provokes something inside of you. She wears dresses all the time. All the damn time.  She is one fine woman – from her posture, to her grace, her confidence and the way she carries herself. She doesn’t need any assurance. She knows her worth and she carries it with her with every clack of her heels.

Two, for all the guys out there — If you have a crush on someone, if you happen to like someone, if you ever think that someone is out of your league, GIVE IT A TRY. Ladies might just be waiting for you to make a move. You might even score a model IF YOU JUST TRY.

Three, BRIAN IS A WRITER. a W – R – I – T – E – R. After hundreds of rejection letters, HE DID NOT STOP PURSUING HIS DREAMS, HIS PASSION FOR WORDS, HIS DREAM OF BEING PUBLISHED.  ‘your stories carried greatness, make of it if you will’. ‘I cannot wait to read what you write when you have something to write about. On that day, I will be honored to publish it’. OVERWHELMING. I wonder what that feels like – getting published. The time when the world of literature actually acknowledges your existence and thinks that your words are important. 

Fourth, the plot itself. It’s in the Romantic Comedy Genre but it surprises you in a way. Aryel is married with a fine, funny, intelligent and charming man her age with two kids. Yet, both of them agreed that they can have relationships outside their marriage from 5 to 7 in the evening. Aside from that, THE CHILDREN ARE AWARE OF IT. Valerie, the husband is even fond of brian. HOW CAN YOU MARRY SOMEONE YOU’RE NOT IN LOVE WITH? Actually, HOW CAN YOU STAY MARRIED AFTER MEETING THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE?

Fifth, Isn’t unfair for Brian’s wife that Brian still thinks that his love story with Aryel is thee perfect one? There may be great loves or perfect loves – but shouldn’t be with your present?

  • Put aside your notions about how people are, Brian. The world will surprise you with its grace if you let it.


  • Look, if you wanna be a good writer then you can’t have a mediocre life. I’ll give you a baseball metaphor, because Jewish writers love them. Swing from the heels.


  • As little as you want to write when you’re happy, that’s now much you have to write when you’re miserable. Your passions need to go somewhere, and this is the only place left. Your suffering has to be good for something.


Your favorite story, whatever it might be, is written for only one reader. 


I wonder what words will be written on my bench. 

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